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Link's Friendlist is an art collaboration where 30 Legend of Zelda Protagonists and Allies of Link were illustrated by over 50 artists

Current and upcoming Art Collaborations on Game-Art-HQ:

KOF 20th Anniversary Tribute: 25th August 2014

Mario's Blacklist!: 30 September 2014

PSX 20th Anniversary Tribute: 03.12.2014
Tekken 20th Anniversary Tribute: 09.12.2014

About me:

Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize art collaborations and tributes and sometimes art contests via my Website / Community Game-Art-HQ

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

It is still small but it is possible now (May 2014) to see when and where around 250 different game characters made their debut and some other details from them as well. About 10-20 more characters are added per week including articles about them with official illustrations as well as fanart and cosplays.
You can find this growing database here

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Capcom, the company known formerly for awesome game series like MegaMan, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools and Resident Evil , Devil May Cry before fucking up  Resident Evil and Dante and not continuing basically most of their older cool games ,shocked me and the FGC yesterday with the announcement of the Omega Mode for Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Finally I can wear my Hadoken shirt with pride again

This Omega mode is FREE and comes by the end of 2014 together with a patch for all USFIV versions /ports and changes the moves of all 44 characters. (Lets pray this includes some balance patches and improves the netcode of USFIV)

Here is the announcement video:

Blanka got a teleport move which also works as an attack, Sagat has one of his SF Alpha Series supers, Ken shoots Hadokens with a Kick and Guile can shoot up to three Sonic Booms at the same time...its like SFII Rainbow Edition but this time made by Capcom itself.

While the different moves and animations seem to be receycled for the most part they add a very different feeling to the characters and how they play.My personal impression was that these Omega Modes for the characters are like the unlockable EX or Unlimited versions of the characters in Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, but maybe with even bigger gameplay changes for the characters. I have a feeling the Omega Mode won't be the last of such "variations" (MKX Cough) either and who knows..maybe we see a current gen update of USFIV which another something added.

Anyway, coolest thing from Capcom I have seen in a long time now. Looking forward to the arrival of the Omega Mode!





This Blog will tell you the story of some of the strongest World Warriors fighting what they have to fight!









 Thanks Occams, Sephzilla and all other mods who are taking care of the annoying spam comments every day. They are some heavy stinkers!


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Beside all the commenting, complaining and sometimes talking bullshit it has become something very important to me to bring gamers together who have the god given talent to create art, and love to do it as part of a collaboration of gamers to tribute their favourite games and game characters.


Back in June 2012 I had all of a sudden the idea to ask the community in my deviantART group Game-Art-HQ what they would think about illustrating the big bosses but also even the lowest of the common enemies of the Legend of Zelda games on a high level with many details and much more than the standard fan art.

The response was overwhelming..over 30 artists ranging from the hobby artist from next door as well as guys who are normally only drawing something because it means their bread and butter on the table were interested and wanted to claim a character already. So I thought about how to feature these illustrations and hpw I can add myself to the collaboration which was a short time later known as "Link's Blacklist"

My idea was to use the illustrations to give both the bosses and the small enemies, even those of the rarely praised Zelda II who never returned in later games a sportlight through the artworks and write about the characters, use screenshots of them as well as the promotional artworks shared by Nintendo themselves. At that time, June 2012 that was all still just an idea in my head but I had a good feeling.

Told the idea to the community and BOOM After less than 2 days the exactly 40 spots for characters were all claimed. The big antagonist of the Zelda series, Ganon got claimed by artists in his different designs but also the today almost forgotten Zelda II bosses like Carock and one of my personal favourite Zelda bosses, Agahnim from Zelda ALTTP were among the chosen ones.

I gave the artists a deadline of 2,5 months, I myself needed over 4 months to figure out a concept how to representate the artists, to research all kinds of informations of the 40 old and new Zelda characters and later to describe these foes as well as the battle tactics against them illustrated with screenshots often. In the end it came together in Oktober 2012 and with the help of a bit self promoting it made it to the frontpages of all kinds of Zelda related websites and even Kotaku Australia and a few other big gaming websites wrote about the art collaboration.

The artists gave me positive feedback, they got not only additional pageviews for their own websites or dA profiles, some of them mentioned they got comissions now by people who saw their art as part of Link's Blacklist.

Today that project saw 3 updates, each of them added around 50 more characters, the whole project covers 211 different Bosses and Enemies of the Zelda games now ..as a gamer who remembers the most stuff of the first four Zelda games its damn awesome to see how dedicated the artists drew small enemies like the Pincer from Zelda: Link's Awakening. It was a honor for me to write about that little guy next to those great drawings.



Next week, Game-Art-HQ's next big "Blacklist" project gets online, its all about Mario's enemies now and the first enemy, Donkey Kong from 1981 as well as the currently last boss form in a Super Mario game, "Meowser" from Super Mario World 3D are a part of it. Interested people among you who played the classic Mario Bros games will see great artworks about Spiny, Albatoss and of course the Goomba, Mario Land, the first Game Boy Mario game is represented with Tatanga that feisty alien who abducted Princess Daisy and the Mario RPG and Paper Mario games are represented with many characters as well. Even Waluigi made it into the project somehow :-)

Exactly 50 enemies are covered, Mario's Blacklist will be online on the 25th September..in exactly a week,


And after that there will be a damn pause for all the tribute projects..I seriusly need moar time for comments !

