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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of http://www.game-art-hq.com/ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

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A couple of weeks ago I started a new art project on the deviantART group of my website Game-Art-HQ.

The recent collaboratiion with Dwelling of Duels where they have something like monthy contests with different themes like Puzzle Games Month, Capcom Month etc. since years inspired me to try out something similar there on dA ..with the intention to give artists both a motivation to draw game related fan art as well as giving them a challenge if they want.

That meant that in the first Month of the Project which I simply called "The Game Art HQ Project" because creative names are aaawesome it was all about Nintendo.

Nintendo because its popular and offers a ton of possibilities..but little did I know about HOW interesting some of the claims for spots in this project would be.

Among very popular characters like Rozalina and Kid Icarus and..of course Link the most of the characters and games chosen for November are not really popular and in some cases even I did not know about them before.

The Lord of the Flesh as example is a powerful enemy type in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil..but I never played that game. I remember Juno from the great Jet Set Gemini but I bet the majority of the gamers today don't.

That were some super nice surprises for me since I really hoped our new group activity there would motivate some of the over 6000 artists which are there now to draw rarely drawn characters. Seems like this project which stays in general on dA and not GA-HQ the website will be something interesting in the future as well. The next month theme was chosen by the artist who drew that Lord of the Flesh illustration which was also the first one created for this project and he had a damn nice idea.

Something which will happen for sure next year are an RPG Month, one about Robot Masters from the MegaMan games and while I never played Dark Souls 1 or 2 yet, the artworks for these games and characters like that Knight Artorias are very interesting looking and will get a month as well fo shure.

If you have any ideas for monthly themes for this project too, out with them!


And now, enjoy the weekend and the first handful of fan art made for the Game-Art-HQ Project!

You can view the growing galery folder of the project on dA as well here


The Lord of the Flkesh from Turok 2, drawn by Franco Ferrari


Pitt from Kid Icarus Uprising by Chibi-Pit


Juno from Jet Force Gemini drawn by Scowlingelf


Rosalina from Mario Kart 8 by Ed Moffatt


Little Mac from Punch Out!! by Applfruit


Lucina from the Fire Emblem games by Mike Williams


The Poliwag Pokemon drawn by ImmortalTanuki, I gave her this character as part of a challenge, she had the choice between thee characters.


 Bonus Artwork by Michael P. :


Nobody..or almost nobody plays video games because hot women in them or hmmm..okay..maybe its different in Japan a bit and well..there is of course the big Dead or Alive Fan Community of the Kasumi Appreciation Club but I am still sure those are a minority compared with the players who give a shit about how sexy or beautiful the women in the video games they play are looking.


Through my blogs here in the last around 500 days you know that I myself care a lot about game characters. write about them and at least in the Tuesday Blogs I used to add a cosplay image showing a sexy cosplayer as Cammy in her M.Bison Costume or that.....Amazon this week with her mighty Axe.


I never had a crush on a video game character but damn...I can not deny that the following 9 female game characters are hot as hell and the designers did an awesome job in creating a character you can not forget so easily. Enjoy the following list. And don't hesitate to fap if you have to!


Blue Mary from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters Games. This badass girl fights with Sambo moves and grapples, has a cute pet dog and likes Terry Bogard. Loving that hairstyle and her outfits. She was actually designed as a tribute to one of those Android character in DragonBall,but I think she is a ton sexier.


This makes me biting on my lips goddamn...

The main antagonist of the old Battletoads beat'em ups, this is the Dark Queen ..an evil woman who has no problem to always wear revealing outfits which look like they were made by someone for the BDSM Scene. She looked sexy in sprite form already but this cosplay is just completely on spot.


Black is my favourite color choice for clothes and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 seems to share that interest. Always thought her design is strong enough for an completely own game. She was an interesting character in the game and her design seen in the image above really stood out to me as something not just sexy but also very good looking.


Anna Williams is one of the Tekken characters since the first part where she was the mid boss for her sister Nina..she uses Aikido techniques among other fighting moves I can't really sort to a style but more interesting to me is her super duper hotness in every game. Just loving the mix of her being a bit slutty and playful while she wears that very elegant looking dress.


