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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of Game-Art-HQ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

Around 1300 artworks created by gamers were made for the listed below Art Projects among even more.

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50 of Super Mario's enemies drawn by 50 artists, published on the 25th September 2014

The 20th Anniversary of the King of Fighters Series.
Over 30 of the Teams of the KOF teams were illustrated by over 40 gamers. Published on the 20th August, exactly 20 years after the Japanese Arcade Release of KOF'94

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This project started in June 2012 and was updated for the 4th Time in July 2014. It covers over 200 enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda series

These are only the last three of over 15 art tributes hosted by Game-Art-HQ,com

My lovely woman and myself, we are together now since 5 1/2 years and its still an awesome relationship. Awesome wonders happen, even to Hoffmann's ;)

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Watchdogs is NOT! Cancelled for the WiiU (yet) Gamestop confirmed that it was a glitch in their system and the game can soon be pre.ordered again. As far as i know Ubisoft commented the speculations about the cancellation with a "No Comment" answer though.

"The rumor comes from one of our readers, and has been confirmed by Italian GameStop stores. Last week, our reader received a call by a GameStop employee, saying that his previously preordered copy of Watch Dogs for Wii U was not going to be offered; therefore, our reader was advised to move the preorder to another game. Asking for reasons, the employee told him that Ubisoft scrapped this version.
Some days later, he went to another GameStop, in order to preorder again the game; even in this case, he could not do so, because Watch Dogs for Wii U was not available in the store database.

Wiitalia tried to contact some GameStop store, and in each case the conclusion was one and just one: Wii U version of Watch Dogs is not available for preorder because Ubisoft cancelled it. It seems that Wii U hardware and software sales played a role in this decision."

Source is http://www.wiitalia.it/2014/01/23/rumor-watch_dogs-e-stato-cancellato-per-wii-u/lang/en/

Seems it is just as i assumed since a few weeks, Ubisoft abandoned the WiiU now as well if the reports from the Gamestops are true. I actually called a gamestop here in Germany in my city just 5 minutes ago and their reaction was the same. Watch Dogs for the WiiU cant be pre-ordered anymore.

There are other reports however by Amazon and American and Canadian Gamestop Stores that they don't know about a cancellation of the WiiU version. The game is also still listed on Ubisofts Website.

Maybe the game is getting released elsewhere but not in Italy? (would be weird)

At least Donkey Kong,Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2 are left for sure for the wiiU this year and who knows..maybe the Zelda Warriors and Project X games are getting released in 2014 as well.

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