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The latest art project on Game-Art-HQ...as soon as that wonderful website is back online... (hopefully next tuesday)

.Link's Friendlist is an art collaboration where 30 Legend of Zelda Protagonists and Allies of Link were illustrated by over 50 artists

Upcoming Art Collaborations on Game-Art-HQ are the 5th Round of Link's Blacklist on the 15th June and two 20th Anniversary Tributes for the Tekken series and the first Playstation console. Both projects will be published in the first December week of 2014.

About me:

Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize bit art colalborations and tributes and sometimes contests with artists which are also gamers.

These art tributes and my own website Game-Art-HQ are meant to tell viewers a lot about the games, it makes me happy that websites like dtoid, eurogamer, kotaku, eventhubs etc are writing about them.

Some of my favourite game series are Tekken, Mortal Kombat and more or less everything from SNK. I care a lot about character designs, storytelling and the music in video games.

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

It is still small but it is possible now (May 2014) to see when and where around 150 different game characters made their debut and some other details from them as well. About 10-20 more characters are added per week including articles about them with official illustrations as well as fana rt and cosplays.
You can find this growing database here

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.....You are a big fan of the King of Fighters games by SNK and their characters.

The first KOF was released in August 1994 and combined characters from SNK's older games Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldiers with completely new guys like Kyo Kusanagi and Rugal Bernstein.

The game spawned over 10 sequels, crossovers and spinoff games and has become one of the biggest 2D fighting game series over the years.

Reason enough for me to start another art tribute / collaboration with the target to involve 30+ fans and 20+ illustrations about the King of Fighters games and especially the teams of 3-4 characters.

I started this project today via my deviantART community Fighting-Games-Elite and over 10 artists are on board already to draw illustrations of teams like Iori Yagami with Mature and Vice or the classic Art of Fighting team of Ryo, Robert and Yuri.

You can be on board if you are a skilled artist beside being a fan or you simply like to write about the KOF games and their characters.

This art collaboration will be published online on Game-Art-HQ on the 25th August 2014, exactly 20 years after KOF'94 found its way to Japanese Arcades.

The artworks will be accompanied with descriptions of the illustrated characters and the intentions of the artists + sometimes their own thoughts about the games.

This is the around 10th Video Game related fan art collaboration I organize. Artists on board are of course credited including links to their own homepages /websites of choice

This is as usual not a commercial project, and meant as a tribute to the KOF games by fans for fans.

If you are interested to join, just write a simple comment

Similar anniversary art tributes were

Siiiiince there is a new editor on dtoid..Grimecraft who will do something related to Videogamemusic..short VGM here on dtoid i thought about the topic and my own experiences with it.

Since around 1992 when the phenomenal Actraiser was released in Europe as part of the Super Nintendo Launch (or short later) music in video games became something for me i started to care about as 12 year old guy. Before, it was just background dudeliduu and seemed stupid to me ..like child music and nothing really good.

The Actraiser score by Yuzo Koshiro, also known for his Streets of Rage soundtracks among others basically blew me away with its almost orchestral sound and melodies which are just not going out of your head. I am whistling that Filmoa theme just now while writing :-)

As boy i did not even know that there were already soundtracks of video games on Vinyl, CD and Music Cassettes and well..recoreded the music as good as possible with one of these cheap music recorders at the time. Did you do something similar?

Later, when the first Playstation arrived with games like WipeOut which had a super fitting techno/trance/house soundtrack it was possible to use the game cd as normal audio cd ..which was a great thing i was thankful for. Still use the 20 year old Battle Arena Toshinden, WipeOut and Ridge Racer PSX Games to listen to their music while driving alone on the highroad.

My GF likes some Videogamemusic too but the fast and a bit crazy rave/techno tracks in the oldschool Ridge Racer games by Shinji Hosoe are not her thing ..so i listen to them only when she is not there...

Till today i downloaded or ripped a few thousand video game soundtracks..most of them are Japan only releases including many from the eighties and nineties which were never re-released in any form. Ripped probably 120 soundtracks in the xa format from Playstation games and a lot more in kinda lossless formats directly from the Playstation games cd tracks.And yes..bought around 50 game soundtracks too. I listen more to videogamemusic than metal, gothic, punk..pop...anything.

The mix of strong melodies with music instruments of all kinds combined to orchestral like music as in Actraiser or some of the Final Fantasy games, Hip Hop /Techno etc. stuff in JetSet Radio, Simply Crazy stuff like in Bust A Groove 1 and 2 r Jazz inspired tracks in some of the recent Mario games seems more interesting to me as the standard music you hear in the Radio and often enough even by praised "Underground" music bands.

VGM is one giant mix of all types of music, thats whats making it damn interesting for me.

How is it with you, is VGM just the background music of a videogame for you, or is it an important part of a game you care about?

Do you listen to VGM if you are not playing a game too?

LB is an art collaboration i started back in June 2012 about illustrating monsters and boss characters from the Legend of Zelda games. From the first game in 1986 up to the latest one A Link between Worlds.

