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Refused Classification avatar 2:39 AM on 12.01.2009  (server time)
Refused Classification Podcast: SEASON 1 FINALE RECORDS LIVE TOMORROW!!



A long, long time ago three aussie dickheads created a podcast, an alcohol fuelled, rage filled, 90% curseword enriched mess, and it was good.

But sadly, all things must come to an end, and this podcast must come to an end too. The most handsome member of the group (that's me, PuppyLicks) is leaving the country for a good 10 month period, with the less-handsome members (DanMazkin and MrDillinger) leaving some time after that.

Are you sad yet? Climbing the walls in anxiety? Well FEAR NOT! We shall all return to the land of banned videogames and shitty public transport systems in August 2010, and barring any "unforseen consequences" we shall be back into our podcasting swing not too long after that. We may even record an episode or two on the run during our worldwide gallavant. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT!

TOMORROW NIGHT at 9PM Melbourne time (GMT+10), we will be recording our final RC episode for 2009, we will be talking about what fun we've had over the last year, what games we've been playing, more fucking games getting banned, AND we plan to make our most drunken episodes look like elizibethan tea parties compared to this. AND WE WANT YOUR HELP!

How can you contribute, you ask? Why that's easy. Leave us a shiiiiitload of comments on our show post, spam our forums with abuse, and most importantly, be on skype at at 9PM Melbourne time (GMT+10) Wednesday night the 2nd of December and add puppylicks or refused.classification and join in the shenanegans!

Be warned, we may be a little tipsy. Like, Saxton Hale level tipsy.

We will not be recording at night no more, we will be recording during the afternoon now. Keep ya posted.

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