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Reinhold Hoffmann is my name..i am German am born in 1980. Played thousands of video games, especially Fighting Games.

I like to write about video games and their characters and organize art collaborations and tributes and sometimes art contests via my Website / Community Game-Art-HQ

In March 2014 I started working to add a video game character database to Game-Art-HQ.

It is still small but it is possible now (May 2014) to see when and where around 250 different game characters made their debut and some other details from them as well. About 10-20 more characters are added per week including articles about them with official illustrations as well as fanart and cosplays.
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Reinhold Hoffmann
53 minutes ago - 4:17 AM on 09.02.2014

Welcome back..to the third edition of the blog edition where I talk about video games which were released years ago on the same date as today...the 2nd September.

This is was the releasedate of games like Live a Live, Wild Arms 2, Front Mission 3 and Total War: Rome 2  MWUUHAHAHAHAHAR ..but for me...it was just Tuesday!

So lets start with a small celebration of a really great game and its 20th Anniversary.

Live a Live for the Super Nintendo..released on the 2nd September 1994 of course.

This is one of those legendary Squaresoft RPG's which tried out new stuff but never made it into a real series and were released during the 16-32 bit eras.

The game tells basically seven different stories, depending on the chosen protagonists, has a great soundtrack (Typical Square) and had very different settings which were a big difference to the standard fantasy worlds and character-designs  we saw often.

As mentioned, this gem was sadly never released outside Japan. There is a pretty good translation by fans though. If you have no problem with 16bit graphics and you know how to use an emulator...try it out!

Wild Arms 2, 15 Years ago in Japan....

Wild Arms 2 was released, the sequel to the pretty successful early Playstation RPG with the 3D Models in Battles but 2D Sprites everywhere else.

This game was a bit weird for me and I was never able to play it through while I bet it is absolutely worth it. Like the first part it is set in a kind of Wild West Fantasy World with many really fun characters, especially the enemy and boss designs in this game were superb! A nice game which could be great to see it again through a remake similar as how the first game was re-imagined with Wild Arms Alter Code F for the Playstation 2.

There are rumors that a new Wild Arms would be in the early development for Playstation 4 btw.

At the same day, the 2nd September 1999, Square released a nice game too...

Front Mission 3!

Another awesome gem by Square(Soft) in the list today. I remember playing it for at least 100 hours back in the day. Damn the first two Playstations really had great games of ever genre and a lot of these games were pretty unique.

Front Mission 3 is a strategical RPG, like FF Tactics or Disgaea as example but again very different from those through the setting and the "Wanzer" Mechs alone already.

I think this is one of the first video games with an "Internet" ..you can even visit different "websites" in the game while it has no real online features.

And was happend last year?

Total War: Rome II was released worldwide via Steam in digital form. Never played it and thats all. Is there something interesting to say about this game?


Hope at least the first three games bring back some good memories to you or motivate you to try out the games. Live A Live and Wild Arms 2 are really great RPG's and Front Mission 3 is lovely in every regard but the graphics still.

Speaking about something lovely......!


You will click to see a blog with wonderful formed asses, Bison asses by beautiful cosplayers and you believe you will see a lot of these wonderful asses here. Yes..YES Psycho Power!

But instead you are dissapointed now. No asses for you...its not even tuesday.

ps: good start in ze new week everyone!

Dtoid is a damn fine video game news-blog with some nice original content but obviously it can't covering everything, and that is why I believe you should know these 5 websites below.

Hardcore Gaming 101, Unseen64, Game-Rave, DwellingofDuels and last but not least Game-Art-HQ..my own little baby represent sides of the gaming community you rarely read about on dtoid and the other big gaming blogs and sites like Gamespot etc.


HC101 means detailed descriptions of video games and sometimes complete series including character profiles, trivia, music of the games sometimes, a deep look into the development and history of some game cof the game companies and interviews with developers. Be it the King of Fighters, MegaMan GameBoy games and much much more. This site beats even the Wikipedia often if you want to really know a lot about a game.
Build up by a very enthusiastic gamer and big fan of video game music. A decade ago we shared a lot of it online with each other. Heh. Back when torrents where not even a thing.


Unseen64 is a long running blog about cancelled video games, demos and beta versions of games which were leaked and showed how a game changed during development.
This is the website where you can read that a Contra for Nintendo 64 was once planned, why Lobo for the SNES and PSX was cancelled and see concept art for cancelled games.

I find stuff like that super interesting, missed any Info about the just recently cancelled Crash Bandicoot game on any of the big websites as example.


