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About me:

Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize art collaborations and tributes and sometimes art contests via my Website / Community Game-Art-HQ

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

It is still small but it is possible now (May 2014) to see when and where around 250 different game characters made their debut and some other details from them as well. About 10-20 more characters are added per week including articles about them with official illustrations as well as fanart and cosplays.
You can find this growing database here

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what informations do you hope to find directly on google or on the first websites?

The role of the character? In which games he was?† Images of the character?

Profile informations given by the game makers like "Sagat is from Thailand, loves fried chicken, hates fish and is using Muay Thai as his fighting style"?

The fictional age of a character or when he first appeared in a video game?

Other development informations like how a character was developed, influcened by other characters, knowing who created the character?

Relations to other game characters, his friends and enemies?

I ask all that becausei am working on a video game character db and hoped some of you could help me on what types of informations should be there.

When i myself google a character i see the wiki's related to a game but those are often suuper long and have no summaries with all important details of a video game character in a short form which makes it sometimes more cmplicated to find a information than needed, with my own project i try to get as many details into the shortest form possible.

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