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Bison remembers tuesday once again, welcome to #5 of the "For me..It Was Tuesday!" Blogs


We have the 16th September..and this is an awesome day because my Half Brother was born on the 16th September many many years ago..but it is also awesome because a good couple of excellent video games were released on this day, Fatal Fury Special, Fuck Quest, Rayman 2, Burnout 3, Indigo Prophecy  are the games I talk a bit about today.

And what I also just need to mention, because I am a high believer of shameless self promotion is the Tumblr Blog I am running now to post some of the featured fan art, cosplays and offical video game art..the blog is also used to post infomarions about ongoing art collalorations and contests

So don't hesitate and be among the around 50 followers so far!



Okay enough of that, lets talk about Video Game History now, lets talk about what was released back in ....

Fatal Fury Special, 16th September 1993. This game was an update to Fatal Fury 2 mostly but added a lot of characters ..its also the fight fighting game ever with a guest character from another fighting game btw. Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting had the honors.

The game is totally outdated in every regard compared with the most 2d fighters of the last 15-20 years but can still be fun. Alone already because it had so awesome characters as Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser and Kim Kapwham! SNK ruled.


Fuck Quest...a quest to get laid. 16th September 1998 for MSDOS.

Okay..this is more a joke entry since this game is not one of the really good ones.A guy named Richard Eter developed Fuck Quest but never gained the same Popularity than Notch with this one somehow. Heh..for him it was a Fuck Quest..for me it was a Tuesday!


Rayman 2 - The Great Quest was released on the 16th September 2000 for the Sony Playstation as one of the last versions of the game. In the video you can see a direct comparison of the Playstation 2 and the PS1 version btw.

Rayman 2 was damn great I think and I played it through on the Sega Dreamcast at the time. But as good as it and Rayman 3 were, I am glad they went back and used 2D Platformer mechanics for the newer Rayman games. But at the same time today I think its time for a return to 3D Platforming in the old Mario 64 / Crash Bandicoot /Spyro style.


Burnout 3: Takedown, 16th September 2004 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox in some of the European Regions like Germany and France.

Burnout 3 was and is one of the best Arcade Racers ever released. Be it because the awesome Crash Party Stages, the Soundtrack, the awesome Graphics for its time, the speed you can really feel and just the whole pretty cool setting of the game. This is one of the few EA games I bought and loved.


Indigo Phophecy, also known as Fahrenheit. Released on the 16th September 2005 for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC.

I loved this crazy game and wish there would be a remake or at least a damn HD version of it already. Thank you David Cage and everyone at Quantic Dream for this Gem of a game. Fun Tuesday Fact btw, Quantic Dream was founded in 1997 which makes them one of the longer running teams in the video game industry with its many coming and going companies.



That's it for today, have fun watching the videos and thinking about those games or playing them..and..of course visit my tumblr blog...! Happy TUESDAY everyone :-)




King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match are both coming to Steam including online modes.

Those are two of the best 2D fighting games ever made, to see them on Steam in November/December is simply great. Looking forward to play with some of you guys here sooner or later, my steam nick is gbk667

This is more or less the best news from SNK since years and this should have gotten a major sized article on the frontpage yesterday!


Hello everyone, my name is Reinhold Hoffmann and this is the fourth part of the popular "For me It was Just Tuesday" Blog Series about games which were released on the same date the blog was written.


This means not only TUESDAY releases like that fucking multiplayer shooter with its soon over 300 articles on fucking Destructoid alone are included but also games which were released on a Wednesday or Friday, important is just one date: 9th September. And damn...a couple of really awesome games were released on that date.

20 years ago as example, one of my favourite fighting games for a very long time, Mortal Kombat II was released in Japan, for the Sega Genesis and yay..the Game Gear too. Another really really cool fighting game, Fatal Fury 2 saw the US release on the legendary NeoGeo platform on the 09.09.

Another good fighing game, the Art of Fighting II saw its first release and the NeoGeo CD console was launched in Japan. And than there was the launch of one of the coolest video game platforms ever, the Sega Dreamcast in the USA which meant the release of damn great games like Sonic Adventure, Hydro Thunder and Ready 2 Rumble. For Sega it was one of their most important days in their history...for me..it was Tuesday btw.

Maybe a lot of companies just like the 09.09 releasedate. In the last weeks when I wrote the other blogs I did not see so many damn good games being released on the same day in different years. In 2003 we got Bloodrayne as example, a couple of years ago it was Heart of Darkness on the Playstation in 1998 and I almost forgot the PSX yes..the first Playstation Console USA Launch whcih was also on the 09.09 1995. Damn..Battle Arena Toshinden! Ridge Racer, Air Combat (which became Ace Combat later), and also the Raiden Project, a collection of Raiden 1 and 2 in never seen before Arcade Quality for a Home Console.


X-Men vs. Street Fighter saw its arcade release, it was the first Marvel vs. Capcom crossover game long before they started the MVC series.

Parasite Eve and Spyro the Dragon were another awesome games, both released on the 9th September so you can forget it that I pick 3 or 5 games add a screenshot and write about them...there are way too many cult classics which deserve that and a much bigger treatment released on the 9th September.

Am happy that at least some of the named Playstation games will indeed get a real tribute in December. yes Hoffmann is breeding something out again on GA-HQ.


Last but not least...there is one fucking game I really need to give a bit more attention though.



09.09.1983. Thank you, Shigeru Miamoto, Hirokazu Tanaka, Gunpei Yokoi.


Mario Bros and of course Super Mario Bros. later changed the Destiny of video games in a dimension something like the shooter getting released today can only dream about.



Seeya next week with a regular episode ;)