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Reinhold Hoffmann says:

Capcom Art Contest on FGE /DeviantART

// Submitted @ 4:03 PM on 01.03.2014

Since last 2012 i start a new year with a 2 month longing art contest in the deviantART group Fighting-Games-Elite which is now the biggest fighting game related community there with almost 8000 members including artists like Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, known through his art made for Street Fighter III 3rd Strike online edition as example.

This year it is about Capcom's fighting games and beat'em ups with the exclusion of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers games.

All others like Rival Schools, Star Gladiator, Capcom vs. SNK, Marvel vs. Capcom, Red Earth Final Fight, Power Stone Alien vs Predator, Punisher,  etc. are allowed.
Something like Ryu vs Morrigan is okay as long as the artist makes it clearly related to CVS or MVC

Prizes are $25 or a 12 Month dA Premium Account for the 1st winner, 3 Month dA Accounts for the 2nd and 3rd winners and 1 dA Month as 4th and 5th prize.

The contest is ongoing till the 28th Februar, submissions can be done to the contest gallery at

A few submissions were made already, with this one above showing Leo and Hauzer from Red Earth we probably have one of the 5 winners already.

Winners are decided through a jury of 7 artists which are in the dA group but not participating in the contest.

Good luck everyone for the case someone from here decides to enter the contest.

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Reinhold Hoffmann

Those who have come:

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