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About myself and Game-Art-HQ,com

I am Mr. Hoffmann, the grandson of Reinhold Hoffmann and a gamer now since around 1987.

Some of my favourite game series are Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Tekken, King of Fighters, Monster Rancher, Bust A Groove and basically too many more to count them all.

Beside gaming, I like writing about it and video game culture.

You might have heard or read about a website which features over 15 art collaborations by gamers and is also the home of a growing video game character database.

Currently we have a League of Legends Crossover Project in Progress, are working with Overclocked.Remix on a big tribute for Final Fantasy IX and are mostly expanding the database sector which covers around 1500 video game characters now.

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Back on the 19th February I did that blog here about video game fan art created in 2015 and mentioned that I would make it a monthly series if at least 10 people would upvote that blog. Only 5 did but the  dtoiders like Dreamweaver, Lord Spencer, Luckrequired, Arkane9, FlanxLycanth all showed interest and they are among the guys I respect and like the most here and after thinking about it, I do it now anyway, alone already because I got some awesome submissions in the last weeks which are damn worth to be shared around.


The following artworks were all made in the last weeks and submitted to my Game-Art-HQ Community on, some of them are or will be part of the website as well. By clicking on the images you are redirected to the artwork pages on deviantart.


This is another submission artwork drawn for the villains art challenge I wrote about already in another blog. StarsandOceans drew Galcian, a damn badass villain from the sadly almost forgotten Skies of Arkadia, one of the best Sega Dreamcast games and an excellent RPG in my opinion.



Dark Souls (2) is not only an intense experience which can make you throw your controller at the next wall but it also resulted in hundreds of great fan arts here on dA.

This one shows Nashandra, one of the Dark Souls 2 bosses drawn by Sohlol Yup..I like fan art in dark colors.


LeksoTiger drew Joel from The Last Of Us, a game I played for the first time last month since I got it together with the Playstation 4 in a damn nice bundle. This game is fantastic and I am not surprising that we still get a handful of Joel and Ellie submissions every month.

While this is not a giant composition of Joel fighting Clickers etc. I liked especially the coloration in this portrait. Nice work!


Zelda for the Nintendo Wii U will probably released in 6-10 months and artists worldwide are drawing some fan arts of it already. In this one by Mei-Xing you see Link in her new design standing in Lake Hylia. The artist wrote:

"Went for a painterly feel for this one and experimented with the cool colours. The water was fun to do. Always wanted to paint this location and my interpretation of it, it was one of my favourite places to explore in the games. "

There is a print of this one available btw.


Like mentioned in that blog last week about some of my favourite SNES games, I totally loved Earthworm Jim and am happy everytime I see another new artwork dedicated to this game by a talented artist. Liked how detail-rich Jim was drawn here by Carlos Dattoli.


There is really no shortage of Morrigan Anesland fan art, they are coming and coming almost every week but when they are drawn as beautiful as this one they are still absolute feature worthy I think.

Challi from Canada did something great with her there.


And a bit moar love to Capcom :-)

There are tons of fetish "fan arts" on deviantART with super fat drawn characters which are fucked, fuck or some foot fetish crap was added as well, but this Street Fighter fan art called "Fat Heroes" this was simply drawn as a different approach and as a parody image. Loving the facial expressions of all four.

Credit goes to Carlos Datolli again..again? Wow...that was not an intention to have two artworks of the same guy in this blog but okay..but are great! Looking forward what this guy will do in March.


Scorpion and Sub-Zero from the upkoming Mortal Kombat X. Only 43 more days to kome.

I really hope the tag team mode from MK9 returns, it was super fun there and with all the factions stuff in MKX I guess that kould mean some bonus sometimes for tags of specific kharacters.

The honor for making this fan art goes to MenasLG


Last but not least I wanted to share something really special with you. These are damn beautiful sprites of League of Legends (that popular MOBA game) characters called Jinx the Loose Cannon etc. Never played that one just like the artist himself, Orkimides but found that they look excellent.


The next blog of this kind will most likely appear on Sunday the 5th April. Happy March everyone :-)


 ps: If you like these art features and video game fan art in general, visit my lil website sometimes, its called Game-Art-HQ and one of the best websites ever made ^^ Just don't use the fucking Internet Explorer to visit it, I did not bother to optimize it for that browser since only like 7% of my visitors use it anyway.