Speaking about slutty....Mileena from the Mortal Kombat games debuted back in MKII in 1993 as the evil clone sister of Kitana and looked just like a female Ninja but her design got sexier with almost every new game in the series. In MK9 she asks her opponents if they want to dance with her while she can't wait to bite off their heads with her Tarkatan Fangs. And still..I would HIT IT!


And while we are at MK. Nothing needs to be said about Jade in MK9. This images shows you why she is in this list. Added the link to the bigger version of the image on dA for your umm..investitgations about Jade.


Poison..she was once just a common enemy in the first Final Fight back in 1988 but became more and more popular with the time thanks to her being in the bad Final Fight  fighting game for Saturn and of course her being a partner of Hugo in SFIII. She might be a trap..a transexual but does she look super hot and sexy? YES! YES! YES! Its great there are so many good cosplayers of her <3


Tira from the SoulCalibur games is sexy but more interesting..she is evil and crazy as well and has some of the funniest lines in SCIII-V. Personally I liked her SCIII design the most...because...obvious reasons.


Excuse me now....ummm..yeah.



I don't know the exact number but bet that more than 50..or even 100 different video game consoles were developed and released since the early eighties. From those old Atari Platforms to Nintendo and the different home computers like the Commodore and Amiga ones to the PC-Engine and later the many 16 biit consoles and all the big and smaller platforms released till today.


From all these different platforms, three totally stood out for me. The Super Nintendo, the Playstation, the Sega Dreamcast and the Playstation 2.

While I liked the SNES, the Playstation and the Playstation 2 mostly for having so large libraries of damn good games, the Sega Dreamcast was special from the first day for me because it was pretty unique..it tried new things and had online games already since around 2 years when both Sony and Nintendo were more or less struggling with concepts how to add "online" to their systems. Oh and I remember how it was possible to unlock or download additional content like items to some of the Dreamcast games or to participate in a contest online in Metropolis Street Racer.

At this point it should finally be clear for you what this blog is all about...yup..that GD Spinning unique console..ze Dreamcast!...the Ultimate Gaming System!


Well..it was not that ultimate in every regard but the VMU (Virtual Memory Unit) really was aaaaaaaawesome. A Memory Card you could also play Mini Games with without having to buy extra games for it and which was small enough for really every kind of pocket. I remember taking it with me to school and playing that game which came with Sonic Adventure..

And how it showed you infos during a game like the energy in Resident Evil : Code Veronica  or how it was implented as a tool to let you know there is a hidden chest nearby in Skies of Arkadia was genius. And so were the games for this system either. Like that Nintendo WiiU today it did not get a lot (if any) support from big publishers like Electronic Arts (fuck them anyway, they smell like a dead asshole) and sadly there was nothing by Square(soft) for them either while that company was tons more creative during that time and a Final Fantasy for Dreamcast could have been awesome but it still got not only a great line up by Sega itself but also by Capcom and last but not least SNK as well which made it a MUST HAVE console for every serious fighting game fan.


I mean..Virtua Fighter 3TB was 2 years old (I think?) when the Dreamcast was released in 1998 and it was not really that big burner of a game with it not having a story mode...and just nothing beside the arcade mode more or less.

But than there was SoulCalibur...back when SoulCalibur was not all about tits and asses and costumes for the females like today. It was a really big game..had new very strong character designs like Ivy, Maxi and Asttaroth and looked miles better than any other fighting game at its time..and there was this giant Edge Master like mode to unlock a ton of artworks, 3D animations, additonal characters, costumes, stages and even stage sizes.

Maybe its pure nostalgia from me but yes..I believe fighting games really were better at that time...online is not everything and at least Mortal Kombat still cares about a story at least which is told with more than dialogue windows.

But lets get back to the Dreamcast and fighting games on it. SoulCalibur was like the big start but there was more right at the launch with Power Stone by Capcom ..a fighting game for up to 4 players at the same time and their Street Fighter III: New Generation was released together with its upgrade 2nd Impact only some months after the DC was released in the USA and Europe.


Did you get ChuChu Rocket for free too for going online with your Dreamcast? I did and played this game almost as often as other gems on the system like JetSetRadio. This was one of the best puzzle games I ever played since Tetris, Bust A Move and Kwirk. Challenging..fast..crazy..and fun.

