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Reinhold Hoffmann says:

..but for was just a Tuesday! #1

// Submitted @ 6:09 AM on 08.12.2014

This is partially a gimmick blog.

Since I started using a M.Bison (The evil dictator known since Street Fighter II in 1991) avatar for the comment section talking like M.Bison and using his win phrases sometimes or quoting some of his more popular Street Fighter: The Movie lines (for me, it was just a Tuesday / of course!) became a bad habbit of me, and often other dtoiders had their fun as well and posted that YES! YES! video or gif or wrote me they imagine I would say everything in a comment like M.Bison would.

Okay..thats fun stuff for me and I really like the fictional M.Bison in the Street Fighter why not having a wordplay @ the Tuesday thing and talk a bit about stuff that happens years ago...not always on a tuesday but on the 12th August.

Some of you might know it from some dtoid frontpage articles, I really like 20th Anniversaries..and twenty years ago (a Friday) a really nice game was released for the Super Nintendo. The most older ones of you might know it or the first game of this series, I am talking about Lemmings. Those little guys you can kill with nice fireworks like explosions..and had to do the opposite thing and help those guys..meh!

I got this game for a good price, seems it did not sell so well and it was soon available for 29,95 Deutsche Mark at the time.
Lemmings 2 had like the first part an super amazing and very fitting soundtrack and the puzzles were sometimes hardcore, I remember that I was never able to beat the game with all tribes. This truly is a gem of a game and I would love to see it getting a HD remake + rearranged music.

Psygnosis is Game Over since many years but for was just a Tuesday!

Now lets go back in time some years more the 12th August 1988..hmm a Wednesday... =/
Does anyone of you..know this game? I mean..a friggin' WARGAME from Nintendo? How the hell is that even possible? This is some weird bizarro world shit if you ask me!

Famicom Wars..released for the NES...and many many many years later also for the 3DS and the Wii. A tactical..a strategical game with guys on the cover which look like U.S Marines to me. It had paratroopers and all kinds of military units without the typical "cute" factor seen in the most games developed by Nintendo itself.
This game has never seen a direct sequel as far as I know and was only released in Japan, but there is a fan translation, useable with roms.Oh and yes..its from the guys which developed Advance Wars decades later.

Lets do a journey to one of the last big years of the first Playstation..which has its 20th Anniversary in December btw.

The 12th August 1999 (a Thursday but whatever) saw the release of the - in my opinion - first really good game by the now defunct 989 Studios. This development team created games like 3XTreme, Cool Boarders 3 and ..urgh..Twisted Metal 3 and 4 among other games which were seen as bad sequels of previously awesome series on the Playstation.

But than there was Syphoon Filter..which was awesome in comparison to their other games and a really good game on the system in general. Till today it spawned a handful of sequels and I am pretty sure we will see a new part on the Playstation 4 in the next years. Syphoon Filter was released in Japan on the 12th August and 989 Studios are no more..but for me it was just a Tuesday!

..Ten years ago...such a coincedence.

Fun stuff..because I just wrote something about KOF Maximum Impact 1 and 2 just a few hours ago in related to..yes OF COURSE  a 20th Anniversary.
The first 3D KOF was released exactly 10 years ago ( Friday) in Japan and was well..not bad..but in comparison with the classic 2D KOF games it really lacked in many regards like the number of characters (just 20) and the gameplay itself needed some finetuning.

The sequel however was excellent and till today I think it sucks that we never got a third game. For Falcoon this was really bad..but for was just a Tuesday.


Personally I find it fascinating and very interesting to look up what happened in video game history many years ago, its fun to see the giant changed between the 8bit Pixels and the "AAA" games of today which have budgets, similar to what a high profile movie with famous actors costed a decade ago. Am most likely going to write a similar blog next week.


But for was just a Tuesday!

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Reinhold Hoffmann

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