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Link's Friendlist is an art collaboration where 30 Legend of Zelda Protagonists and Allies of Link were illustrated by over 50 artists

Current and upcoming Art Collaborations on Game-Art-HQ:

KOF 20th Anniversary Tribute: 25th August 2014

Mario's Blacklist!: 30 September 2014

PSX 20th Anniversary Tribute: 03.12.2014
Tekken 20th Anniversary Tribute: 09.12.2014

About me:

Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize art collaborations and tributes and sometimes art contests via my Website / Community Game-Art-HQ

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

It is still small but it is possible now (May 2014) to see when and where around 250 different game characters made their debut and some other details from them as well. About 10-20 more characters are added per week including articles about them with official illustrations as well as fanart and cosplays.
You can find this growing database here

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Write a comment and I will ask you a question related to video games or dtoid , game-journalism, current affairs or something else. Not asked will be questions about dogs and food.

General question you can directly answer via a comment:

Now that Nintendo released DLC for Mario Kart 8 in the form of characters like Link. Do you think it is time for something like "Smash Kart Racers?"

My idea of it would be to have rather a Twisted Metal Clone with the Nintendo settings and not just Mario Kart with Legend of Zelda, Zebes or F-Zero courses. Instead a true "Car combat" game.

You can also ask me a question, but I won't answer it most likely.

Ps: This Blog is a hommage to all previous and upcoming fucking "Why game character X should be a female" and "What if game character x would be a female" blogs and articles.

Or to make it short: Fuck You @ all the SJW's out there.
Let the developers decide something trivial as the gender of a game character.

Damn....I still remember reading game magazines like the "Mega Fun" in the early and mid nineties about this super powerful 16 bit console called NeoGeo by SNK which was never available in normal stores here in Germany and probably Europe in general and had so many fighting games with much bigger sprites (=bigger characters) than those on the SNES.

There were reviews about the Art of Fighting...Fatal Fury..Samurai Shodown and than in 1994..they talked about a new one which would be bigger than all previous fighting games before on those big NeoGeo Cartridges and combines characters like Terry Boigard, Ryo Sakazaki and Mai Shiranui with new guys like Kyo Kusanagi and had also characters from other SNK games like Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou from Psycho Soldiers and Marco and Clark from the Ikari Warriors. And lets not forget the Amercian Sports Team! (Brian Battler ftw!)

Those all, in teams of three characters against an evil new guy called Rugal bernstein who made even Geese Howard, the main antagonist of the first Fatal Fury and first initiator of the King of Fighters tournament suspicious about whats going on.

The story about the Orochi Power and the cult behind Orochi himself was told, followed by a giant dream-match game in 1998 which is still considered a damn great 2D fighting game...the yearly sequels got more and more characters, tried out different and sometimes innovative gameplay mechanics and became a lot more popular when they were released worldwide on the Playstation, Dreamcast (Japan and USA only) and X-Box platforms.

Only Nintendofans had to wait many more years until they could play a KOF game on their platforms of choice.

Thank you SNK for creating one of the best fighting game series!

As a fighting game player since Street Fighter II and the first Mortal Kombat I just had to do something to tribute the 20th Anniversary of this game series. And I did what I can do best beside making the best comments here on dtoid. Hugh! Gamers from the USA from Asia and Europe participated in this art collaboration and illustrated the classic teams as well as some of the not so popular ones up to some from KOF XIII, really missing are only artworks about the KOF Maximum Impact games. Sadly.

Every man needs a quest or a purpose in life, and I really believe that mine is to motivate talented gamers to create wonderful art related to old and new video games and their characters, describe these artworks and organize one art collaboration about the games we love after another.The idea to create a KOF tribute was more appreciated than I thought, in the end over 35 artists came together including even 3 game industry veterans who worked on illustrations for games since over a decade.

This is what I did during June-yesterday and you can trust me..every one of the over 30 involved artists deserves that you click this fucking link if you care about video game related art and of course the King of Fighters series.


Especially in this time were we read about stupid shitheads which do ddos attacks on Riot Games, Sony and Microsoft Game Networks, send a Bomb Alarm to a plane because a Sony Manager is in there and tweet stupid shit and make us gamers look like idiots.

