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Refused Classification avatar 8:27 PM on 07.12.2009  (server time)
Refused Classification Podcast (For Aussie Dtoiders) Episode 08: Technical Difficulties

International Skype calls and crashing PC's FTW.

Hello all, I'm impressed you've made it this far.
8 episodes and counting, this shit just doesn't end hey?
This week we stay up late so we can include our special guest TheCleaningGuy while he mans up and gets up really early to record with us.

So listen in as we attempt to improve or impede Victoria/Seattle relations and try not to let skype fuck our podcast up too much.


Shit we talk about:

- TheCleaningGuy is dynamite
- Anally fucked by bullets?!
- Fuck BlazBlue because I can't play it yet.
- Arcade sticks FTW
- Prototype Spoilers OMGOLOLOL!!!1!!$#!
- The Australian Government hates the internet.
- A wild DanMazkin appears!
- Mechwarrior talk, and Puppy Licks is a shameless MW fanboy. SHAMELESS!!!
- TheCleaningGuy, makes us all feel really old
- The RC Spotlight: Bosses, best and worst
- DanMazkin returns once again
- We experience technical difficulties as TheCleaningGuy drops out
- Listener questions
- TheCleaningGuy's question motherload, including the origin of usernames
- Mike Patton talk... fap

Intro Music: Sikth - How may I help you
Intermission/Outro Music: Dog Fashion Disco - The Hitchhiker

Download the Podcast HERE 71.9MB
(Right-Click and choose 'Save link as')

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