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This is Refused Classification, Destructoid's 100% Unofficial Aussie Dtoid Podcast for blokes and shielas.
Non-Aussies are more than welcome to listen in too, we won't judge you.

Episodes are recorded fortnightly and feature discussion on the many facets of being an Australian gamer, we also feature swearwords, alcohol consumption and funny accents.

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Puppy Licks
Dan Mazkin
Mr Dillinger

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Also, Foster is a shit beer. Don't drink it.
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A wild scotsman appears! This one appears to be an alcohol-type pokemon and is known for it's ferocious beard attack.

Hey everyone! It's podcast time once again, sure the episode is up a week late but everyone would have been too busy talking about PAX last week to care anyways.

This episode we have our favourite scot Ali D return to help us out since DanMazkin is MIA. He does a great job of keeping the show on track while Mr Dillinger and myself so our best to derail every conversation into blabbering shit-talk.

So, um... Enjoy!

Words that come out of our mouths this episode:
- We all like to drink a lot and swear
- AliD knows how to travel
- Mr Dillinger can't remember what we'd played
- PuppyLicks loves Lost Planet 2
- MrDillinger is just kidding in this part, seriously.
- An Aussie just kicked Galaga's ass yo!
- Aussie games, fool!
- The conversation veers way off topic...
- ...and the racial slurs start to fly!
- The RC Spotlight: Great personal gaming achievements
- Listener questions, here we go...
- Yeah it's basically a shambles from here on in, but they include Jill Sanswiches, impersonations, Dan Mazkins, hardcore beard-mic action and god knows what else.

Intro/ Outro Music: The Adventures of Duane and Brando - Battletoads

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