Because there is a small twist to the list of these ten awesome games. Everyone is usually thinking at masterpieces like Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World 1 and 2, Final Fantasy VI or Star Fox and that with good reasons but lets not forget the following games which are in no peticular order:


Mortal Kombat II

And now you might guessed whats the ittle twist is in my list of some of my favourite SNES games here. The games were and are not SNES exclusive but they were damn awesome games of its time and often the Super Nintendo versions were a bit better than on the direct competition, the Sega Genesis /Mega Drive.

In the case kase of Mortal Kombat II it was relative obvious. The fighters were a bit taller, the backgrounds a lot more colorful and they also had more details. The blood effects on the Mega Drive looked really bad in comparison and especially the music as well as the sound effects and all the yells and screams were a lot clearer on the SNES.


Alien 3

Alien 3 is probably one of the best game adaptions of a movie in the 16bit era...and that while both the SNES and the Sega Genesis versions took a ton of gameplay liberties and basically added some Alien 2 ideas to Alien 3. Instead of being hunted or hunting the one single Alien from the movie, there are tons of Aliens in different forms in the game(s) and Ripley has that weapon from the 2nd movie with its flamethrower, the grenades and the machinegun.

Like with Mortal Kombat 2, the SNES version looked and sounded a lot better but more important were the differences in the gameplay and especially the leveldesign. The Super Nintendo Alien 3 had much bigger stages and more hidden rooms and corners while the Genesis Alien 3 was often chaotic due to the big sprites of Ripley and the aliens.

I still think that Alien 3 on the SNES is a damn good game and still fun today for everyone who likes 2D Action.


Sim City

Sim City was available for computers a good while before the Super Nintendo version already but while the PC versions were relative dry and all about the managing ressources stuff, the Super Nintendo version added a bit "Nintendo" to the whole graphics and especially the Menu's and that Wil Wright guy with his green hair. Sim City on the SNES had only one big was getting super slow and almost unplayable if your city was becomming as big as the whole map.

When I remember the SNES..I think at its Sim City version.


Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Why in the hell did this game never get a true sequel (which was intended to be a sequel) or a remake yet or its game idea was used to create something similar?

You are one of the two heroes in the screenshot there and run through gardens, supermarkets or wastelands to rescue the neighbourhood before they get eaten by zombies or slashed to death by guys which look like they are from cult horror movies like Friday the 13th or Chucky.

That all in a top down /birds view stages many different weapons and some powerups and stages which have a ton of secrets. Its a really fun game and kinda unique till today.


Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike

If there is one game I would buy from Electronic Arts in 2015 its a reboot of the Strike series if done well. In Desert Strike you control a helicopter on very big stages/maps in a isometric view and you get one mission another. The SNES Strike games did not have such a big background story as Soviet and Nuclear Strike later (PSX) but the gameplay was super fun already and often very difficult as well. There were big variations in both the missions and the stages which made the games being rarely repetitive for the players. There were also PC/Amiga and Sega Versions for them.


Earthworm Jim

Holy Cow...Earthworm Jim was a difficult game but an awesome one..full with weird humor, crazy levels and some of the funniest game characters I've seen in the last 30 years. Ranging from the main protagonist Earthworm Jim himself to his rival and villain Psy-Crow, the lovely Peter Puppy and the boss of the game..Queen Slug-For-A-Butt.

In my opinion it is one of the best 2d platformers ever not made by Nintendo, Sega or Capcom and really shined on the Super Nintendo back in 1994.


Parodius - From Myth to Laughter

While it was just called Parodius in the most regions, this was actually the 2nd game in the series, but the first one was released for the not so popular MSX.

Parodius was basically a parody on the more series Konami shoot'em ups like Gradius and Salamander and as you can see it in the box cover, it was full of cute characters instead of HR Giger inspired Aliens (Like in R°Type). The game was and is pure fun, be it because the still great weapon upgrade system, the relative fair difficulty or the crazy soundtrack that included funny sounding arrangements of classical music from composers like Mozart and Beethoven.


The Super Nintendo got a giant amount of third party support, sadly the later Nintendo systems got less and less of that and we know how it is today. I wonder if we will ever see a change of that in the future. Despite  some of my "anti" Nintendo comments on the frontpage sometimes I really wish Nintendo can turn it around somehow and release a console again which has a lot more to offer than Nintendo Software.


Hello everyone,


exactly one month ago, on the 24th January I featured the 2nd "Art Challenge" by the Game-Art-HQ Community. The idea was and is to illustrate villains from video games and over 50 artists from our community claimed characters for this challenge which is later getting showcased on one of the best websites other words..on of course.