Artists draw these, they use 3D Modell Software and a few even crafted Oktorok Plushies, Puppet Gannon Dolls or created cakes which look like the Zelda Monsters. Its quite unbelievable how big this idea turned.

These artworks and the characters are described on Game-Art-HQ including official art, screenshots and of course texts to describe from where the monsters are and what their role in the games is...sometimes also how to beat these.

Now, almost 2 years after the project started, around 200 different monsters were drawn. The Moblins..the Oktoroks..Ganon, Vaati and Twinrova..they are all there and in June 2014, on the 15th the Gallery which you can see here gets another big boost by around 40 artists and myself.

Thought this is a good time to be active with a c-blog. Beside my own, dtoids community is my favourite even if there are some weird individuals here. Yes..i am looking at the forums sometimes too :-)

Like with Link's Friendlist in February, dtoid is getting an exclusive preview of the next round of LB, if you are a Legend of Zelda fan, you will most likely love these 5 from around 50 new artworks!

Kalle Demos is the 2nd Boss in Wind Waker, he reminded me quite at the Barinade fight from Ocarina of Time. This one was drawn by Vincent Bisschop

Yeah...oldschool Zelda! This one was selected by me after the awesome artist SuperEdco asked me about choosing an enemy for this round for him to draw!

Those Buzzblobs in Zelda 3 were super annoying little foes.

This one is pretty new, Yuga from ALBW..can't say anything about him since i did not play the game. Drawn by Forte-Girl17

The Dekuscrub from Ocarina of Time, drawn by Pedro Vininicius. I love the perspective he used for this illustration and all the details of the leafes. One of my favourite pieces of the fourth round.

Last but not least, here comes Fraaz the Master of the Icy Fire, one of the Spirit Tracks boss characters, one of the handheld Zelda games. Drawn by Tellie-Tale in the unique Wind-Waker /Spirit Tracks style.

Hope these five made you curious about the whole round. Since only half of the expected artworks are submitted so far, i know i am looking forward to these totally.

You can see the complete Link's Blacklist here

1. That above is me, now you know how i look more or less. I change my hairdo often and try out different beards too.

2. I am German, born in 1980 and play video games since around 1987.

3. Beside being a dtoider since last year, i do my own thing online called Game-Art-HQ.com ..that one since around 3 years.

4. My English is everything but flawless. Back in school i got sometimes really bad test results, but things imrpoved i guess. Started learning English in the mid nineties before we had it in school since i wanted to understand video games like Final Fantasy VI which were never translated at that time or even released in European Regions.

5. I like to eat Chicken Wings in Mexican Restaurant and make photos of the mess.

6. I share something with dtoids own Conor Elsea
"I always think I’m right.

Always.  Because I am.  Most of the time a logical path to the correct  conclusion is not hard to figure out, and everyone else is an emotional fucking idiot. "

Yup...its just like that.

7. Half of the time i write something on the frontpage of dtoid i am damn serious.

8. My most favourite video game consoles are the first Playstation, the Super Nintendo and the Playstation 2. Guess its because a mix of Nostalgia..a ton of great games..and because i often write about old games and their characters.

9. My ten favourite video games, in no peticular order:
Actraiser (SNES), Fatal Fury Real Bout (NeoGeo), Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2), Tekken 3 (PS1), Super Mario World, Tetris (Game Boy), Bust A Groove (PSX), Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX), Disgaea D2 (PS3), Vagrant Story (PSX)

10. I like this community and don't give a shit about anyone calling me a troll.

If you want to know something else, just ask via a comment here, i might answer your question.

Thanks for reading, did this fast blog because http://www.destructoid.com/dtoid-community-tell-us-10-things-about-yourselves--274202.phtml

Note, it took me like 7 minutes to writeup this blog, i bet a lot of you can do something better if you invest 20-30 minutes. Be a bit active here, tell us about you!

Hello everyone, Hoffmann writes a C-Blog for the first time after many weeks!

Instead of featuring fan art, cosplays or complaining about something, this one is about a suggestion for a change.

I am pretty sure there is an email-adress for suggestions, but honestly, i hope to see some comments here by the community.

Whenever i look through the latest 10-15 community blogs, i often look-up any reviews by members first. Lord Spencer's series of Super Nintendo game reviews as example. Or the ones about relative unknown games from different platforms by the Gameslinger.

How about giving reviews by members a bigger spotlight maybe in the form that they can be their own blog-category and are easy to find via a menu-point + similar to the frontpage, the latest 20 community member reviews are listed including their scores once a viewer clicked on the c-member review menu link?

There could be a simple formular for community member reviews where the writer can choose a platform. How a game is scored /the system how the writer wants to give a score could still be chosen by the writer.

Either i missed something, or currently it is not easy to find c-blog reviews and have the latest ones listed. How about changing that @dtoid?

Beside that, thanks a lot for your time and effort at you, the people who are writing reviews here sometimes.