And till today I was not able to play it through completely. Is there a sequel for this game?

Lets talk about another cool feature of the system...the controller...

The Dreamcast controller looked quite different from any other controllers before and there was a big focus on the L and R buttons which can't be seen in that image but were superb for racing games..games like Metropolis Street Racer made a superb use of them. The other buttons were pretty standard, the analogue stick worked perfect for most of the games as well..I just thought the controller could use a select button somewhere maybe.


I played mostly fighting games on the Dreamcast but also liked its online functions and while it was the horrible 28/56K Modem time, browsing and even online gaming for Phantasy Star Online, Quake and Unreal worked really good, especially if you had the Dreamcast Mouse and Keyboard.

There were a few games for almost every game genre on the DC but the probably most epic game for it was Shenmue...of course.

It was..really something new at the time. From the bombastic graphics..the realistic looking facial expressions of the characters, the well written story to be a guy in a city where you can talk with almost everyone and..see them all living their lifes..going shopping..working, talking with each other and you can ask all of them about where you can find some sailors. I mean..where they hang out.

That all and you have to fight the criminals with your growing martial art knowledge while you are never showing any supernatural abilities. + you can go to an arcade and play Hang Out and Space Harrier there...how cool is that?

Today, 15 years after Shenmue was released people still hope a wonder would happen somehow and  Shenmue 3 would be a thing. People also hope Sega would finally announce Skies of Arkadia 2 and Metropolis Street Racer was the start for the very successful Gotham Street Racing series by Bizarre Creations (R.I.P)


I still have two Dreamcast consoles here, both bought in new condition around 5 years ago at Ebay ...one was never used by me and is there to be a replacement for the case the first one dies. Still have around 40 Dreamcast games and play a few of them almost every year.





It has been a while, eh? :-)


After many weeks without the biggest blog series ever which graced Dtoid with its existence, Tuesday is a day to look forward to again, it is a day to be happy about again.

Lets celebrate Tuesday and Video Game History again with a couple of great games which were released on the 18th November in the past. This includes masterpieces like Link's Awakening,  Chrono Cross and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance!

And there is also Boogerman :I



18th November 1993 - Link's Awakening was released in the United Kingdom

I loved The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past....

You loved it..hell almost everyone loved this masterpiece on the SNES and Nintendo knew that and released the first Handheld Zelda game with Link's Awakening back in 1993. It was a lot like ALTTP but really damn well designed to fit on the small screen. It also added a lot cameo's and even enemies from the Super Mario Bros. Universe...the easiest enemy in the Mario games as example...the Goomba was in this Zelda game and found the 2D Platformer like sequences the game had..fun enough its even possible to kill it with falling on it.

Back in 1993 rental stores were still a big thing and we got a really cool one in town which offered US na deven Japanese versions of Game Boy, Mega Drive and SNES games, inclkuding the imported consoles as well. That way I was able to play Link's Awakening and while I had my problems understanding the most of it (I was 13 and had English in School for only 1 or 2 years) it was awesome. Later I bought it in German and loved every inch of the game.

Last and this year some of the artists on GA-HQ claimed characters from Link's Awakening for the big Link's Blacklist art collaboration and daamn...for me as someone who played this game 20 years ago and remembered these foes there in their little black&white sprite form it was super amazing to see how much dedication the artists put together to make these enemies shine.

 For me..Link's Awakening is one of the best games ever made for a handheld in the nineties.



 Hoffmann remembers....Boogerman..a Flick and Fly Adventure. Released on the 18th November 1994 on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

From something epic as Link's Awakening to Boogerman which is a jump-and-run game where the protagonist flicks boogers and farts at enemies in order to stand a chance against the evil Boogermeister. The game features about 20 levels of dirt, slime and bad taste in worlds like "Mucous Mountains", "The Pits" and "Flatulent Swamps".

Chrono Cross, released on the 18th November 1999 in Japan

This JRPG is more or less Chrono Trigger II but had almost no connection to the previous game...which was...not so liked by many fans of the cult-classic. A bit more Magus and Glenn the Frog really could have been good for CC.

