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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of Game-Art-HQ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

Around 1300 artworks created by gamers were made for the listed below Art Projects among even more.

Mario's Blacklist
50 of Super Mario's enemies drawn by 50 artists, published on the 25th September 2014

The 20th Anniversary of the King of Fighters Series.
Over 30 of the Teams of the KOF teams were illustrated by over 40 gamers. Published on the 20th August, exactly 20 years after the Japanese Arcade Release of KOF'94

Link's Blacklist
This project started in June 2012 and was updated for the 4th Time in July 2014. It covers over 200 enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda series

These are only the last three of over 15 art tributes hosted by Game-Art-HQ,com

My lovely woman and myself, we are together now since 5 1/2 years and its still an awesome relationship. Awesome wonders happen, even to Hoffmann's ;)

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Reinhold Hoffmann
4 hours ago - 4:23 AM on 10.23.2014

Disclaimer: #Gamergate has nothing to do with this.


I saw a lot cool people coming and going here in those 1 1/2 years on dtoid, well..lately I saw two fun ones getting banned and too many people leaving the site..either with a c-blog announcement like Everyday_Legend lately and CTG before or completely in silence. Staff members were fired or left because they wanted..and the variation of articles on the frontpage is shrinking and shrinking.

You have series of 50 cent game streams now by fucking Bill Zoeker and a majority of the comments complaining why these streams exists...there are the inevitable 3-5 Holmes blogs on a weekend and sometimes they are good and nail something..but often well..they were not so good. Chris releases one review after another like a machine and does a really good job I think but other reviews like the one for BlazBlue a couple of months ago made people shake their heads.

The variation of news is shrinking I believe and so is the community a bit as well, this makes the comment sections not so fun anymore. And the disqus comment system gets worse and worse.

It was a fun time..full of discussions, a bit trolling and having the fun M.Bison gimmick but...its getting boring here and honestly..I can't stand half of the dtoid staff and the mods and think they are doing a lousy job. Thats just my opinion and can be damn wrong but I like being honest.


Anyway, good luck @ dtoid and a lot of fun to the remaining people including everyone who is glad I am leaving. Am sure one or another of you will visit Game-Art-HQ sometimes and leave a comment or just enjoy the video game related art there.

Spider-Man: The Video Game is a 2d Beat 'em up / brawler arcade game based on the Marvel Comic Books for 1-4 players simultaneously, developed by Sega

It was released on the Sega-System 32 Arcade Hardware in 1991, and never ported to a home console yet.

The main antagonist of Spider-Man: The Video Game is Doctor Doom, other popular Marvel/ Spider-Man characters like Venom, Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Lizard, Scorpion, Sandman, Green Goblin, and the Hobgoblin make appeareances as bosses



The Title Screen

Copyright-Sense tingling!

Spider-Man: The Video Game and my experiences with it...

Back in the day when Spider-Man still had a wife, Venom was not being played by a 70` Show actor and the broadway laughed at the idea of even considering making a musical about Spidey, there was an arcade game that made the little me web my pants in excitement every time i hit the arcades.


Created by Sega in 1991, the game incorporated very stylized graphics to achieve a comic book art style

Everything looked suave, except for the hunched walk animation of our hero, he looks more like a spider drunk. He should have listened to Aunt May:

-Posture Peter, posture!-

Even some dialogue balloons appear from time to time to accompany the recorded voices, specially when you are getting hurt, i thank the all powerful Jack Kirby in the sky for the lack of profanity, which on a second thought would have been hilarious.


Chapter I - The Mystic Power Stone!


You can go from an one player adventure up to a four player co-op which Could be a double edged weapon on a game where you can hurt your pals by throwing an enemy at them..

I personally miss that experience of playing with three other people on the arcade, they didn't even had to be my buddies, it was totally different from playing on line and even playing at home with some friends on a console.


Stage 1, GO!

While you were there you had no pause buttons, no bathroom breaks and only a few quarters, there is a sense of special camaraderie when you are in that type of situation…that is you don´t have a ultimate jackass right beside you that gets the one life item when he has only been but scratched and you are dying after an intense beating, and while there is a very limited amount of healing help through the game, i can only say hate is too small of a word next to the feeling my soul oozed for the rest of the game when that happened.


Black Cat




The cast of selectable characters was... peculiar. Accompanying Peter Parker was the Black Cat; Marvel´s answer to Batman´s Catwoman who was an usual ally and lover of Parker on the comic books, Avenger´s Hawkeye, man of action and archer extraordinaire who i guess collaborated a couple times with Spider-man since the Secret Wars.

Last but not least was Namor the Submariner who….uhm, yeah, the king of the ocean and speedos is cool and all except for the fact that he has absolutely nothing to do with the webhead!


Eddie...put some clothes on man


Well, it could be worse, at least he is not a raccoon shooting rockets is he?. Now THAT would be completely random..not that there is a Marvel character actually like that..

