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Refused Classification avatar 5:53 PM on 06.15.2009  (server time)
*Repost* Refused Classification Podcast (For Aussie Dtoiders) Episode 06: Oink Oink

Fuck you pig, fuck you.

Note: This episode and the next couple shall be double posted as a transitional thing so people who haven't added our new RC profile don't miss out. So add away! Go on, the button's just over there. Click it, click it. Do it. We now return you to our normal programming. BING! BONG!!

Recording live from the swine flu capital of the world, it's Refused Classification! The unofficial Dtoid podcast for Aussie Dtoiders.


This week Mr. Dillinger took the reins and let the show go wild, in all honesty things went pretty well, check it out.

Shit we talk about:

- Holy shit Robot Jox
- Dan Mazkin's got an Ubisoft itch
- So does Mr Dillinger apparently, he's also enjoying Eternal Sonata
- Real men listen to Andrea Bochelli
- Queen's Blade fap break
- RC Spotlight: E3
- Peter Molyneux is a weird looking match-headed fuck
- Ever wondered what my scepticism of Natal sounds like? BAM! There is it.
- Ass Creed and Metal Gear
- Echo effect makes Dan Mazkin sound like a ghost, wooOoooOOoOOoooo
- Insomnia? Amnesia.
- E3 Disappointments
- Exclusivity theory
- Everybody gets pissy
- Mr Dillinger quits, chaos ensues

We didn't answer any listener questions this week, so:
Ali D: The franchise that E3 renewed my interest in was in fact E3 itself. I'm glad it's back to how it used to be.
Counting Conflict: Next episode we may talk some DEP just for you.
Nebones: Prototype is fucking awesome.

Intro Music: The Minibosses - Megaman 2 Medly
Outro Music: The Presets - Together

Download the Podcast HERE 63.6MB
(Right-Click and choose 'Save link as')

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