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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of http://www.game-art-hq.com/ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

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with the target to be fully independent from game companies, all the forms of banners and different affiliation networks like dealzon.

Would you support that?


Completely aside from HUGE which could still co-exist and offer extra stuff.


There are a ton of awesome games which were released for the original Playstation.

From first hits like Ridge Racer, Jumping Flash, Parodius Deluxe and a bit later Toshinden, Tekken, WipeOut, Destruction Derby to Soul Edge, Final Fantasy 7-9 and Tactics wwhich REALLY deserved a REAL sequel many years ago already to cult hits like Bust A Groove, Crash Team Racing and many many more.


But there was also the CRAP.

The really really bad games nobody really wants to remember ..especially not when such an awesome system as the PSX celebrates its 20th Anniversary. But...I remember them. These shitpiles..crap-piles..these unfunny terrible video games were once released for a full price somehow. Trust me..they are all horrible bad.

And not one of them is worth more time than one sentence and one screenshot. I am not using youtube videos here to save you the time and prevent eye-cancer.


FUBARR. Bubsy 3D by the guys who made Syphoon Filter and yes..even Uncharted Golden Abbys many years later and sure don't want to remember this garbage.


The creators of Asterix also invented the Iznogoud comics, the Playstation game is a terrible 2D platformer with a ton of colission problems and unfair situations. Just look at that face he makes there...its like he is getting hunted by people who bought this shit!


WCW Backstage Assault is the probably worst wrestling game ever..but at least the worst one during the 32-64 bit era.


The Crow - City of Angels..one of those SUPERB games published by Acclaim based on a movie of that time..no really..everything about this game was terrible and its a damn shame because the Crow was once a really cool "revenge" character.


There are like 30-50 more really bad Playstation 1 games but remembering alone four of them caused me headaches already. Even more because I once payed the full price for that WCW game.

The cool thing about the PS1 was that there were like 5 really good games for one of these very bad ones. Maybe its just nostalgia, but I really miss the big variation and how many companies tries out unusual stuff back when that console was new.   :-)

I will remember it as the only platform ever which had RPG's , Fighting Games, Shoot'em Ups and even a Racing Game by Squaresoft.





Back...in 1993....where it all started...

Since around 3 or 4 months I am friggin' addicted to this horrible hardstyle techno from the Netherlands, Italy and Australia.


It started with a journey into the deepest dungeons of dubstep on youtube where I saw really horrible things like crazy dancing islamic guys..at least they have a good music taste.

Later I discovered this really fun video called "The summer of hardstyle 2013" where you can see thousands of happy people jumping, smiling and at a weird scene around 5:00 minutes a girl which looks like she just came. I know that facial expression...but its weird seeing it in such a video.

The music there is almost  tok tok tok tok tok tok the whole time but somehow its addicting to me and I am listening it more often now than VGM even. Its weird and my GF hates it but I can't stop listening to hardstyle now while reading about Terra Battle on Destructoid because Papa Niero..!

It went even worse when I googled what "raw hardstyle" is and stumbled upong these two guys calling themselfes Gunz for Hire and pose in those really badass costumes and masks..they scream a lot when they are live while the music they play is neither live and sounds like they don't even do anything beside the screaming and posing stuff..but thats cool..the music itself is wonderful. I like those lyrics like I give you raw like cocaine from Bolivia or ..Gangsters don't dance...we boogie.

The best song is "Massacre" from them..it has lyrics like "Knock Knock..we're here! Fear the fear its a motherfucking massacre!" And thats no joke..that song is really great.

I want a video game with these two as protagonists OR antagonists now in a setting like this dark background there shown in the video thumb. And I want these fucking badass masks!

I want such a mask right now...and Terra Battle...of course.


Hoffmann loves you all, thanks for the warm welcome back tones by the majority of you last week








Final Fantasy IX, the third big FF game on the PSX was a huge difference to the previous two Final Fantasy games and kinda a back to the roots style FF. And loved by many fans of the series even today, 14 years later for exactly that case.

Gone were the twisted main protagonists, the draw battle system from FFVIII and instead it was all about fighting to rescue the world before crazy villains would destroy it.