Back in January over 30 artists were on board already and from the around 20 pieces I had at that time I featured five here. These were bosses from really unpopular games like Diablo: Hellfire but also from Breath of Fire, Parodius and the lovely Whispy Woods from the classic Kirby's Dreamland.


The villains art challenge ends in around 2 weeks and the majority of claimed characters got illustrated now. Since the previous 5 artworks were not only outstanding but many of you also appreciated both the art and the blog, I thought it might be a good idea to showcase another 5 now.

By clicking on the images you are getting linked to either the full-sized artworks which are hosted as part of the project on already or still on deviantART. Only like half of the submissions so far have gallerys on my website already.

Enjoy the artworks everyone!


This is the Joker (also called Joka)...not from Batman obviously but from the classic Klonoa games which were a lovely series of 2,5D platformers by Namco. One of the most active Game-Art-HQ members, Fischhead drew this for the challenge and also wrote the following description:

"Welcome to Phantomile, where the heroes are colorful and the bad guys look like they jumped out of a McDonald's Happy Meal box. Since I didn't play Phantomile when it came out, I don't have nostalgia for it like I do for Lunatea's Veil (love love LOVE that game), but I like it all the same since they're pretty much the same exact experience with minor changes here and there. My favorite stage from the game is the kingdom of Jugpot.

Although usually a bumbling idiot, Joka starts causing some major mayhem for Klonoa and Huepow later in the game. He morphs into a giant flying monster and you need to change him back by matching all the colored blocks in the ring-shaped pathway that surrounds him.

The focus of this challenge was on gaming villains, but I kinda wish I had gone for more of a combat scene that included Klonoa tossing a Moo at Joka. I didn't see much art of his beast form, and that made me want to include it in the piece."

As a fan of the Klonoa games it was pretty awesome to see one of the villains being claimed..but quite a lot of the not so known evildoers were done. I wonder how many of you ever heard about the next one.....




Lost Vikings needs to be revived. NUFF SAID!

Like Fischhead, the artist behind the Tomator illustration , Brendan Corris is a very active member of our community and was actually one of the first artists being a part of ga-hq. He is at about my age and while Brendan is a big Nintendo fan we are still on good terms usually ;-)

He wrote the following description:

Here is my submission for the villains jam over at :icongame-art-hq:. I agreed to do Tomator, the ruthless Crutonian space ruler and zookeeper from Blizzard's The Lost Vikings in early January, not knowing that only weeks later they would make a come back in Heroes of the Storm.

I don't know anything about HOTS, but seeing them back in action (and getting an artwork feature on the Blizzard website, even if it was an extremely dated piece) made me grin from ear to ear.

Anyway, I wanted to pick a villain from a series that has always been extremely important to me, yet one you don't see often. The Lost Vikings was always one of my favorite SNES titles growing up, and remains so today. Tomator was also a totally rad design, very reminiscent of Blizzard's patented Orc design. The lame part though was the ending of Lost Vikings II when he somehow turns out to be some obnoxious little kid playing a trick on you, a joke that ruined the badassness of the character and made completing that game just disappointing.

I like to think of that ending as nothing more than a joke, and keep Tomator as the badass space brute he was in the original game.



German artists ftw!

Angelus Tenebrae claimed Ganondorf in his LoZ The Wind Waker design and created an artwork where Ganondorf looks super handsome, almost like HE would be the hero and not the antagonist. L

Loving the works of this artist and am glad that he did also participate in our first collaboration with Overclocked.Remix. You will know more about it in July. Btw, our big Tribute to the Monsters and Bosses of the Legend of Zelda games, Link's Blacklist will be continued in May. Currently we have around 200 different enemies covered and I want to rise that number as well as allowing submissions of already drawn characters for the first time since we started the project in 2012.


Reala from Nights..into Dreams...drawn by 2DForever aka Tom Waterhouse.

This British artist is basically the reason why you are reading this blog, why is a thing and why I started to care about video game fan art.

Somewhen back in 2010 I searched for screenshots of Metal Slug and its main protagonist Marco. Google  showed me a damn nice fan art of Marco and I visited, Tom's homepage. I was basically blown away by his dedicated illustrations of many SNK characters like Terry Bogard and Rock Howard and searched for more fan art. Found deviantart that way, got familiar with it and, years later that same artist participates in my projects and we chat via twitter sometimes. 

This is better than sex, drugs and rockN roll :-)


This is one of my favourite fighting game bosses ever, Shao Kahn during the "Earthrealm Invasion" in Mortal Kombat 3 where he is somehow able to steal the souls of millions of humans.

