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Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize art collaborations and tributes and sometimes art contests via my Website / Community Game-Art-HQ

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

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Reinhold Hoffmann
3:15 AM on 12.08.2013

The Game is Over!
If you hate clickbait headlines and blogs with something very different from what you expected, don't view this blog or you will be very dissapointed...or maybe surprised?

A while ago i had some thoughts about creating a gallery with more and more Game Over screens , ranging from games of the eighties up to some PS2/Xbox age ones, this gallery would show the many different looks a Game Over screen can have, sometimes its just a black screen with the Game Over font..a few other times they are accompanied with a whole image just drawn for it or are animated.

Today, with the most games offering unlimited lifes to us players, the Game Over screens seems to be face a Game Over by itself lol...beside in a few RPG's like No No Kuni or Star Ocean IV i don't remember actually any new games with them.

In this blog you can see some of the Game Over screens of the past:

Battle Arena Toshinden was one of the first 3d fighting games. Never a arcade game but developed like one with an arcade mode, 2p, practise and options.
The Game Over screen was also done like in the most arcade fighters, meaning the camera zooms in or out and the Game Over font appears.
Pretty in Pink

Bust A Move 2: Arcade Edition
You see this cute Game Over screen in Bust a Move 2 aka Puzzle Bobble 2 for Arcade, Playstation and Saturn, a small animation is included as well

Dynasty Warriors 2
Dynasty Warriors 2 was the first free roaming part of the popular series and released in 2000 for the Playstation 2.
The game is all about wars and battles of whole armies (while the player controls only one character in a battle) and this game over screen shows the sad return to home of a losing army…

Final Fantasy XII
A nice Game Over font and a deep red turning screen

Punisher (PS2)
You`re Dead
Even Frank Castle can die in the Punisher game for PS2, XBOX and PC and if it happens you see him falling down and than this small game over screen telling you the bitter truth. Its simple but one of my favourite Game Over screens ever.

King of Fighters XI
So clean and simple, but still somewhat stylish, i like that all KOF Games seem to have very different Game Over Screens but always fitting to the games

Maybe i continue this little personal side project. If you think its something interesting you can see that gallery with so far over 40 game over screens on my own little website Game Over Screens Gallery on Game Art HQ

Happy Sunday to all the 1 readers of this blog!
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