GR is a website which helped me often in the past to get informations about different versions of Playstation games but Jason Dvorak, the maker of the site also reviews games there. The core there are the crazy many informations about different versions of packages of games though. Did you know that some Playstation games had around 10 different covers like Alundra? There on Game-Rave you can see 'em all!


First I wanted to write about Overclocked.Remix but than I thought almost everyone of us here knows that website and its awesome community already anyway. But do you also know Dwelling of Duels?

The community there does some kind of contest every month where musicans can submit their covers (yes music made with real instruments and not fruityloops etc.) related to Konami, Nintendo etc. depending on the theme of the month.

They exist since around a decade now and damn..you can download a lot of awesome video game music there, a lot is rock and metal bur they also have some jazz etc genre submissions there. If you like arrangements of VG Music..this is a Must-Know Site for you. And from tomorrow the 1st September also powered up with Cover Art for the Monthly Contests by Artists from Game-Art-HQ.


Like mentioned this is my own web-project. Since around 3 years I am building up a mix of a blog where I feature awesome video game related art made by fans, including cosplays as well as drawn art. It is also the showcase for art collaborations I organize at our deviantART Group which is around 7000 members strong now with around 400 of them who created illustrations for the projects like Link's Blacklist, the King of Fighters Anniversary last week or the upcoming Playstation 1 Tribute in December.

The site is also a growing database of video game characters with an overview about them and a much bigger focus related to both official art of the characters as well as the fan made art.

I think all five websites are totally bookmark worthy, even my own one. They are not as super professional as dtoid and more about a niche, but really deliver.

You are welcome to share other gaming related websites which are not just news-blogs, I am always interested to know more smaller gaming related projects dedicated to something niche!
Photo Photo Photo

Since three years I am organizing art contests around July-November, the 2014 one starts on Monday the 1st September and ends on Halloween.

The Theme: Scary Video Game related Fan Art. all kinds of visual art are allowed, digital and traditional drawings, photos of sculptures, 3D model art (must be own models, ripped characters models don't count) or cosplay art.

You choose the game, the setting, the characters, important is only that it is something scary. Not scary in a cute way like a nice King Boo from Mario World, but really scary stuff, yes gore and violence is allowed as well. Gritty stuff, morbid stuff, horror elements are all fine.

Everything from a really scary looking undead League of Legends character to Pokemons etc is allowed.

In this contest you can also add characters from non-video game media like Freddy Krueger, Jason or the Super Natural Winchester Brothers getting eaten alive by Kirby. This contest is very unusual for this group, I know, but after contests related to a specific art style, gender switches, Borderlands etc lets do something dark for a change.


The submissions have to be new and made for this contest of course.
Violence and dark themes are okay this time, but as usual, no nudity, no sex fetish stuff as well.
Mention it in the description that you made it for the Game-Art-HQ Art Contest 2014, yes, art contests like this one will be an annual thing now for the group.
You can submit your submission (ONE PER ARTIST) to the GA-HQ Contest 2014 Gallery Folder from the 1st September-31st October
Thats all.

You can submit your entry to http://game-art-hq.deviantart.com/ which means you have to be a deviantART member of course.

I am sponsoring this contest with my own (hard earned) money with $50 for the winner and also $25 as the 2nd and 3rd prizes. 4th and 5th Prizes are 3 Month DeviantART Premium Accounts

Like last year, the winners will be decided through a point system by a jury of around 10 long time group contributors.

You can basically start creating something right now, but there won't be a folder for this contest until Monday the 1st September.
This contest will end on Halloween of course you have time till the 31st October 12 PM.

For any questions related to this contest you can just ask via comment here.

Greets, and much fun @ everyone who decides to join the contest

ps...just started.

This will be done by the end of September I hope. Mario's Blacklist totally kicks ass.

That Yakuza Zero announcement this week made Hoffmann thinking about that series and a few other damn great video games he encountered in the past which were sadly never released outside Japan and difficult to enjoy as much as if they would be in English.

After the last blogs from me which were more like forum threads where I asked you a question to start conversations I thought its time for something else which includes some rarely talked about games. Simply because they never made it to our regions.

Giant Gram 2000: All-Japan Pro Wrestling 3

The third game in a series of wrestling games by Sega. It had a lot of Japanese wrestlers I never heard about it had some American guys like Big Van Vader as seen in the video and it even had the grapplers from Virtua Fighter.

But okay..its a damn wrestling game you might think and it can not be so difficult to figure out how to do all the body slams, tackles and finally the pin.