Unlike the artworks above, this one was made by a new face on Game-Art-HQ, Skence who contacted me after I was looking for a few more submissions for the mentioned collaboration with Overclocked.Remix  and while he created a truly wonderful submission for that one, he also liked the Art Challenge idea and let me decide who he would draw. And seriously...a villains project just needs at least one Mortal Kombat character in it :-)


That's it for today, hope you liked the artworks. If you like what I do and you care about  fan art as well, visit my website sometimes, am sure you won't regret it. I will most likely write a third blog about the villains challenge on the 24th March.


Cheers, Reinhold

I was away from my PC for around three hours and thought about Yanier's Blog today where he discussed to add topics like movies to Destructoid. Since I am super-clever and know everything better than everyone else (according to basically everyone who knows me in real-life) I had a little brainstorming together with my pet-dog and we came up with some brilliant ideas.


1. Movies or TV series are fine and all, but wrestling is so much cooler. I watch it now since around 1989 back when the Nasty Boys and the Repo Man were a thing in the WWF and followed the programme through all the Royal Rumbles, Wrestlemania's and even the King of the Ring shows. Only the last Royal Rumble Match really sucked. I am also watching TNA / Impact Wrestling because the great reasons you can see in the .gif there.

Wrestling on Destructoid would be sooo cool..I would comment even more than usual so please Yanier..DO IT FOR ME!



2. Lists

Cool lists..not dumb lists like the best video game beards or craziest laughs by video game characters. No..really useful lists like a list of the best Horror Movies of the last year. Thats stuff your audience (we) might care about since I guess that many of us here like Horror Movies.

Also Martial Arts movies and cool video clips. One of the contributors could start a list via a c-blog and involve the..c-c-c-c-community since really nobody in hell can have the knowledge to know about every good movie or a video game of a specific genre of the last year as example. But with such involvement your henchmen can not only form a cool list together for the frontpage, they also make your community..which is one of the strongest reasons  to visist destructoid more important.

Yes, that would movie stuff while its still relevant to your audience which is probably not the one that cares about all the shit that makes it to theatres.


3. Be a bit more up to date when it comes to video game news ..and be still able to deliver more than a simple reblogging after 1-3 days. Try to add something funny in the classic "also cocks" manner.

Today Brett covered that really cool 8Bit Scarface Fan Art in video form That one was first released on youtube 3 days ago and it was covered by multiple websites (probably over 50) since tuesday. Yesterday as example on Game Informer which named your other competitor ..fucking Polygon as source. Both websites wrote more about the video and own thoughts to the topic than Brett here.

This is for sure not always the case but I am using it because it was today. I mean..if you are reblogging something on dtoid, spice it up with something exclusive to dtoid, something that can start a funny conversation in the comment section as example.

This is not meant to be a critique, its meant to be something to think about which might result in more visitors in the long run.


4. Sex Sells.

Is it not almost weird that there are no kinds of articles about sexy models, actresses, or cosplayers usually while the community makes all kinds of naughty jokes everyday and members are allowed to post more or less homoerotic fan art or almost nude guys?


It is just my guess but I bet a lot of your visitors won't have a problem with some articles about beautiful women and maybe men too. There you would have your focus on more than just video games already.


5. Personally, I would try out Patreon and get rid of the HUGE subscription in the long run. Patreon is super transparent and allows you to give the readers which want to support destructoid through a bit money different options  starting  with $1 per month to something like $200 or $2000 which can be set to give the paying person something like a backlink for a month or something like guest articles on the frontpage which would still be a nicer ad form than those many small ads.


With #1 I was rather joking and when I started the blog it was meant to be something completely silly but than I thought maybe one or more of my ideas are not too bad and I just tried to come up with something useful.



Tri-Ace, the creators and developers of the Star Ocean Roleplaying series which started with an amazing Super Nintendo game were bought by Nepro Japan, a smartphone company to develope only Smartphone and Tables games for them.


"Japanese mobile company Nepro Japan has announced that they are acquiring tri-Ace as subsidiary. They will be acquiring all tri-Ace shares through a cash buyout, and will refocus the developer towards mobile efforts (smartphones and tablets). tri-Ace was a privately held company, so it's interesting to see the ownership breakdown in the announcement:

Yoshiharu Gotanda holds 555 shares (30.8%), Masaki Norimoto holds 546 shares (30.3%), and Kenji Goshima holds 511 shares (28.4%). In the cash buy-out, they will each gets about a million bucks each, and they will each also get 18,300 shares of Nepro each (worth about 1500yen per share right now)."



