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Regnier's blog

1:33 AM on 05.11.2012

Im back, or at least trying to find time to be back (IV_Backstab_MC)

Hey Dtoid! Its been a while since I tried to get involved in the community here. I tried writing some blog post before with some moderate reception on my Duke Nukem demo review which shows how longs its been since I tried blogging here. Well this post is just a recap of what I've been up too and what I've been playing.

Work. I got a job in august at an amusement park and it has been fun. If you guess the ride from the picture you get a cookie. I work the train ride there and one of the water rides, its been fun but i dont make much. I'm still working on my animation degree while working there and I've been very busy but that doesn't mean i don't find time for games. Ive also been dealing with a knee injury which has made working hard. My doc says even thought the MRI isn't in yet that i might have a partially torn ACL which would really blow but i'm hoping for the best. So my life has been chaos for the past 6 months but things are going well and me and my gf are still trying to find money to move in together. So speaking of games.

Star wars the old republic consumed a lot of my time for the past few months. I led the largest guild on my server (Black Vulkars) for a long time with my best friends but recently things fell apart. SWTOR was amazing leveling but the main issue I had with it was the lack of endgame content. I recently unsubscribed from the game for that reason and i have to drop something to focus on college. I still have a few months left on my subscription because i opted to buy the 6 months subscription rather than pay more per month. I personally played the Sith marauder which was a blast to pvp with constantly running in and on the attack made sure the combat was always involving. But in the end the lack of features and endgame meant i had to drop it. I had some good times with it and met quite a few good players on it that i hope to bring along to other mmo's. Ive been keeping myself occupied with a little skyrim in the meantime till the big releases i'm waiting for come out.

This year has some very exciting titles im looking forward too. Diablo 3 coming out in 5 days woot. I'm lucky enough to have two awesome cousins who work for Blizzard in Irvine so i got a free copy and I am losing my mind waiting for its release. I really like the barbarian class but i am still undecided on what i want to play as (witch doctor seems fun too). And the other heavy hitter im prepping up for is guild wars 2. I am loving all the beta footage and since i love pvp in my mmo's guild wars 2 has been on my radar for a while. Now that it gets closer to release i am getting very excited. I am definitely going to be playing a ranger class with an engineer alt. I am going to be going for the digital deluxe edition once i get paid and i think this game could really suck me in for a long time.

So my life has been pretty busy lately and like always gaming has been there to help me keep my cool and have some fun. Even though the stresses of college, work and medical stuff have gotten me down i can always look forward to playing a little skyrim or whatever game has me enthralled at the time and get away from all the bullshit in real life. I have been trying to get back into the community and i have made my appearance in the last few tf2uesdays and wow, hank hill reading my immortal and other ridiculous fan fiction has really helped me keep my spirits up. I just wrote this to say I'm trying to come back to the community I love and have some fun. VIDJAGAMES

-Regnier (IV_Backstab_MC)


2:26 AM on 06.03.2011

Duke Nukem: Forever Demo Impressions

I can not tell you guys how excited I am for Duke Nukem: Forever. I love Duke Nukem 3D and still play it all the time with my friends on xbox live. So when i found out that by preordering the game I got an early access demo to play with Duke a little early I was like fuck yeah ,AMERICA!! But now that I've played through the demo a few times I have to say I am unimpressed and just underwhelmed.

The demo starts off and you are literally just take a piss. You can control the stream of piss and well this made me laugh. After I pissed for a minute or two ( Duke must have the largest fucking bladder know to man) I decided to pick up some poop and throw it around like a monkey. I got the idea from the trailer i saw on Dtoid and figured ill give it a shot. And again I laughed, some of the one liners duke said were funny as hell. The fifth time I picked up the poop Duke yelled something like "What is this? Shit finger painting?" One of the things this game really has going for it is the fact that its funny. Duke had about 10 different one liners for picking up the poop so I'm guessing there must be a lot of voice acting for Duke.

After i was done with the poop throwing I went into the next room where a bunch of swat looking guys were listening to their commander then running out to fight the big baddie seen in the demo (and above). I figured I would get a briefing on what I was supposed to do but instead the guy pointed me to a whiteboard and said do you have anything to add to the plan. So I just erased the the monster drawn on the white board and replaced it with a penis that had a mustache and looked angry as hell. The swat looking dude was like great plan but in the end the whiteboard was just there to fuck around with and had no real importance.

After running through a few corridors i came face to face with the big monster and the fight went nothing like the trailers showed. The trailer showed Duke punching the big dude in the balls repeatedly then kicking his ass some more. In the demo i was given what looked like dual rocket launchers and just had to shoot the thing over and over till it fell. Then kratos style jump on his back and rip out some tubing which turned off his guns. I wanted to punch the bad guy in the bean bag sooooo bad but i couldn't even switch to my fists for some reason. So i beat the boss then it transitioned to another portion of the game where i was driving a monster truck in some canyon. The driving mechanics were horribly clunky and Im glad the driving part only lasted around 3 minutes. When i got on foot is when the game started to show its shooting mechanics on just standard enemies.

This is where my biggest problem comes to play is when you are fighting standard enemies the enemies never really seem like they are getting shot. I shot this pig five times with my golden 45 and he barely even flinched. The guns are also lacking in weight. The game feels like you are shooting really inaccurate air soft guns at enemies that don't even feel the shots. And the game will give you references to other games which do shooting mechanics so much better. There was a tunnel i needed to go into and a few planks were in my way, obviously i need to smash them. I was hitting them when duke said, "A crowbar would really be useful right now." Reminding me of half life and how much better half life gameplay is during Duke Nukem really didn't strike me as well thought out.

