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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of Game-Art-HQ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

Beside commenting on Destructoid and remembering Tuesday every week in a C-Blog I am building up a growing video game character database there on GA-HQ as well as organizing video game art tributes now since September 2011.

Around 1300 artworks created by gamers were made for thelisted below Art Projects among even more.

Mario's Blacklist
50 of Super Mario's enemies drawn by 50 artists, published on the 25th September 2014

The 20th Anniversary of the King of Fighters Series.
Over 30 of the Teams of the KOF teams were illustrated by over 40 gamers. Published on the 20th August, exactly 20 years after the Japanese Arcade Release of KOF'94

Link's Blacklist
This project started in June 2012 and was updated for the 4th Time in July 2014. It covers over 200 enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda series

These are only the last three of over 15 art tributes hosted by Game-Art-HQ,com

My lovely woman and myself, we are together now since 5 1/2 years and its still an awesome relationship. Awesome wonders happen, even to Hoffmann's ;)

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Today is a rainy dark day for billions of gamers but today is also the day some great gaming gems like the damn awesome Nights..into Dreams, Marvel vs. Capcom, Viewtiful Joe, Darkwatch and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow were released among many others on the 7th October in the past.


For millions and billions of gamers these were awesome days they waited for and enjoyed..but for me..HAH!...it was .....





In this blog series I am talking a bit about these gems of the past, I hope some of you remember them or might grab them after reading about the games here. These games are worth spending a whole Tuesday with them. Seriously.



7th October 1996 - Nights...Into Dreams was released for the Sega Saturn in Europe!


Nights was maybe developed to counter Mario 64..but it was still suuper different from it and more about flying around in 3D than platforming. Sadly Sega never build the series up to be something like Sonic or even the Yakuza series but there is at least a nice HD remake available on Steam.

This was a 9/10 game back in 1996 and one of the best reasons to buy a Sega Saturn while it did not have a lot good 3D games in comparison with the Playstation at the time.


7th October 1999 - Marvel vs. Capcom on the Sega Dreamcast was released in the USA

Fighting Games are my thing if you haven't noticed yet and this game was highly anticipated by me at the time. Not only was it the first big Capcom fighting game with MegaMan and Strider, it also had bigger sprites and effects than the previous X-Men vs SF games and offered a flawless tag-team mode on the Dreamcast.

Never had the fighters for Saturn so that Tag Mode was something new for me in that form. It was great to see this series getting continued with the giant 56 characters roster in MVC2 and also the pretty good MVC3. Due to Marvel and Disney's changed priorities it looks like we will never see a fourth crossover. I hope I am wrong with that.


7th October 2003 - Viewtiful Joe got released for the Gamecube in the USA

Viewtiful Joe is one of the last really awesome "new" IP's from Capcom I think. And new means 11 years old in this case but in the last decade they made me believe that they are not the same Capcom anymore they were in the eighties and nineties.

VJ is a beat'em up with a lot of crazy abilities for the main protagonist and had a great art-style as well. Never played the gamecube version but it was awesome on the Playstation 2 as well.


7th October 2005 - Darkwatch for Playstation 2 and Xbox

Hoffmann really is not a big fan of first person shooters but when he tries out this game he had to buy it later and play it through multiple times.

This game tells the story of a bank robber who gets into a fight with a powerful vampire-demon and has to deal with hordes of the undead later, ranging from some stupid zombies too all kinds of vampires including..yes..native american vampires. The game plays in a dark wild west setting and since the main protagonist with the Clint Eeastwood chin is a half vampire now too he learns abilities like to jump higher etc. This game is very unusual I thought and damn..it was very fun. In a few missions you even ride on a badass looking undead horse while shooting from a third person perspective. This was the first game by High Moon Studios which were later bought by Activision and developed Deadpool for them as well as some of the console ports of the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare among others. Darkwatch..is really great...and one of those games which deserved better sales and a sequel already I think.


7th October 2006 - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for Nintendo DS was released in..Australia!

I was an still am a big fan of the Castlevania series. The classic Castlevania games at least not those Lords of Shadow re-imagination catasprophes. Yes..they might be good games too but they are not fucking Castlevania if you ask me.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow tells the 2nd  story of Soma Cruz who fights against against a cult which tries to resurrect Dracula of course. It combines basically everything I love about the older Castlevania games except that it was only released for handhelds. I really disliked that they went that route for the 2D games after SOTN and Chronicles.Meh.


Thats it for today, see ya on another tuesday.