Each one of the heroes has a special move which depletes your life represented by a numeric score on the bottom of the screen instead of a life bar. Why on hell shooting a web line would kill Spider-man is beyond me, unless of course you go with the Tobey McGuire version of the story and he is shooting some fluid from who knows what gland of his body which he forces so much that his heart stops. Each time i think of a bad guy getting covered on that thing i get more and more convinced that Tobey´s version is indeed a pervert.


But i digress, the classic cast of archenemies appears in the game as well, everyone is here: The Scorpion, Electro, The Lizard and even Venom which for nineties was a complete YOWZA. on the other hand came the common soldiers, a bunch of guys who i can only describe as grown up versions of Super Mario 2 Shy Guys.

Yeah i know. Cool right?... and some had Jedi sabers to boot!, Also note worthy was the fact that their scream of HYUMMMM or HIIIIIIIIII, never, ever stopped!.

The gameplay consists on a classic side scrolling beat´em up except for a few times when the camera zooms out and turns it into a platform adventure when you have to climb up buildings or pursue a baddie which helped to bring a sense of scale into the mixture, during this portions of the game however, i noticed a little bit of lag.



The story is quite basic. Doctor Doom has grasped the Sorcerer´s Stone, a powerful artifact that can boost his powers, giving him the means to finally reach his dream of world domination. I find it however a bit disappointing to see a villain outside of Spider-Man inner circle get the main role on a Spider-man game but hey that just me.

The lack of variety on the moves of the characters prove to be the only drawback i can think of but is in fact a big one, casual players could get pretty tired of it rather quickly unless they are big fan of the characters themselves. I know most of the games at the time holded the same issue, even some present titles share this drawback, but with The Simpsons arcade and Double Dragon before itallowing the release of different techniques by combining different characters i can but imagine what possibilities could have been used with the Marvel Universe.

At the end of each level you get the chance to see who was the MVP of the level killing the more shyguys and bosses and finally seeing a victory animation of your favorite hero.

With the releases of The X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games as downloadable content for PSN and XBL previously, I hope for a future release of this classic and sincerely recommend it to any Spider-man and beat-em up fans out there.


Pro & Contra`s, and the Rating


Pro & Contra



+ Comic book action in video game form

- Not so great music

+ Great Graphics

- Weird sound effects, sometimes voices get unintelligible

+ Cooperative Gameplay

- At times as any other game of the genre it can get repetitive

+ Two different styles of gaming: beat em up and Platform styles


+ Fan favorite cast of enemies









The fun of this game comes from playing with friends as a team, to fans of the comic it will remain fun from the beginning to the end thanks to it being not as repetitive as many other arcade beat'em ups.

Graphics & Character design


This is how a comic based video game should look like, the visual part of the game set it apart from the rest in the arcades.More or less it looked like a animated Spider Man comic from that time. The main characters and the enemies too are well animated and portraited. In 1991, this was one of the best looking comic based games I believe.



The music isn't as inspired as the rest of the game, and the producers where shameless enough to reuse music from another older Sega Arcade game.

Soundeffects &Voices


Even tough they are cheesy and sometimes filled with bugs, the voice recordings of this game remain fun pieces of memorabilia to date, all except for the enemy shrieks which remain unnerving at times.



Replay Value is scarce as any other game of the genre, doesn't matter with which character you end the game, the ending is the same. However due to it short length, crash play trough with friends can still be a blast after 20 years since its release



The controls felt smooth for the main part of the game however, whenever the game went to a platform mode, the jumping up and down dynamic gets clogged leading to a fare share of unjustified deaths being devoured by a non stopping camera.

Features & Unique Content


I don’t remember many beat´em ups that were able to transform in other genre of games, the Platform parts help to keep it fresh



Ok lets face it, story wasn't the strongest part of the game, and coming from a game that had years of source material that’s an unforgettable thing. Its mainly a crusade to stop every bad guy on the city but for an Arcade store beat´em where you would usually skip it on order to play more up that’s exactly what you would want.



Spider-Man the Arcade Game remains a cult favorite to this day along some other titles such as the Arcade incarnations of both X-Men and the Simpsons beat em ups, for its age this game was great and even today in 2014 it delivers a lot of fun. Too bad it was never ported to PSN etc. Thanks a ton that something like MAME exists.


Photo Photo Photo

Another one bite the dust here on Destructoid eh? Goodbye Dale North and who knows..maybe that one reddit commenter there was right and he is leaving the sinking ship.


Anyway, this blog is about games released on the 21th October and about a badass who got a badass photo by a badass photographer last weekend.

Super Mario Land 2 was released today 22! years ago on the GameBoy in Japan. Demon's Crest..a really awesome platformer I loved was released 20 years ago on the SNES in Japan and a game which got mainly mixed reviews was released on the Playstation 2 in ze USA back in 2003..yes I am talking about Teena Mutant Ninja Turtles ...OF COURSE.

But now...its time for the baddest Badass of Badassery. MYSELF!

The photo is from sunday, it shows how I currently look and its time for a bigger beard again soon.



Now lets talk gaming....

Super Mario Land 2 was and is awesome and I loved every part of it. Back when it was released here in Europe I played it through multiple times and today..over 20 years later I hope I can find some artists who liked it like myself and will illustrate the bosses of the game next year.