Or in this time where we wonder about the integrity of game...."journalists" This fucking gallery about the King of Fighter Teams might be a good thing for those among you who want to think about something better in relation to video games and us, the community of gamers.

Art, by fans, for fans and a big appreciation of video games we had a ton of fun with. Thats my thing. I don't earn money with it, but damn..this is super fun to do and seeing gamers working together to create something beautiful. Our next big project wlll be published in the last September week, and Super Mario fans will most likely love it.

Thanks a lot at Orochinagi, Cyberfanatix, Dreamcancel, Madmans Cafe and more.
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The second part of something in the media is often even more sucessful than the first one..but for me..it was just a Tuesday!

The Gimmick-Blog Series about Video Games which were released years ago on the same date as today continues, and I also use this c-blog now to share the big news with you all that my mother celebrates her 70th Birthday today. ...for her..it is a very important day..but for me..well..you know it already.

Lets do a small journey into the past of the 19th August and see if there were any interesting video games released!

And indeed...how can anyone who played this game forget it!

Um Jammer Lammy, the "sequel" to the more popular Parappa the Rapper was released 15 years ago! On the 19th August 1999, a thursday. This game is one of the many early rhythm games which were released during 1998-2002 before games like Guitar Hero started to dominate this genre

it was super fun, it was damn weird and had a lot of crazy music and of course guest appearances like Parappa and Master Onion. In short..its one of those games I personally would love to see return on the big screen...Parappa the Rapper 3 is long..really long overdue!

Not a lot cool games were released on the 19th August in the past, but this one, Alter Echo really is one of them.
The game was released for the Playstation 2 and the Xbox ..by a small developer studio called Outrage Games...some of you might remember it from Descent III. Some of their developers still work for Voliton Inc, best known for their Saints Row series. Outrage Studios however were closed in 2014 already. Just like the publisher they were a part of..THQ around a decade later.

Alter Echo is one of those third person action games with a main protagonist who can morph himself or has gadgets which change not only his abilities but also his visual design. It had pretty bizarre character and stage designs and was pretty fun. It also had a really nice combo system. Alter Echo was released  on the 19th August 2003, yes..a Tuesday :-)

Too Human....

Now this is a game I would not exactly describe as a big success but while it was a giant failure and caused Silicon Knights a ton of problems..it was in development for around a decade and caused a lawsuit against Epic Games which won it. I think Silicon Games is almost done now. Too Human was released on the 19th August 2008..yes..a Tuesday.

The following year, 2009 saw a damn nice release on the 19th August with Shadow Complex for the XBOX360, sadly as an exclusive title for the system. I never played it but there are almost no negative reviews about this game and gamers in general praised it for being a modern take on the MetroidVania Concept.

Personally I find it fascinating and very interesting to look up what happened in video game history many years ago, its fun to see the giant changed between the 8bit Pixels and the "AAA" games of today which have budgets, similar to what a high profile movie with famous actors costed a decade ago. See you again on the 26th August..and hopefully on the 25th August via the frontpage.

Do you remember the articles about people leaving Naughty Dog in the last months and people..being worried about the state of Naughty Dog?

Some people mentioned it in comments already...developers come and go and come and go..there is a big fluctuation in the video game business and if you are familiar with the mobygames database and looked up many pages of developers, concept artists, character designers etc. there you might seen that almost no guy who worked in the video game industry for 10+ years stayed at one place.

People, especially outside Japan were it might be more traditional, change from 5 years at Activision to 3 years at Electronic Arts and now they are working for Sega, Namco or Ubisoft.

Its nothing really extraordinay and I am sure we will see a ton more developers changing the fronts.

Nate Wells, former Art Director from Naughty Dog who left the company in April 2014 to join Giant Sparrow games is back at ND and working there now as Lead Artist.

If you are a Mortal Kombat fan and you browse on sites like TRMK, MK Online, MK Secrets or Test Your Might and Eventhubs you might heard about that big Mortal Kombat Art Tribute by over 200 fans, organized and hosted by yours truly on Game-Art-HQ.

This project started back in September 2011 when I had the seemingly crazy idea to see if I could get 80 artists together who would draw 80 different Mortal Kombat characters. I administrated a MK related group back than at deviantart and well, the idea was totally appreciated and even a handful of artists from cartoon network participated and drew guys like Baraka and Moloch in very detailed fan arts / illustrations.

