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I am Mr. Hoffmann, the grandson of Reinhold Hoffmann and a gamer now since around 1987.

Some of my favourite game series are Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Tekken, King of Fighters, Monster Rancher, Bust A Groove and basically too many more to count them all.

Beside gaming, I like writing about it and video game culture.

You might have heard or read about http://www.game-art-hq.com a website which features over 15 art collaborations by gamers and is also the home of a growing video game character database.

Currently we have a League of Legends Crossover Project in Progress, are working with Overclocked.Remix on a big tribute for Final Fantasy IX and are mostly expanding the database sector which covers around 1500 video game characters now.

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Since almost 3 years i am working with many artists already on fan art tributes/colalborations/projects. Some of them are like myself people who create something as a hobby, others are professional artists drawing for their water and bread normally but are also gamers and like to tribute the games they like.

Its quite awesome to have the honor to show their works as part of projects like the Legend of Zelda "Link's Blacklist" ..a project with the big goal to illustrate all the many Bosses and even the common enemies of the Legend of Zelda games and the fights with them. Or the even bigger..yeah crazy big Mortal Kombat Tribute which started with over 300! spots for artists and had the goal to get all the different designs and costumes of the Mortal Kombat characters illustrated. Now after around 2 years that project is almost complete btw. Only around 15 character designs are currently not yet drawn.

In this blog i want to introduce you to 3 really awesome and very nice artists who are helping me to realize these art tributes since years now, they all supported me basically since the start and for that i am super thankful and try to get them into the well deserved spotlight sometimes too. 

Let's start with Jodie Muir, also known as "Jodeee" on DeviantART. She is a professional artist who takes commissions btw from the UK and participated with some super beautiful drawings in the mentioned Mortal Kombat tribute.

Starting with her take on Noob Saibot to Tanya from MK4 or Kitana from MKDA, she also won in one of the art contests i organize from time to time with her Tyris Flare from the good old Golden Axe last year. Her gallery on dA is just breathtaking. If you like the stuff she made for the MK tribute you will be amazed by the rest of her gallery as well.

The second artist i want to feature here on dtoid is Joel Sousa, a hobbyist from Portugal , super friendly and supporter of my Game-Art-HQ web project with over 10 artworks, ranging from a fighting game boss tribute back in November 2011 to the almost finished Link's Friendlist..the second Zelda Project and basically the opposite of the Blacklist with the focus now being on Link's and Zeldas friends instead of the bad guys.

I am super glad to have enthusiastic guys like Joel in the community who are drawing even quite unpopular classic games and see fan art as a good way to illustrate video game history in a different form than Let's Play videos or screenshot galleries.

The last of the three is known as Esau13 and is also a hobbyist. Esau Murga from the USA is like myself a big fan of the Mortal Kombat fighting games and started a series of the MK guys long before i came up with a website about fan art, when i asked him about the permission to show his works there back in 2011 he was like "YES YES!" which lead to my first interview for that site which was about his art, personal preferences and what he thought about the concept of the website.

Esau also participated in the big Mortal Kombat tribute and submitted an epic Raiden from Mortal Kombat which was featured and shared on a ton of websites when the project went online. Both MK fans and website bloggers from fighting game portals were impressed by his artwork. Later he also contributed the Sonya Blade, Kabal and Liu Kang illustrations for this project and helped me to get the word about it out there. I totally recommend to visit his dA gallery if you like Mortal Kombat. This guy should have been hired by Netherrealm Studios since a long time already!

Thats it for now, i hope this blog was interesting for you and the art of these three people something eye-candy. If you liked it and you would like to see more like this please mention it..if at least 3 people among you show their interest i will write a similar blog next week and maybe turn it into a series just like the cosplay feature every friday

Greets, RH

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