In conclusion, this demo doesn't live up to the hype but did anyone really expect it to? It feels like Duke skipped a few generations and missed the lesson that came with them. If you want a game that feels like Duke Nukem 3D it certainly does that. You move fast, shoot big guns, and kill enemies left and right but the series really hasn't had the huge changes and overhauls that other first person shooters have gotten. Don't get me wrong though i had fun with this game, it made me laugh and the gameplay was decent. It wont be winning any awards but it will be fun for the game it is. I have the balls of steel edition preordered and I am not taking it back.

This opinion is based solely on demo and not the full game

7/10   read

5:46 PM on 04.25.2011

Aaamaazing: What an Open World

I remember the the first time I was truly amazed with something in a game. That holy shit this is amazing moment is something that has shaped my loved for video games in whole new ways. I remember the old days when i had to beg my mom to buy me a copy of halo, my cousin had got the game first and I had played it at his house. I used to love just the simplicity of a shooter. Some of my favorite original xbox games were Halo, Area-51, and Time splitters. When the new xbox came out I played the shooters for it like Perfect Dark and Ghost Recon. But then I decided to try a new game, a game that has shaped my love for western rpgs ever since. That game is Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

I had played rpg games before such as Final Fantasy X and Paper Mario. What made me fall in love with this game is not just the rpg elements but the moment I left the imperial sewers. A bright light came from my screen, a stark contrast from the sewers I had just escaped from. This huge world had unfolded before me. I did not know where to start from. I was completely lost and I loved it. I was used to mission being just laid out and saying go here, kill them, mission accomplished, AMERICA!!!!! But here I looked around I had no idea where to start. The quest arrow said go to this town called Cheydinhal but I was next to a huge fucking city. I decided ill go inside and sell some of the stuff collected in the sewers weapons, armor, heads of lettuce, etc. Then I entered this city which to me felt so full of life and so many people to interact with.

After I went to the local shops and stared at a cat person for about 10 minutes I was off on my adventure. Me, a high elf mage slinging fireballs like a mad man. This was before I ever knew there was a auto travel feature where i could teleport across the world and I'm glad I didnt know about it. I walked and explored this huge land filled with caves, forts, dungeons, ruins, and small towns. I stopped to look at everything along the way. I continued doing this for several main story quests and some side ones. By the time I had figured quick travel out I had already traveled a large part of the western side of the map. I was so immersed along the way and I had just enjoyed walking in the beautiful world.

This is that moment in gaming that i was just amazed. I was amazed with this beautiful open world filled with life. I had never experienced this before. there was so much to do in such a large land. I had killed 50 hours on Oblivion before I had even realized it. That immersion in such a large world is what I crave. That's why I now love games like Fallout, Red faction Armageddon, Grand Theft Auto, Saint's Row and Red Dead Redemption. I love an open world with so much to do and it all started with the amazing times i had in Oblivion.   read

11:59 PM on 03.29.2011

Two dumb asses playing games


Hey guys i found these videos from machinima. These are two best friends who have the funniest commentary ive ever seen check them out


There is more on youtube just figured id spread the word that these guys are fucking funny.   read

6:24 PM on 03.14.2011

Real Street fighter fight!

OMG this is fucking incredible!!!!
IN case i didnt embed video right here is the link above.

[embed]196407:36962[/embed]   read

9:28 AM on 03.14.2011

New games i got rented

OK I know some people have accused me of bad blogging but that's probably because 1. I am on my blackberry and it makes it look like I posted something more substantial than I actually have written so be patient with me 2. I am new to blogging so give me a break guys. Ok today I want to talk about the games I have been renting lately. Last week I had the newish Wolfenstei game. Ok this game is a pretty basic first person shooter in my opinion. It controls a lot like call of duty like x to pick up weapons and click in analog to sprint. The game at first felt like a small open world shooter. You can travel to and from the areas of midtown and downtown and special doors in building lead to mission areas such as the farm or the mine. I thought the actual fps mechanics were pretty standard although they have no real faults. I liked wolfenstein just thought the game should have deserved a better "coming back" game. Also the story really doesn't shine here and there is nothing really memorable from this game. The other game I had rented was kane and lynch 2: dog days. Ok so pretty much what everyone was saying about it is pretty much true. It has really repetetive shooting mechanics and the pace never really changed from beginning to end. My biggest problem with this game is that unlike the first game the story really took a backseat. I liked the first one bacause the story was gritty and really interesting but in this game the plot is simple, You accidentally killed bad guys daughter he tries to kill you, you kill him, you get away. Nothing more and nothing less. Also the ending has no sense of resolution and there is no other emotion than pissed off you get from the protaginists. This sequel really dissapointed me. Ok so the games I got out now which ill talk about next week along with my dragon age 2 review are mirrors edge and chronicles of riddick assault on dark athena. Have a good week dtoid and my condolences for Japan.   read

11:01 AM on 03.10.2011

Am I a terrible person?

Ok I am not sure whether this makes me a horrible person or not. I was in my history of motion pictures class and we were watching shindlers list. It was the part where they are burning all the bodies and in case you havbt seen its a very gruesome and brutal scene. I am not paying attention and I am watching the donkey lady red dead redemption glitch for the first time. I start laughing then everyone turn to me like I am evil or something. Does this make me a horrible person. If it does feel free to say so. Also I am working on my dragon age 2 review and will post it by next weekend!   read

1:22 AM on 03.06.2011

my first blog post to say hi!

Hi my name is andrew aka backstab. I have been reading the articles on destructoid for a while now and ive finally decided to write a hi im here blog. Playing games is what im about im into all genres of games rpg's to fps'. I am on xbox live all the time so if u want to play games with me send me a message i think its on my profile so hit me up if you want to play. I am debating whether to start a blog about reviewing and just talking about games i never got around to playing and i rented through gamefly. I will try posting a few soon and if i get some support ill make it a weekly thing. So hi destructoid!   read

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