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Refused Classification avatar 5:46 PM on 12.14.2009  (server time)
Refused Classification Podcast (By Aussie Dtoiders): SEASON 1 FINALE

Sorry for the delay folks (has DTOID been down for anyone else over the past 4 days?).
But finally, as it was foretold in the stars, the first groundbreaking series of Refused Classification comes to an end. BUT WHY?? Did we run out of budget? did personal disputes (aka, punch-ons) break apart the RC team? Was the show itself finally refused classification and pulled off the air? The truth is much more shocking than you could ever believe, so download the latest episode to hear us complain about, you guessed it, banned games! We also discuss upcoming for 2010 releases, gaming news that doesn't exist yet but is sure to in the near future, our picks for game of the year, and a teary farewell to all of our lovely listeners through the Listener Questions.

So if you're lame enough to have missed out on the CULTURAL PHENOMENON that is RC, then it's not to late! JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON NOW SO YOU CAN SAY YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO US RIGHT FROM SEASON 1!!!! In other words, from all the RC team, thanks for listening and keeping us going over the past year, have a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and see you all in 2010!

Download Episode HERE you filthy wenches

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