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Refused Classification avatar 7:26 PM on 07.28.2009  (server time)
Refused Classification Podcast (By Aussie Dtoiders) Episode 09: Gastro edition

Our new office.

Greetings from the prison colonies! We're a little late this week due to both Mr Dillinger and Dan Mazkin getting gastro at the time of recording and editing. But the guys both took their Immodium and I am glad to say that they are no longer shitting through straws. This was meant to be 'The Zone' episode but as it turns out we barely talked about 'The Zone' at all. Not one bit. So this episode is dedicated to the gastro that caused our show to be so late in the first place.


Shit (through a straw) we talk about:

- I am your host, Pucky Lips.
- Fight Night's photo recognition software... with a cat. The horror!!
- We all know how DanMazkin feels about Battlefield.
- Mechwarrior 2 intro fans, I respectfully disagree.
- Could a community-funded game development process work?
- Battlefield 1943 stands out in the crowd and gets Australian servers. We love you DICE.
- BUT... Why the hell are they the only ones offering Aussie love?
- Modern Warfare 2 price gouging. Are we gonna cop it too?
- PuppyLicks say 'Anyway' a lot.
- We do the math, looks like the UK price gouge matches what we pay for games on a regular basis anyway... fuck.
- The BLAZBLUE Countdown! Where we update you on when BlazBlue will be released in Australia.
- There's a Rock Band 2?
- The RC Spotlight: Sex in gaming.
- Listener Questions! A.K.A. TheCleaningGuy's questions. Seriously you people need to ask us some more questions.
- We love you DrunkCast.

Intro Music: Cog - The Spine (HAURIIII!!!!)
Break Music: ATHF Movie intro song.
Outro Music: Filter - The Best Things (ARE YOU HAPPY NOW DILLINGER?!)

Download the Podcast HERE 45.5MB
(Right-Click and choose 'Save link as')

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