The 80 characters by 80 artists Idea was realized after only 4 months and included already  the very unpopular characters like Drahmin, Meat, Darriors or Bo Rai Cho.

In Summer 2012 and some thinking about it, I continued the project with the again crazy seeming idea to get all the MK characters drawn in their many different designs / costumes now. This meant 9 different Scorpion and Sub-Zero variations and in the most cases 2-6 images per playable character. It took a lot work, much promoting but in the end this giant project came together last week after the last character illustration was submitted. Kai in his alternate design from Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Till this project is done including over 300 detailed galleries for every damn character variation with stuff like official bio art, endings, screenshots and descriptions about every character, the designs and the roles of the characters in the specific games we will have April or May 2015. I am currently busy with the MK Deadly Alliance character galleries and have still around 170 more galleries to create.


But this does not mean that the MK Project by my GA_HQ Community is...finished.

Mortal Kombat is getting released in 2015 and artists like Esau Murga are asking me already if they can claim one of the already revealed characters. That we kontinue the project with the MKX characters and their different designs is a no-brainer, but we want to go other paths with this project as well.

My personal Idea would be to expand the project to a more story focussed art gallery after the characters are all done.

Kombats which were mentioned in the MK story like Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero in MK1 of course but also those which did not happen in the games itself like the Great Kung Lao fighting Goro and being defeated by him long before tournament in MK1.

Other story related illustrations could show landscapes in the different realms, especially Outworld and Edenia maybe. Stryker from MK3 witnessing the Outworld Invasion. Liu Kang arguing about something with Raiden etc.

What do you think could be a nice future path for the MK Tribute? Are there specific scenes from MK History you find interesting and think they could be a great theme for drawn fan art? Any ideas are very welcome!
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Let's imagine that there in the picture would be a thing but instead of a random guy talking to M.Bison it would be yours truly, the mighty Hoffmann and he could change some small details of the current video game industry. :-)


Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo.

Each of the three big video game console companies is responsible for many great games and innovations in the game industry. A lot of them were not so great but thats not the topic now.

These three have a couple of big competitors when it comes to hardware. The PC as a gaming platform is stronger than ever before. Steam changed the landscape and other great digital distribution channels like GOG were created. The handheld market is still super successful for Nintendo and their 3DS, and their next handheld will most likely be a success as well..but nobody can deny that the many mobile phones /smart phones took a big piece of the cake.

Now what if the big three would finally work together on one hardware with combined efforts and experiences while they would all be individual companies as usual but be able to deliver a lot of games for ONE console instead of three of them?

That would be a strong competition for the PC in the future and mean that no gamers have to buy one console for Halo, another one for Mario and another one for the latest Gran Turismo.

It would end the stupid console war, it would mean less development costs for third party developers since they would not have to develope 3 or 4 versions of a game but
just two. (Console + PC)
For gamers who have a ps3 or 4 and a xbox360 or xb one it would mean less costs as well since they would not need to pay for two online services but just one...and have the best of three worlds with one system.

I know..total wishthinking..and it will never happen.


DLC 100% done a while after the development of the main game possibilities.

It might be a case with some games today already, but I read it from a good couple of game developers that they are just not able even to create fully compatible DLC if they did not "prepare" the main game for it already. Meaning that the vanilla game "has to know" that add ons and what kind of dlc can be added to the game.

This means that a game where it is unknown if it will be a real success or not can't get any dlc often if the developers had no plans or ressources for it during development.

A change of that could mean dlc if a game was unexpected successful, it could also make something possible like for more games like the Skullgirls developers made with their kickstarter and polls for new characters. Characters chosen by the community made (or make) it into the game now years after the vanilla version was released.

This has mostly to do with technical hurdles I less but also the decision to develope dlc often together with the vanilla game and not later.


Okay, this is a small one.

If you are from Europe you might remember these language option screens which popped up before the game started, or they were just an option in the game settings.

Since the last generation, game companies decided to remove them in the most games for some reason. Instead the games are automatically using the language which was chosen in the systems settings.

This might be okay for the majority of gamers, but it was a nice option to easy change the language from German to English and vice versa. Why is the option not always available in the game settings?