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    After seeing the reveal trailer for this new Mortal Kombat character I made my decision. This will be the one I use for the first matches online against noobs from every region I am allowed to FIGHT!!


    Not only is he a badass gunslinger but has also some of the coolest gun related attacks I have ever seen in a fighting game so far. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef would both get jealous at ths guy.


    Erron Black will bring the horror to my first opponents online!


    This is the third and last c-blog about the big Art Challenge for members of the Community. It ended at the last weekend finally and resulted in around 50 illustrations of video game bosses, vilains and main antagonists ranging from very popular ones like Sephiroth to almost forgotten ones like Tomator from Lost Vikings.


    The idea was to illustrate villains from video games and over 50 artists from our community claimed characters for this challenge which is later getting showcased on one of the best websites other words..on of course.


    By clicking on the images you are getting linked to either the full-sized artworks which are hosted as part of the project on already or still on deviantART. Only like half of the submissions so far have gallerys on my website already.

    Enjoy the artworks everyone!


    This is Arkham, the Jester from Devil May Cry 3 and was illustrated by Luis Diaz from Mexico who is actually also a dtoid member and comments on the frontpage relative often :-)

    Its super cool that he just claimed to draw a Bloodborne for our third art challenge which starts officially tomorrow.


    The Team Rocket leader...hah! I never expected to see a villain from the Pokemon games in our art challenge but as you see it really happened and damn..this artwork is simply adorable and badass.

    Sires Jan Black from the USA claimed the challenge to draw a really cool illustration of this guy and I think he absolutely made it. Like Luis he is also on board on our next art challenge and claimed the challenge to draw an illustration of a really cool game, the pretty unpopular Okage: The Shadow King.


    An art collaboration without at least one image of THE main antagonist of the Super Mario series would just be incomplete, but Bowser was actually one of the last villains claimed.

    This one was drawn by Dragonith who wrote the following to describe his submission:

    "I reaaaaaally gotta learn time management for these kinds of things. Gotta stop making these a day before the deadline. -w-;

    No matter how incompetent he may be, I've always loved Bowser as the main antagonist for the Mario series. Something about a giant fire breathing turtle monster just tickles my fancy. Particularly, his depiction in the Paper Mario titles is my favorite version of him. He had personality, power, a role as an anti-hero, and was a complete meatheaded dork that threw tantrums when he didn't get his way. Definitely preferred this to his typical "GRR I KIDNAPPED THE PRINCESS" personality he takes in the main series Mario games... which is why I didn't particularly like how they handled him in Sticker Star. Seriously Nintendo, don't repeat that again.

    Kind of a side note, but I also loved the addition of Kammy Koopa in the first two installments. I liked how Bowser had an intelligent (yet vain) second in command, and she added her own humor to the table. Was pretty disappointed that she practically vanished when Super Paper Mario came around. Really hope she makes a return in a future title (preferably not in the same format as Sticker Star. Blegh...)!

    Done for the Villains Challenge Collab at Game-Art-HQ. Enjoy.~"


    Wow..its almost 15 years since Final Fantasy IX was released. One of my favourite Playstation RPG's ever and full of very memorable characters like Vivi, Steiner and of course Kuja, one of the main antagonists as well. This was the last submission for the villains challenge and submitted a couple of days after the deadline but whatever. The artist Kurama-Chan from Brazil had computer problems and I would really be the last person on earth who would deny an art submission because problems like that.

    Beside that, Kurama.chan is one of the artist that contribute to our game art tributes since 2012 already, I still remember her work for the Kirby 20th Anniversary we held as the first GA-HQ Project. The next art challenge theme was actually her idea.


    This is the stage 3 boss from Contra 3 on the Super Nintendo and was a challenge I myself gave the artist ExShen. This boss has to be seen in action to understand how damn awesome this illustration that was done with traditional tools like Ink on paper (Oldskool art!) is. Too bad that Konami is not developing games like that anymore.




    That's it for today, hope you liked the artworks. If you like what I do and you care about  fan art as well, visit my website sometimes where you can read articles about both fan art and official video game art, am sure you won't regret it. I will most likely write a blog about the next Art Challenge in a couple of weeks.


    Cheers, Reinhold



    As everytime when I start a blog or an article I have absolutely no klue what I am going to write in the next minutes ..except that I want to share some facts about Mortal Combat today not everyone of you cnew maybe.


    #1 Only Four Guys developed Mortal Combat

    First of all, the original Mortal Combat was developed by only 4 (Four!) guys. The programmer part was done by Ed Boon, there were two graphic designers and artists with John Vogel and John Tobias and Dan "Toasty" Forden.  With the exception of John Tobias who left the team in the year 2000 the other three worked on almost all later Mortal Kombat games.


    #2 Universal Combat?

    Before Mortal Combat was going to be a fighting game, the goal was actually to make a video game based on Universal Soldier with a digitized version of Jean Klaude Van Damme. The deal did not happen and only Johnny Kage remained as a spoof to the kancelled project.


    #3 Kombat? Kontinue? Kharacters.

    Someone had written down "combat" on the drawing board for the names in Boon's office and then someone wrote a K over the C, according to Boon, "just to be kind of weird."

    Steve Ritchie, a pinball designer at that time , was sitting in Boon's office and saw the word "Kombat" and said to Boon, 'Why don't you name it Mortal Kombat?' and that name "just stuck." Since then, the series uses the letter "K" in place of "C" for various words kontaining the hard C sound. According to Boon, during the MK games' development they usually spell the words korrectly and only "korrect it" when one of the developers points out they should do it


    #4 Make Nimbus Terrafaux a playable Kharacter in MKX already!