The game is four discs big, full of cinematics which are still amazing, it had another great soundtrack by Nobue Uematsu and basically combined everything we want ..and expect from a great Final Fantasy game. I read it multiple times that FFIX is seen as the last "real" FF and I can't completely disagree there.

Final Fantasy IX was claimed by two artists in no time for the PSX Anniversary Tribute, I also asked Mike Williams about using his take on the protagonists of the game (its just so fitting!)

Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy 9 Playstation Art Tribute on Game Art HQ

Final Fantasy 9 by Mizueyes777

"I would have to say that FFIX has to be my favorite out of all the final fantasy that i have played. the reasons are because of the story line, rich character personalities and gameplay.

The creative story of the game graves your attention and doesn't let go till the very end. even after you beat the game, you're so mesmerized at how creative the story was that you don't mind playing it again multiple times.

Not to mention how complex the personality of the characters are in the game, which was a big step for game development back in 1999. Also it helps that the battle sequence was challenging too."


Final Fantasy IX Playstation Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Remembering Final Fantasy IX by Fredrik Mattsson

"Final Fantasy IX, one of the foremost of roleplays to date to my taste. Following Zidane Tribal and his oddest variety of followers and friends through an epic adventure you never want to end, and almost never does.

The character-gallery charming as it may, still may be odd but so straggly it will touch everyone at some point throughout the widespread story. What's the meaning of existence, being a loyal servant and will she ever find her love again? and much more."


The Main Protagonists of Final Fantasy IX

by Mike Williams


So, I've finally given my favourite game a proper tribute, and here it is, something I've been using all my art time to create.

The composition was quite difficult to begin with, the character placements were completely different to how they've turned out here and that was one of the main problems, figuring out where everything goes.
I tried to go for a more stylised look with that characters and just letting the sketches flow to what my mind was thinking at the time, you can see it in some places, mainly Vivi's slight bump in is face where a nose should go, giving him some character to the black void that black mages have for faces.

So happy with how this turned out. I hope other fans enjoy what I've done!

Final Fantasy IX PSX Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute

This is the first time I re-blogged something from my own website, only the format is a bit different and by clicking on the images you can view the original article.

Final Fantasy IX was the first FF I played through completely while I played 7,8,6 and 5 before already I really believe that Square-Enix should go back to the roots of FF once again and come up with a new "old school" game sooner or later. Am also super happy to share the news that there is a Final Fantasy IX Album in the works by Overclocked-Remix and it looks like we (Game-Art-HQ) and OCR will collaborate again to offer a grandios mix of Music and Visual Art related to the game!


Big thanks again @ the artists!

Our fan.made Playstation Anniversary Tribute will be online on the 3rd December, exactly 20 years after the PSX was released in Japan.

Beside FFIX around 40 more games including Monster Rancher, Tomba!, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and many more received tribute artworks by the GA-HQ Community. There are also some really surprising artworks about one of the 007 games for Playstation and Kowloon's Gate..a Japan only game which seems to have a culst status in Japan still.



Also....Kuja> Sephiroth!

Photo Photo Photo

Its not yet Tuesday so I thought about something new after my glorious return after a long time.

Hoffmann remembers ###### is a new blog series about almost forgotten games which once were "something" for many gamers. And what other game could be the most fitting one to start this blog series than Battle Arena Toshinden?

This fighting game which was released January 1995 for the Sony Playstation in Japan and was one of the Launch games for the system in the USA and Europe (I Think) was once an outstanding game, praised for its great graphics, super fitting soundtrack and..the gameplay which allowed players to use the third dimension for the first time in a fighting game to dodge attacks.


The game had only around 10 characters, half of them were pretty generic or cliche with the big brute called Rungo Iron using a big iron club and Sofia being a blonde long legged Russian agent...or spy...back in the nineties just every fighting game needed one of those I think. And why in the hell did Duke Rambert the guy who looked like a knight needed to have green hair?

Interesting for me were the designs of Fo Fai, the iron claw using very fast and small old magican who was pretty insane and blood thirsty...and Mondo just had a lot of really cool moves with his staff which catapulted him very high into the air sometimes.



The game really introduced 3D movement to the genre but the gameplay itself was pretty clunky and the characters did not have many moves either. They jumped way too high and the arenas were in the most cases so small that it was easy to miscalculate a jump and fall down which meant a won round for the opponent.