Remember the news around 3 weeks ago that Sega cuts about 300 jobs?

The company that is not releasing many games anymore anyway and only half of their releases are worth to be bought or released outside Japan now.

So they release around 300 developers, but yesterday they announced that they buy a Mobile Games Studio. the mobile games market really so big and the console market shrinking? Thought its still growing audience wise.



A massive exploit was found in Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU that makes Olimar a total killing machine :(

The Bad News are..that Nintendo will patch this most likely :( Poor Olimar.


You were excited for a minute when SNK Playmore announced news for Garou Mark of the Wolves?

Good your excitement did not last longer anyway. No explanation needed, just look at the fucking trailer. Also cocks.





Project Cars was again releasedate is the 2nd April news are that there will be 45 cars on the screen in some races, reminds me at the good old Daytona USA days.

Am still totally looking forward to this game while I am enjoying DriveClub currently.


The last Bad News of the week is like a lesson for everyone to be careful if you use the Playstation Share feautre on Playstation 4 to let someone else play your game. A guy with the nickname George used the share feautre in the hope that some guy would help him to level up faster in some of dtoids favourite games..Destiny.

However, the guy who really was not me, acted like a real asshole there when George was afk and deleted two of George's characters. George” was streaming on Twitch at the time (using a capture device, as you can’t both Share Play and stream)



Happy Weekend everyone :(


Don't upvote this blog please, its not awesome and these news are kinda bad.


 ps:This is going to be a weekly series every Friday if there are enough bad news.

As some of you might know I am quite active on deviantART and see the majority of video game related fan art there due to maintaining two communities there.


Thought I share a couple of artworks with you which I found outstanding and were made in the last weeks. These range from games I played by myself and am a fan of but its also including games I never played like The League of Legends which is damn popular among many artists there on dA.

A couple of the featured artworks were made for the current art challenge on Game-Art-HQ which is all about villains in video games. If this blog gets at least 10 votes I will make it a monthly series.

By clicking on the images a new window should open up which leads you to the full-sized image on deviantart, clicking on the links of the artists leads you to their profile and portfolio pages there.


Alucard from Castlevania SOTN drawn by Wizyakuza from the Phillipines

I am just a fan of video game fan art in a style that reminds me at classic paintings.


I never played a Pokemon game but this Valentines Day related Pickachu Fan Art by Schnider from the USA is just lovely or? Liked the color and the lightning on the creatures especially.


Mortal Kombat X looks simply superb and Kitana's newest design is my favourite one so far since her debut in Mortal Kombat II. Abylaikhan from Kazakhstan illustrated her here finishing Ryu from Street Fighter. Its been almost 25 years now without a real crosover between MK and SF. How uncool is that?


Always liked dogs more than cats. Still need to buy a Wii U and Smash Bros.

This one was made by Alecat from Australia


This is King, a Muay Thai using lady which debuted back in the Art of Fighting and got a bit more popular through the King of Fighters series later. I love it when artists show a big dedication and illustrate a quite unpopular video game character with a lot of effort and dynamic poses as seen in this fan art by Solidgrafi, a big SNK fan like myself.


What I just wrote about the King fan art can also be said about this one, except that this character is probably even less known than King.

This guy there who looks a tiny bit like Dudley from Street Fighter is Von Kaiser, one of the enemy boxers in the classic Punch Out!! from Nintendo. Myles Wohl from the USA did a great job there with illustrating this classic game character.


Sooo..the M stands for Mario Bison..ehhhhh?

Wii-Fit Vega, Sagat Yoshi and Bowser Balrog....OKAY. I love this idea by Danilo Rosa from Brazil.


The Artist behind this drawing, Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen from Finland wrote: "inspired by the DLC release of Mario Kart 8 in December, post apocalyptic 80's Hyrule aww yeh"

Now I want to play a video game in such a color style. Are there any?


There are not many artists out there on deviantART which are creating really outstanding video game fan art based on 3D Models made with more edffort than to just rip a 3d file with xnalara and pose it together with some others to form a sex scene. There are tons of that on dA but this completely self-made 3D Model of Jun Kazama from the Tekken games is one of the great exceptions.

Made by sHoNi89 from Germany.


I hope you liked this very small selection of the great fan art out there. As mentioned, if this blog is appreciated I will do this on a monthly base. If you like how I write about video game fan art, you can also visit the frontpage of my own website where I am featuring artworks like those above and usually write a bit more about the pieces or do small interviews with the artists where they comment their own works.


Any feedback is welcome of course