Oh yes..I created a new website, one which is similar to my baby Game-Art-HQ but completely about one single art collaboration and will grow and grow in the next weeks and months.

I might write a c-blog about it somewhen in the future.


Now its time for beautiful art....cosplay art as usual :-)





Hello, this is a review of the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.


I give it a 6,5



Enjoy the latest Mortal Kombat X Character Reveal Trailer, the evil sorcerer Quan Chi returned..and Kano is pretty fucked up by him.

 Quan Chi can summon a "Netherealm Bat" now during one of his variations, summon portals and has very fast projectiles while he rides on an undead horse before starting a battle..to make it short..he looks very badass and you don't want to have him as your opponent in Mortal Kombat!

Seems also that all characters will have three different X-Ray moves this time, depending on their variations.


 Mortal Kombat X is getting released in April 2015 for the PS3 and PS4, PC, XB360 and Xbone

 Other returning characters are Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Raiden and Kano. New faces shown so far are Ferra &Torr, Kotal Kahn, Cassie Cage the daughter of Sonya and Johnny as well as the "bug lady" D'Vorah.




Back in the nineties when almost everyone here in the Evil Germanic Empire used to listen to Rave /Eurodance or the really cool Metal bands of the era (Sepultura, Metallica, MegaDeth and so many more) this "can't stop raving" song was one of my favourites for a looong time..and goddamn..the female singer there was so damn cute.

I mean..back at that time when we did not have so...awesome sites like all the youporns etc of today you fapped to music videos or Kristiana Backer from the MTV News...it was the standard..I mean..OR?!?




ps: Eliza in Skullgirls is awesome. That a community of fans of the game made a character possible to get for free (for 3 months) or some bucks years after the game is released is more than awesome. This is basically DLC done right in my opinion.

DLC should be planned and developed AFTER the release of the game, and if possible in cooperation with fans to see what they want or at least to give them choices like it was done with the Skullgirls characters Big Bang, Eliza and Squiggly.









ps³..OMG how in the hell could I forgot the Grunge? Yes the Grunge Bands of course..all the people not listening to the Rave and Metal listened to those Grunge Bands of course...Nirvana! Stone Temple Pilots! Alice in Chains! Them Bones!





Kombat Kontinues today


 edit, 11 hours later:

what the hell this blog got around 30 comments?



Today it will get Xtreme...about David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider..about one of the best games by Squaresoft which sticked in Japan for stupid reasons and one of the most Popular Playstation 1 games ever. Last but not least it will get a bit..ObsCure.


Because we have the 30th September..a date which was often a very important game for thousands of gamers worldwide ..but for me..it was and is another Tuesday.



Lets use our DeLorean and drive back to the 30th September 1988..a Tuesday btw where this little game was released.


Knight Rider for the NES, released on the 30th.09.1988 in Japan

I am not super sure but think I played a game boy version of this game which was simple like the most of the games in the 8bit era but damn..just listen to that awesome music there :-)

Lately I read that Knight Rider might get a new TV series and that the big German Superstar and Hero David Hasselhoff will be a part of it. Sooooo awesome!


30th September 1995...

Seiken Densetsu 3...the Secret of Mana 2 we never saw in the west.

Today we complain about Sega and them not translating their Yakuza games or Nintendo/Tecmo for not releasing Fatal Frame games outside Japan.

Back in the mid nineties, yours truly Hoffmann, 15 years old and playing SNES everday was so angry that he wrote a ranting letter to a Germanic Game Magazine like only he could.

They never published it in their magazine. I wonder why.

Seriously...this sucked completely. Secret of Mana was one of the best ever Super Nintendo games and till today it is inspiring game developers.

Thanks to some awesome fans we were able to play the game translated via an SNES emulator at least. "Hackers, Modders, Checkers, Dataminers, Pirates and Translators of the world..I love you.

I bet in 7-10 years we are able to play Yakuza 3,4,5 and Zero in English. And with 3 and 4 I mean the superiour Japanese versions of those games.


The 30th September 1998..it was the release of one of the most popular Playstation games ever


but for me it was Tuesday!

Metal Gear Solid was released in the United States and Canada and I played the Japanese version a while before. That game was awesome and while it got a remake already on the Gamecube I would love to buy another remake of it made with the technology from today!


The 30th Setember 2002...XTREME Grandia!

Grandia was one of my favourite JRPG series since they ported the previously Sega Saturne xclusive Grandia to the Playstation. Most of all because its intuitive great battle system but just everything in the game was above the standard.