Also not so cool was that there was a small intro about the story of Battle Arena Toshinden but in the game itself there is no clue about it really. There were no cutscenes, no dialogues...the characters did not even have endings....good that the sequels changed that.


The Story Mode in the Sega Saturn Port


But it was 1995 and back than this game was appreciated, got good reviews and sales and a Sega Saturn port was released which added a new character and..more important a story mode where all characters could tell their stories. Sadly this version called Battle Arena Toshinden Remix was never ported to another console.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2

The game received a handful of sequels and even spinoffs like a Toshinden board game for Playstation which was never released outside Japan. While the sequels were better than the first Toshinden and Toshinden 2 received even an arcade release while especially BAT3 was really underrated they never went as popular as the many other fighting game series of that time.

The last game, Toshinden 4 was not even released in the USA and trust me..its really not worth to check out. It was a huge dissapointment after the promising third game.

Back in 1995-1997 Battle Arena Toshinden was a nice experience, today..its just the game we remember for introducing 3D to 3D fighting games.




 Since I am one of the older gamers here on dtoid with my 34 years I really wand and like to share some of the experiences I made with games back in the eighties and nineties and maybe tell you about a game you even never heard about while it added something to a game genre like Battle Arena Toshinden.

If you can think about other old video games you like to read about including from my perspective, you are welcome to name them in a comment



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There are a lot of awesome first person shooters out there and while the most of them are worth their money ..I still think that some of the elements which made Doom such a great game could and should return..hell even Call of Duty could profit from them.


Strong enemy designs and not just well done villains.

Back in 2013 when we wanted to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Doom with an art colaboration we thought about what we should focus on. The decision was easily made..the iconic enemies of Doom ranging from the easy to defeat zombie soldiers up to the cacodemon seen above and of course the big cyber demon and the spider mastermind.

These foes had no text, no cutscenes, no real introduction but each of them is a strong design and a lot more memorable than those many many masked soldiers, psychos, aliens we see today in many first person shooters.

While Killzone as example did a good job with introducing the helghast as a whole, there were almost no variations of the enemies there, especially KZ 2 would have been a good environment to create some strong monster designs which are populating the planet.



Labyrinths and stages with a lot of secrets

Running from cutscene to cutscene..from checkpoint to checkpoint and "finding" items which are marked on the map anyway can be fun too..but honestly..after doing it a hundred times in Borderlands it becomes a bit repetitive. Kudos to Gearbox for having a few secrets in Borderlands 2 and probably the pre-sequel too at least with those Vault icons which can be found in the game.

Where are the thought out stages with puzzles sometimes, with locked doors, and sometimes really small corridors as part of labyrinths where the death lure behind ever wall and door?

If you know any "big" fps of today which have those, please mention them in a comment..I really miss those kind of stages.

And how Doom told you how many monsters were left in a stage and how many secrets were found was quite awesome as well, it always made me replaying a stage and looking again at hidden rooms. More of that in modern games please.


Bring back armor and leave out the shields etc. which revive you completely in some seconds.

As much as its nice to be almost immortal and either respawn near the location whre you died or you have shields which give you back your lifepoints and you just have to hide somewhere while the enemies are so nice to wait until you're back at 100% it really takes away the challenge ...instead the player could be rewarded with stronger armor either through finding them or simply by beating something in the game OR the game should become more difficult if a player is really good. But maybe thats just me..I like it when a game is able to react to your skill and tries to beat you with more difficult enemies. Such a thing was done in over 20 year old shoot'em ups by Konami as example..even those Parodius games became harder if you were good.


Nope...jumping is not always needed. BOOM HEADSHOT!

This blog was inspired by Mr Dixons blog last week and on this point we kinda disagree...a bit.

While jumping in a new Doom game could be fun and interesting..alone already because it would be something new there, I think that jumping is something too big in many shooters today and could be limited to have less impact..like in Killzone as example or be completely removed.

I mean...do we ever see soldiers jumping around in real life? Its just super unrealistic and yes..while it can be fun..it could also be interesting to see some modern day FPS without jumping at all.


Thats it for today, the real Tuesday series will return next week.




by the amazing Ivette


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