And thats right. But this game delivered a lot more than the pure wrestling game at the time. It had a mode similar to the History of Wrestlemania one in WWE 2K14 but with everything written in Kanji and the commentary and the really well done yells and cheers from the crowd it was more a guessing game. Translations about that mode were done years later.

The game also features a interesting career mode where your wrestler can learn moves but with everything being in kanjis, you don't know what move means except you tried to draw the kanji and try out every move to translate the menus.

Till today I believe this is one of the best wrestling video games ever done, and beats the complete WWE Smackdown /2K series from 1999 till today in the pure gameplay element. It was a damn fine Dreamcast game.

Tobal No 2

You might know the first part and heard about the 2nd one.
This game is a 3D fighting game for the first Playstation and was released by Square.
It has a damn good fighting game, it had one of the smoothest animations during the 32bit era, had well done graphics and a nice soundtrack ..in short it was a sure 8 or 9/10 game.

But it also had a very big quest mode which was around as 5 times as big as the one in the first Tobal game, had a story and some dialogues. But what made it difficult to play through as a non-Japanese speaker are the many items in the game and what they do. Some foot items shrunk your life instead of giving you energy, some gems had effects you won't be able to understand without knowing the kanji.
This game had actually menus in English already which were "unlocked" though some guy who made a patch to have the English menus already but the main stuff remained Japanese. A damn shame..this game really deserved a worldwide release.

Heavy Metal Thunder!

Just watch the video and you know why it sucks that we did not get this game from Square-Enix either. he game pits futuristic robots against one another in wrestling matches. The player controls a robot during battles using a four-icon menu.

Three actions: strike, guard and grapple can be executed at any time and augments the player's "beat meter". The fourth action, called "beat attack", can be performed once the beat meter is filled and inflicts special damage according to how hard the button is pressed. Icons sometime shake to indicate that they are recommended, but the player must react quickly as each turn is timed. A rock-paper-scissors set of rules determined the winner of each pair of actions.
Anime cut scenes and fictional sponsor information are displayed before the start of each match. The player's robot can be customized to alter its appearance.

This game looked super cool, and I tried to understand it but really failed. 

Lets jump to 2014. Sengoku Basara 4, Playstation 3. Capcom.

I played the SB series since I downloaded /pirated SB2 many years ago, tried it out (I downloaded like crazy at the time, burned the games and never played many of them..it was a weird collectors thing) and was surprised by this super fun game which was like Dynasty Warriors but with the fighting  similar as in Devil May Cry and crazy Samurai Characters which reminded me at character designs from fighting games.

The Sengoku Basara games have big stories and character interactions during the stages and since everything is in Japanese without any English subtitles its just half the fun playing it without knowing what it means when Ieasu screams something at Mitsunari and vice versa. You can guess the meaning of some dialogues but meh.

This game has also relative many options to change the weapons ..without the translation set online by fans you can get lost without knowing how to increase the elements etc of the weapons.

I bought SB4 and unlocked almost all characters and it was still fun but without knowing the most from the story and the funny relationships of some of the characters it lost a lot of its fun value.

These are just four of probably hmm....300? 500? Good-Awesome but Japan-Only video games for game platforms which were released worldwide.

Today, we miss some really cool games like the Yakuza ones, especially the Yakuza Ishin games look very interesting but if you thought its bad today..than you really don't know what we all missed during 1985-2006. Its crazy how many great games were / are only available in Japan.


Oh yes..lets pretend its Tuesday!

Lets talk about our personal gaming shedule for a change

I would love to know what game you are currently playing, which games you bought recently (last 4-12 weeks) and what games you look totally forward to in the next time

I myself am playing Torchlight II with the "Synergies" Mod currently..have fun with that game which is quite similar to Diablo 2 in many fields since it was launched back in September 2012.  On the Playstation 3 I play Final Fantasy XIII-2 from time to time, am in the Final Chapter there but seems there is a lot more "to do" after the game is played through.

The last games I bought were those in the current Humble Bundle which totally rocked because the King of Fighters XIII Steam version is among them. Today I bought Rayman Origins because Ebay/Paypal thought its cool to give me 10 Euro and so I had to pay only around 2 euros for the shipping. It was a relative random decision but heard the game is super fun.

Look totally forward to Guilty Gear Xrd since I am very in love with 2D fighting games, Smash Bros will probably be the final reason for me to get a WiiU. That Gauntlet Re-boot for PC looks also promising. And I can't wait for Persona 5.