The 2nd game on the Dreamcast was a bit more linear and I didnt like that but still good..than there was Grandia Xtreme in 2002..released on the 30th Setember in the USA and it was...different.

Not only was this game never released in Europe I think which made me pirate it, it was also more about the fighting and dungeons than ever before. The story there and the characters were all pretty forgetable. The gameplay however..while being frustrating difficult and sometimes unfair was fun and made me playing it through like Grandia 1 and 2 too. Still have to play through Grandia 3..its one of those Playstation 2 games which are not running in fullspeed via the ps2 emulator on my PC.

Too bad this series seems to be dead now.



The last game for today is kinda ObsCure and was released 10 years ago...


Yup..back on the 30th September 2004 this little but nice Survival Horror game was released, I played it with a friend together on the Playstation 2 around that time and liked the high school setting and characters like from the next standard slasher movie of the time.

Yup..that are the game characters.

Its a game I can still recommend to everyone who likes the first three Resident Evil games.


So..thats it for today, I wish ye all a nice tuesday and if you never tried out Seiden Densetsu 3...it really is an awesome game. Download the translated rom, install an emulator and enjoy this gem which was never translated for some reason.


Oh yes...there was something....










Introductions suck, so here is one.


Hello, I am not new to the site and my name is Reinhold Hoffmann, you know me from over 15000 comments on the frontpage written in around 1 1/2 years, some posts in the forum and my c-blogs about games released on Tuesday, the art collaborations i do on GA-HQ, and a lot other c-blogs about this and that. Today I am the probably most popular guy there on the frontpage which is not always a good thing but sometimes its damn funny to see even the dtoid staff writing about that Hoffmann will like or hate a news about Mortal Kombat X as example.


1. Why does this guy know so many video games of the past and made it a running gag to bring up 15 or 20 year old games in a comment section to make game collectors like Terry Boardway curious if he can get that peticular ps1 game via ebay?

I am one of the guys who basically did not do a lot beside gaming during the age of 10-25 :-P

There was the school..there was the work and yes parties and relationships too but the main thing for me was gaming gaming gaming. I bought many games..I pirated many games..and played many games. Some just for a short time to see what they are about, especially Japanese. From 1987 till today I played probably 5000+ games, beat around 1000 of them and know almost all fighting games ever released with the exception of fanmade /doujin fighters.


2. Why did you start building up a gaming website about such a niche as art related to video games and how did it come to that?

Time for an outing here.

I have a fucking damn annoying chronical sickness which broke out back in Februar 2010. A time I will never forget...it was the worst time of my life and the doctors did not know what I had for months while it went worse. Had to quit my job because I was not able to leave the house and thought about the future and what I could do if I cant continue doing what I did before which was to drive to companies and try to sell them a product related to marketing. Due to that sickness I was not able to drive a car anymore. Meh.

So I was at home for months while getting different medicines and started learning html and css..a bit php and read books about creating websites. My first attempt was a website called Timeless Gaming where I wrote veeery detailed game reviews and when I wrote about Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance I played it via the ps2 emulator. There was this "Krypt" to unlock characters, stages, costumes and...a ton of previously unseen concept art, joke images and much more.

This was fascinating for me and I made screenshots of these images, and uploaded them on that timeless gaming website and called the gallery there "The MK Art Krypt"

The website itself got some hundred visitors per day after like 4 months while it looked really bad and that MK gallery there got the most visitors..like twice as many than all the detailed game reviews together. The screenshots I made back in 2010 are still online btw. Some guys copied them for those wikias and so they made it into the MK Wiki's and I guess a lot of other MK websites as well.

At one day in June 2011 I woke up and thought "damn..if so many people visit my website because these images..lets build up something related to art in video games" 2 hours later I ordered the url and at the same day evening I was already working with wordpress for the first time. The current design and look of the site is the probably 20-30th one. It changed a ton during the last 3 years.

Today I am super glad that I did not stick to my "Timeless-Gaming" idea. How it went with ga-hq is fantastic. I still have the chronical sickness but could use my experience with building up websites and wordpress to work as a freelancing webdesigner and "SEO" (thats something evil) sometimes while I still have to stay at home most of the time. Guess why I have so often time for commenting here.


3. Why are you using your real name and not a nickname?

I used one nickname in different variations online for a long time and consider that era a dark past.

That and I like the name Reinhold. Nobody I know has the same name and those you who are called Reinhold too are often 60+ years old. That name is special..just like I am :P