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Regnier avatar 1:33 AM on 05.11.2012  (server time)
Im back, or at least trying to find time to be back (IV_Backstab_MC)

Hey Dtoid! Its been a while since I tried to get involved in the community here. I tried writing some blog post before with some moderate reception on my Duke Nukem demo review which shows how longs its been since I tried blogging here. Well this post is just a recap of what I've been up too and what I've been playing.

Work. I got a job in august at an amusement park and it has been fun. If you guess the ride from the picture you get a cookie. I work the train ride there and one of the water rides, its been fun but i dont make much. I'm still working on my animation degree while working there and I've been very busy but that doesn't mean i don't find time for games. Ive also been dealing with a knee injury which has made working hard. My doc says even thought the MRI isn't in yet that i might have a partially torn ACL which would really blow but i'm hoping for the best. So my life has been chaos for the past 6 months but things are going well and me and my gf are still trying to find money to move in together. So speaking of games.

Star wars the old republic consumed a lot of my time for the past few months. I led the largest guild on my server (Black Vulkars) for a long time with my best friends but recently things fell apart. SWTOR was amazing leveling but the main issue I had with it was the lack of endgame content. I recently unsubscribed from the game for that reason and i have to drop something to focus on college. I still have a few months left on my subscription because i opted to buy the 6 months subscription rather than pay more per month. I personally played the Sith marauder which was a blast to pvp with constantly running in and on the attack made sure the combat was always involving. But in the end the lack of features and endgame meant i had to drop it. I had some good times with it and met quite a few good players on it that i hope to bring along to other mmo's. Ive been keeping myself occupied with a little skyrim in the meantime till the big releases i'm waiting for come out.

This year has some very exciting titles im looking forward too. Diablo 3 coming out in 5 days woot. I'm lucky enough to have two awesome cousins who work for Blizzard in Irvine so i got a free copy and I am losing my mind waiting for its release. I really like the barbarian class but i am still undecided on what i want to play as (witch doctor seems fun too). And the other heavy hitter im prepping up for is guild wars 2. I am loving all the beta footage and since i love pvp in my mmo's guild wars 2 has been on my radar for a while. Now that it gets closer to release i am getting very excited. I am definitely going to be playing a ranger class with an engineer alt. I am going to be going for the digital deluxe edition once i get paid and i think this game could really suck me in for a long time.

So my life has been pretty busy lately and like always gaming has been there to help me keep my cool and have some fun. Even though the stresses of college, work and medical stuff have gotten me down i can always look forward to playing a little skyrim or whatever game has me enthralled at the time and get away from all the bullshit in real life. I have been trying to get back into the community and i have made my appearance in the last few tf2uesdays and wow, hank hill reading my immortal and other ridiculous fan fiction has really helped me keep my spirits up. I just wrote this to say I'm trying to come back to the community I love and have some fun. VIDJAGAMES

-Regnier (IV_Backstab_MC)

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