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Work, College, Games. That pretty much sums me up. I've been playing games since I was a kid and the addiction has never stopped. Lately xbox and pc have been my platforms of choice. MMO's are also a major time sink for me. Well that's it, not much to say but I would love to see you out there on the battlefield.
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9:28 AM on 03.14.2011

OK I know some people have accused me of bad blogging but that's probably because 1. I am on my blackberry and it makes it look like I posted something more substantial than I actually have written so be patient with me 2. I am new to blogging so give me a break guys. Ok today I want to talk about the games I have been renting lately. Last week I had the newish Wolfenstei game. Ok this game is a pretty basic first person shooter in my opinion. It controls a lot like call of duty like x to pick up weapons and click in analog to sprint. The game at first felt like a small open world shooter. You can travel to and from the areas of midtown and downtown and special doors in building lead to mission areas such as the farm or the mine. I thought the actual fps mechanics were pretty standard although they have no real faults. I liked wolfenstein just thought the game should have deserved a better "coming back" game. Also the story really doesn't shine here and there is nothing really memorable from this game. The other game I had rented was kane and lynch 2: dog days. Ok so pretty much what everyone was saying about it is pretty much true. It has really repetetive shooting mechanics and the pace never really changed from beginning to end. My biggest problem with this game is that unlike the first game the story really took a backseat. I liked the first one bacause the story was gritty and really interesting but in this game the plot is simple, You accidentally killed bad guys daughter he tries to kill you, you kill him, you get away. Nothing more and nothing less. Also the ending has no sense of resolution and there is no other emotion than pissed off you get from the protaginists. This sequel really dissapointed me. Ok so the games I got out now which ill talk about next week along with my dragon age 2 review are mirrors edge and chronicles of riddick assault on dark athena. Have a good week dtoid and my condolences for Japan.

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