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Work, College, Games. That pretty much sums me up. I've been playing games since I was a kid and the addiction has never stopped. Lately xbox and pc have been my platforms of choice. MMO's are also a major time sink for me. Well that's it, not much to say but I would love to see you out there on the battlefield.
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I remember the the first time I was truly amazed with something in a game. That holy shit this is amazing moment is something that has shaped my loved for video games in whole new ways. I remember the old days when i had to beg my mom to buy me a copy of halo, my cousin had got the game first and I had played it at his house. I used to love just the simplicity of a shooter. Some of my favorite original xbox games were Halo, Area-51, and Time splitters. When the new xbox came out I played the shooters for it like Perfect Dark and Ghost Recon. But then I decided to try a new game, a game that has shaped my love for western rpgs ever since. That game is Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

I had played rpg games before such as Final Fantasy X and Paper Mario. What made me fall in love with this game is not just the rpg elements but the moment I left the imperial sewers. A bright light came from my screen, a stark contrast from the sewers I had just escaped from. This huge world had unfolded before me. I did not know where to start from. I was completely lost and I loved it. I was used to mission being just laid out and saying go here, kill them, mission accomplished, AMERICA!!!!! But here I looked around I had no idea where to start. The quest arrow said go to this town called Cheydinhal but I was next to a huge fucking city. I decided ill go inside and sell some of the stuff collected in the sewers weapons, armor, heads of lettuce, etc. Then I entered this city which to me felt so full of life and so many people to interact with.

After I went to the local shops and stared at a cat person for about 10 minutes I was off on my adventure. Me, a high elf mage slinging fireballs like a mad man. This was before I ever knew there was a auto travel feature where i could teleport across the world and I'm glad I didnt know about it. I walked and explored this huge land filled with caves, forts, dungeons, ruins, and small towns. I stopped to look at everything along the way. I continued doing this for several main story quests and some side ones. By the time I had figured quick travel out I had already traveled a large part of the western side of the map. I was so immersed along the way and I had just enjoyed walking in the beautiful world.

This is that moment in gaming that i was just amazed. I was amazed with this beautiful open world filled with life. I had never experienced this before. there was so much to do in such a large land. I had killed 50 hours on Oblivion before I had even realized it. That immersion in such a large world is what I crave. That's why I now love games like Fallout, Red faction Armageddon, Grand Theft Auto, Saint's Row and Red Dead Redemption. I love an open world with so much to do and it all started with the amazing times i had in Oblivion.
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