    While Reptile, Ermac, Jade, Noob Saibot and Smoke became playable and pretty kool kharacters in later Mortal Combat games, that one April Fool kharacter named Nimbus Terrafaux is still missed in action and would klearly be one of the biggest things ever in history since Capcom revived "Sheng Long" through Gouken in Street Fighter IV. And while you are at it..add Pedro as a hidden!" DLC kharacter. Thank you EGM.



    Nekst week I talk about kharacter developments kircles of Cintaro, Cabal, Cung Lao and Censhi.




    As I told u guys last month I got the Playstation 4 and when I browsed through my trophy stuff for the first time ever today I noticed something weird which made me wonder...

    Why the hell are only ## % of the people who bought and installed a game playing it through or even getting achivements which take only some minutes or a couple of hours.


    I looked through the throphies I got while playing Injustice: Gods Among Us as example.

    There are two trophies related to the story mode that takes around 2-3 hours to fully play through if the player watches the whole story /all cutscenes.

    Only around 30% of the people who installed the game played that one ....what?

    Only around 16% of the people who bought and installed Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate played through the whle story mode there. Only 12% unlocked all characters. I mean takes some hours but to get all characters together is one of the really fun parts of that game and I don't understand why people who paid up to 60 bucks for that game are not trying to get the whole experience of that game.

    I mean..don't understand me wrong..there are also a lot of stupid trophies often but that even the easy ones which come with playing important parts of a game are reached by only a quarter of the people who bought it was almost shocking to me.

    Am glad that at least 78% of the people who bought and installed Samurai Warriors 4 killed 1000 soldiers during a stage.


    Question: If you buy a game, do you play it through usually or are you buying games even if you have rarely time to play them and they might end up being not played through by you even after years?

    ― Terry Pratchett, Good Omens

    One of my favourite authors ever and a great humanist died today at the age of only 66. :(

    I am almost crying because well..I love his books and characters since the early nineties and my first experiences with the Discworld in book form and later the amazing funny adventures of Rincewind on the Playstation and Sega Saturn with Discworld 1 and 2 I think that Terry Pratchett who created such a lovely and very fun universe there rather sees people smiling and laughing though.


    My day is much sadder now, life is duller from now on.
    We lost a great person and a great mind today.

    That's Death.








    A long long time ago I never cared about the video game industry or developer teams and the companies behind them.

    I just wanted to play the games and get sequels to the games I liked. With the time I grew older and developed an interest to know whats going on there sometimes, why a game was cancelled as example or why a video game company was shut down.


    Than there was the Sega Dreamcast, a great console, really ahead of its time and competition that got a ton of great games by Sega itself and a not too shabby support by other companies like Capcom, Namco and even some Western Publishers like Midway Games. At the time around in 1999 I wondered why a big publisher like Electronic Arts, known for so many games at the time already like all the big sports series Fifa, NHL and Madden as well as Racing games like Need for Speed or the Command and Conquer Series by Westwood did not support the Sega Dreamcast.

    I started to dislike that company a bit for that and think till today that they are to blame a little bit for the fast fall of the Dreamcast as well.


    Than there was 2001 and Electronic Art closed down the Bullfrog Productions. I loved their innovative games in the nineties..especially Theme Park but also Populous and the damn cool Syndicate.


    Two years later they made a ton of great Playstation 2,Xbox1 and Gamecube games already but they closed another game studio I cared a lot about before with Westwood, the makers of the Command and Conquer games. I started to wonder whats going on with this Publisher and started to buy less games by them.



    Some years later was in summer 2006 I read that they bought a small American developer team by the name Hypnotix In.c and while they were a much smaller fish than Westwood or Bullfrog this news made me angry because they were responsible for a series of games I started to totally love together with a couple of friends, the weird "Outlaw" sports series that included Golf, Volleyball and Tennis and was something like the NBA JAM of the Playstation 2 era for me except that it was not based on real athlethes and had a lot of silly characters. That El Suave guy from the games could be the mascot here on Dtoid...he is all about cocks and the manliest game character ever (lol)  Well..they only bought the company to use the talents which were familiar with sports games for their Fifa and NHL games.


    From that day on I never purchased an Electronic Arts game anymore except it was used.

    Now I read that even friggin' Maxis was shut down..the guys behind SimCity and the more or less forgotten but nice SimEarth.


    I looked up what game developer teams were bought by Electronic Arts and later shut down. This does not include all the teams they bought and splitted to pieces to work on their other games series like Fifa.


    Maxis (SimCity)
    Purchased by EA in 1997; shut down in 2015.

    Mythic (Dark Age of Camelot)
    Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2014.

    Bullfrog (Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper)
    Purchased by EA in 1995; shut down in 2001.

    Origin (Ultima, Wing Commander)
    Purchased by EA in 1992; shut down in 2004.

    Westwood (Command & Conquer)
    Purchased by EA in 1998; shut down in 2003.

    DreamWorks Interactive/Danger Close/EA Los Angeles
    Purchased by EA in 2000; shut down in 2013.

    Phenomic (SpellForce, BattleForge)
    Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2013.

    Black Box Games (Need for Speed, Skate)
    Purchased by EA in 2002; shut down in 2013.

    Pandemic (SW Battlefronts, Destroy all Humans!)
    Purchased by EA in 2008; shut down in 2009.

    PlayFish (The Sims Social)
    Purchased by EA in 2009; shut down in 2013.

    NuFX (NBA Street)
    Purchased by EA in 2004; shut down in 2007.


    In other words: Don't support Electronic Arts.

    ...and I did not even start talking about dlc and microtransactions or online passes and Origin...


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