This is Refused Classification, Destructoid's 100% Unofficial Aussie Dtoid Podcast for blokes and shielas.
Non-Aussies are more than welcome to listen in too, we won't judge you.

Episodes are recorded fortnightly and feature discussion on the many facets of being an Australian gamer, we also feature swearwords, alcohol consumption and funny accents.

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Puppy Licks
Dan Mazkin
Mr Dillinger

Episode 1 - Who says G'Day anymore?
Episode 2 - Rudd Money
Episode 3 - PodLobsterMilkshake
Episode 4 - Stack hats!
Episode 5 - JARATE!!!
Episode 6 - Oink Oink
Episode 7 - WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!
Episode 8 - Technical Difficulties
Episode 9 - Gastro Edition
Episode 10 - Vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Vagina.
Episode 11 - Brugalweed
Episode 12 - A Wild Scotsman Appears!
Episode 13 - Left4Dead 2 RAAAGE!!!
Episode 13 - DLC Edition!
Episode 14 - PlonkCast

15 Games that you (probably) didn't know were Australian... UNTIL NOW!

An Introduction to William Blake - The Gamer Dad
William Blake: The Gamer Dad - Episode 2

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Also, Foster is a shit beer. Don't drink it.
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Australia can handle anything... except violent videogames.

Once again it is time to listen to a bunch of Aussie cunts talk shit, drink, and somehow make it videogame related. Do we make a coherent, intelligent discourse? Or do we wank on for an hour about shit, YOU DECIDE!

A word of warning, we got though a couple of bottles of plonk through this episode so we're a little slow...


Bollocks we talk about:
- Trials HD ruins friendships
- Dillinger gets to talk about what he wants... it leads to fapping
- Risen has been banned... wut?
- The comic in question
- Games on demand, alright in the U.S.... RAPE in Australia
- LA Noire, is it vapourware?
- TheCleaningGuy missed his birthday somg last fortnight :'(
- William Shatner sicks the lawyers onto NZ developer Sidhe for 'Shatner'. Lulz ensue.
- Our housemate arrives home and declares that '4chan rules'... fail.
- PS3 SLIM OMG OMG OMG.... ah fuck it.
- RC SPOTLIGHT!!! Games that are really funny
- Dillinger leaps onto IRC and starts asking questions
- Questions/Sexy Time
- I want an ArKeg that can play Killer Instinct. Just sayin'

Intro Music: Dwelling of Duels - Daniel Alm - Contra, Intro the Alien Lair
Outro Music: Killer Instinct OST - Humiliation!

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