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I am Mr. Hoffmann, the grandson of Reinhold Hoffmann and a gamer now since around 1987.

Some of my favourite game series are Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Tekken, King of Fighters, Monster Rancher, Bust A Groove and basically too many more to count them all.

Beside gaming, I like writing about it and video game culture.

You might have heard or read about a website which features over 15 art collaborations by gamers and is also the home of a growing video game character database.

Currently we have a League of Legends Crossover Project in Progress, are working with Overclocked.Remix on a big tribute for Final Fantasy IX and are mostly expanding the database sector which covers around 1500 video game characters now.

If you are an artist, our current art contest might interest you. It has prizes up to $100 and is about drawing with traditional methods.
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First of all, i hope a blog like this is okay since i am trying to win people here now for my own web-project.

Do you like to share your own thoughts about games and game characters online?

I myself sure do and also love to dig out the history of a game how the mask of Baraka in Mortal Kombat 2 was a vampire mask before and the guys of the old Midway Chicago team changed it to look a lot different, eventually like their vision of a weird Outworld mutant.

Or the fictional preferences of a game character, like Zangief from Street Fighter wrestling with bears, how old Jill Valentine was in the first Resident Evil and so on.

Making screenshots of concept art shown in an old PSX game which is almost forgotten and  which was never published in an art book or done before by someone else for a website.

I search people who also just want to write down their own thoughts and feelings about what they like and dislike about a game character, the costume, the design of its character in a game and how a character developed through a game series.

There on Game-Art-HQ, a website which works as host for big art tributes and collaborations like Link's Blacklist or the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter Tribute which i am organizing via deviantART mostly i am also writing articles /galleries about game characters..over 1300 currently with mixed lenghts. I try to dig out just everything i can find about a game character..but for me alone it is a mammoth task and i come forward but with every day only a tiny step.

I have articles there like this one about the Darkstalkers character Baby Bonnie Hood
with my own thoughts and that of a friend as well, on this article you can see what i meant with sharing own thoughts.

If something of all this interests you, just comment. I can basically use help on all aspects of game-art-hq. The website is tiny compared to dtoid, but it is getting a few thousand visitors on a day already.

I have a few ads there on the site, the revenue from them is used to pay the website hosting as well as making art contests possible from time to time like one about Capcom games currently

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