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About myself and Game-Art-HQ,com

I am Mr. Hoffmann, the grandson of Reinhold Hoffmann and a gamer now since around 1987.

Some of my favourite game series are Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Tekken, King of Fighters, Monster Rancher, Bust A Groove and basically too many more to count them all.

Beside gaming, I like writing about it and video game culture.

You might have heard or read about http://www.game-art-hq.com a website which features over 15 art collaborations by gamers and is also the home of a growing video game character database.

Currently we have a League of Legends Crossover Project in Progress, are working with Overclocked.Remix on a big tribute for Final Fantasy IX and are mostly expanding the database sector which covers around 1500 video game characters now.

If you are an artist, our current art contest might interest you. It has prizes up to $100 and is about drawing with traditional methods.
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Thought I share my tale about a really nasty and super stupid accident which was my fault.

The blog header image is more fitting than ever.

Last Wednesday (For me it really was just a Wednesday) my Website run quite slow and had loading times like 5 seconds. So i called my webhoster and asked whats up. They told me it would have to do with the database behind the website which would need to be optimized.

Okay I thought...never had to do something with mySQL databases but why not..I am Hoffmann..and there is nothing a Hoffmann can not learn!

Well..fuck. After optimizing the damn thing which was pretty easy and shrinked the size from over 250 mb to around 90 i looked a bit more at the tatabase and also another one. Both were from 2011 and one was made for a forum with the same name (ga-hq) ..i was not completely sure which was the right one and well....deleted the important one...without caring for a back-up before.

Argh....dumbass move X666%  Hooray...3 years of work on countless game character profiles, image galleries, art collaborations and fan tributes like Link's Blacklist or the 20th Anniversary of Super Metroid are all fucking lost.

Well..not completely..after another call at the webhoster I received the good news that they have a backup and send it in 2-3 days. Somewhen today or in worst case on Monday I should have it and be able to restore the site. But goddamn..what a shocker.

On the positive side, I tried out some different stuff bought a software which will improve the navigation through better menus (I am no programmer) and learned an ugly lesson for life =S

Happy Weekend @ all

ps, that King of Fighters Anniversary Art Tribute comes together damn nicely and more artists than I thought are participating in it. Have a Glimpse to August 25th, the date when KOF'94 was released 20 years ago for Japanese Arcades and the Art Tribute will be published on Game-Art-HQ

by http://doghateburger.deviantart.com/

by http://mancomb-seepwood.deviantart.com/

by http://marvin000.deviantart.com/


Seems around 40-50 illustrations of the KOF Teams will come together.

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