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Refused Classification avatar 11:06 PM on 11.15.2009  (server time)
Refused Classification Podcast (By Aussie Dtoiders) Ep 17: You Swear, You Lose 2

RC - Your typical Australian males.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you happen to be a regular listener to our show, you may have picked up on the little fact that we tend to swear. A lot. F-bombs, C-bombs, its all part of the foundation of our dialogue as part of being hardened Australian males. Despite this though, we understand that this kind of language does not exactly appeal to everyone (mothers, young children, nuns, and so on), so we here at Refused Classification offer a solution, a way for everyone to enjoy the show without the need of being assaulted by profanties every 25 seconds.

And how will we do this you ask? By Censorship? Pfft, Fuck that, this is Refused Classification! I'm talking about You Swear You Lose!! The concept is that for any time someone swears on the show they have to take a shot of scotch/rum/methylated spirits as punishment. Last time we did this Dillinger couldn't stand up by the end of the show, so its probably something you don't want to miss this time around.

Amidst the drinking, swearing and chaos, we will be discussing:

- Modern Warfare 2's highs and lows
- shooting people in Russain airports
- boycotts that don't mean anything
- countries other than Australia that ban games
- good and bad game endings
- and Religion (oh the joy!!).

As always we'll be answering listener questions if we can still manage to speak english by that point, so post ya comments below or head over to the RC forum thread to tell us what you really think (or just post some tits, either way).

Cheers Fuckos!

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