Demon's Crest

As I wrote it as a comment for the wiiU release article of Demon's Crest..if there is one damn Capcom game series which needs a new game and is not MegaMan..its the Gargoyle's Quest / Demon Crest one. The Game Boy game was awesome..the NES game was awesome and Demon's Crest for the SNES was a bit different with less rpg elements and more platforming but was awesome alone already because the great gameplay, the phenomenal soundtrack and its graphic (art) style.

Come on Capcom...if you can revive Strider..you can revive Firebrand as well!


Okay..I am a giant TMNT fan and still scream PIZZA TIME! if made one but this game was pretty cool. Not as cool as Turtles in Time or even TMNT Tournament Fighters...of course but still good.

TMNT for the PS2, XBox and Gamecube was a port of the 2002-4 cartoon series and a beat'em up like the older Konami turtles games. I enjoyed this game lately through playing it via the ps2 emulator and I think that improved the fun with this game a lot since many of the stages are quite long and the gameplay is very repetitive. Via the emulator you can save the game whenever you want and don't have to play through a complete stage if you are bored. Oh yes..this game gets pretty difficult in the last stages.



The Game-Art-HQ Corner..the PSX Anniversary Tribute Progress:

Around 30 galleries for this upcoming Art Collaboration are done now and damn...it was fun to make the last ones which included one of my favourite Playstation games ever...Monster Rancher!

If you missed the Monster Rancher series you really missed something spectacular. This was one of the games which used CD's to read a weird code from them and generate one of the over 200 monsters which can be obtained in this mix of Pokemon, Tamagotchi and who knows what else.

I wrote a bit more about it there and the artist behind the fan art above also shared his experiences with the game...would be cool if you give my site a chance and see what it is about.

The PSX 20th Anniversary Tribute will be published as a whole on the 3rd December.



Now decide, which BADASS cosplay wins this week's Tuesday?




Seeya next week...


After the Anniversary Art Tributes and art collaborations about the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario enemies I want to organize a big crossover art collaboration for Game-Art-HQ in 2015.

The simple idea is to illustrate a video game crossover that was never made and most likely won't ever happen...like Super Mario vs. Mike Haggar or Mewtwo in a fierce battle with Jinx or Vi from League of Legends

Instead of Battle Scenes something like:

"Grand Theft Mario" could b epossible too where characters from one game are put into the environments or themes of another one. The idea would be limited to two different games or game series via artwork and not a crazy crossover with mario fighting Gex fighting M.Bison etc. Two different Universes are the idea.


Any ideas are welcome, the best ones might be used by artists from the Game-Art-HQ Community and myself. If that happens you will also get credited if you want, short stories behind an idea would also be welcome, so give your idea some thoughts.


4 Crossover ideas which will make it into the project for sure are:


Adult Link from Zelda Ocarina of Time riding on a Chocobo, Link holds his shield and sword, the chocobo wears armor - the death mountain will be seen in the background.


Guan Yu in his Dynasty Warriors look meets the Edge Master from SoulCalibur using the Naginata weapon from Seong Mi-na in the Proving Grounds stage from the original SoulCalibur


Bayonetta and Dante (classic look of course!) eating a pizza together while fighting  minor enemies from DMC3 and Bayonetta


Poison from Final Fight / SF yelling at Claptrap from the Borderlands series who wants to give her a high five


Would love to see some ideas by Destructoid members being a part of this future Art Collaboration!


Or are you planning to buy one of the three current gen game consoles?

I for myself did not buy any of them but plan to buy the WiiU in December or January..alone already because Smash Bros 4 but Mario Kart 8, the next Zelda, SMW3D and DKC are must haves for me sooner or later.

Plan to buy the Playstation 4 somewhen next year..probably in Summer when games like Witcher 3, Batman. Arkham Knight, Disgaea 5, Mortal Kombat X and Bloodborne are all released. The PS4 seems to be an awesome systems but it is still missing  that "must have" factor for me.

The "Xbone" is a system I don't know about. It is available now without the Kinect after Microsoft said that would never happen and similar to the PS4 it does not have games I care about yet..but unlike the PS4 it is also getting less games in 2015 which interest me.

Currently I am building up a collection of great games for the Playstation 3. Those games are soo cheap now. I paid like 3 bucks for Killzone 2 as example or 9 for ModNationRacers ..its a good time now to get a lot good games for small money on the 2nd hand market for the system before jumping to a newer one I think.

Did you get one or more than one of the new systems already or are you planning to buy them?


Also woah..almost weekend already, just played through Disgaea 4 finally which means I played through all Disgaea games now. Time for the Post-Game Stuff Dood!



For him...it was Tuesday, but for me..it was one of the funniest moments I ever had with Disqus on Dtoid when the message came up that this guy is only following Andy, Chris..and the guy with the Bison Avatar whi invites people frindly to visit his website in his disqus profile.


Would also like to get a bit feedback from you regarding my Bison Gimmick and the typical "Tuesday Comments" I do here now sicne a while on tuesdays.


Is the gimmick becoming annoying or still fun?


ps @ dtoid staff. Good work with the fun articles lately, I like those.