The game featured some of the most beautiful and advanced 3D Graphics in a Playstation RPG and its soundtrack is also phenomenal good..I also loved the battle system but the story... "hmmm"

Imported this game with the help of Ebay when the English Version was released...for some reasons it never got a European release just like Chrono Trigger before.


Now to the last game this week.....the moment we all waited for....



It Haaaaas Beguuuu.....no fuck that! It has been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiived..back in November 2002.

5 years after Mortal Kombat 4 was released, we finally saw a new Mortal Kombat and for the first time it was completely in 3D, consoles exclusive and featured completely new gameplay.It also had that glorious moment were Liu Kang is killed in the intro movie which you can see above.

Some characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Raiden, Kano, Shang Tsung, Reptile and Sonya Blade returned from the first Mortal Kombat but around the half of the characters were new. Frost, Nitara and Kenshi were some pretty good designs but while his background story was interesting..the fat Bo Ray Cho and whatever Hsu Hao and Drahmin were supposed to mean were not so good.

The story however and how the player would learn the backgrounds of every character in the Konquest Mode was super well executed, the debut of the "Krypt" where players could buy characters, costumes, stages, images and even the old MK1 Comic was truly outstanding and guaranteed hours of fun and finding new stuff in this game.

The battle itself was very different as before and not so hectic and fast now. Every character has two martial art styles and also a weapon which changed the game a tiny bit to be like SoulCalibur..but that all without the balance and the many technical details found in that title and the other big 3D fighters of its time. It was still a fun experience...just more for single players.

As a big fan of Mortal Kombat since 1992 I started an art collaboration about it back in 2011, with the crazy goal to see every Mortal Kombat character drawn by fans..and all of them in all their different designs over the years even. Which included their MKDA Costumes as well of course!

If you care you can see thesde artworks and read about all the MKDA characters here.

And yes..even Mokap got his spotlight.


That's it for this week...hope it was a fun and interesting read for you. But it would not be Tuesday without that one thing Gajknight adores so much.

That good old BISON ASS-ET The big moment is finally here....today featuring the Amazon from Dragon's Crown and her big...Axe..........ENJOY!



...now....its Tuesday.

Photo Photo Photo

with the target to be fully independent from game companies, all the forms of banners and different affiliation networks like dealzon.

Would you support that?


Completely aside from HUGE which could still co-exist and offer extra stuff.


There are a ton of awesome games which were released for the original Playstation.

From first hits like Ridge Racer, Jumping Flash, Parodius Deluxe and a bit later Toshinden, Tekken, WipeOut, Destruction Derby to Soul Edge, Final Fantasy 7-9 and Tactics wwhich REALLY deserved a REAL sequel many years ago already to cult hits like Bust A Groove, Crash Team Racing and many many more.


But there was also the CRAP.

The really really bad games nobody really wants to remember ..especially not when such an awesome system as the PSX celebrates its 20th Anniversary. But...I remember them. These shitpiles..crap-piles..these unfunny terrible video games were once released for a full price somehow. Trust me..they are all horrible bad.

And not one of them is worth more time than one sentence and one screenshot. I am not using youtube videos here to save you the time and prevent eye-cancer.


FUBARR. Bubsy 3D by the guys who made Syphoon Filter and yes..even Uncharted Golden Abbys many years later and sure don't want to remember this garbage.


The creators of Asterix also invented the Iznogoud comics, the Playstation game is a terrible 2D platformer with a ton of colission problems and unfair situations. Just look at that face he makes there...its like he is getting hunted by people who bought this shit!


WCW Backstage Assault is the probably worst wrestling game ever..but at least the worst one during the 32-64 bit era.


The Crow - City of Angels..one of those SUPERB games published by Acclaim based on a movie of that time..no really..everything about this game was terrible and its a damn shame because the Crow was once a really cool "revenge" character.


There are like 30-50 more really bad Playstation 1 games but remembering alone four of them caused me headaches already. Even more because I once payed the full price for that WCW game.

The cool thing about the PS1 was that there were like 5 really good games for one of these very bad ones. Maybe its just nostalgia, but I really miss the big variation and how many companies tries out unusual stuff back when that console was new.   :-)

I will remember it as the only platform ever which had RPG's , Fighting Games, Shoot'em Ups and even a Racing Game by Squaresoft.