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Reeper's blog

8:51 PM on 06.10.2007


in light of the new bargain bin laden post, i went and looked at my old library of games.

upon looking, i found my old love, viewtiful joe (GC of course). this has sparked my inner viewtiful fan, causing the kind of bland blog banner and avatar. this being one of my favorite all time games that i just cannot put down again, i wanted to ask everyone that reads this blog to go search your library of games for an oldie that you just couldn't put down when you got it, but haven't played in a while. please, share your games, i'd love to see :D   read

1:19 AM on 06.10.2007

with the rise of innovation/immersion

how do you think that this will affect the gaming community? as gaming naturally evolves, do you believe it's headed in the right or wrong way?

for example, manhunt for the wii. the subject of manhunt and the way the controls work has been touched on before, but with this new immersion of gameplay, do you believe this will further the bad reputation of gaming? but what about other games. one that i can't wait to be released is the game SKATE by EA. the game aims to further bring the skate experience to life without you eating concrete. although this is a nonviolent game and doesn't have motion sensor controls, it's still better than the cookie cutter A + X + Left control scheme. but will this and other types of games like this be overlooked?
will the violent games further the way video games are looked at as being "simulators of murder/violence"? i know jack thompson will be on these games like white on rice on a paper plate in a glass of milk in the middle of a snowstorm (major payne ftw!), and with these games hitting the market, will violent titles only fuel the fire? will we come to a point where gaming will actually have to step back so we can stop being blamed for violence in today's youth? hopefully not, but with violent video games being a big topic in today's media, and with the wii making that ever closer step to reality, things somewhat seem to be heading that way.   read

11:39 PM on 06.06.2007


***UPDATE!*** alllrigiiightt, found my games, and i'm back in business. i'll play anyone in tetris. teh friend code is 991413044963


so, i was playing my nintendo ds while heading up to lake mead to do some awesome wakeboarding (ftw!) and brought along a few games.

metroid, mario kart, elite beat agents, big brain academy, and tetris. just incase the 30 minute ride needed a jamboree of games.

so, we get to the lake, and the boat battery is dead. damn. but, no biggie, at least it didn't die while we were out on the lake. shit would've almost been as bad as losing our car keys in the harbor. but that's a story for another time.

now we're on our way back home, and me and my sibling want to go to the pool. parents say it's no problem, and everything is fine.

i stay at the pool until about 8:30, get home, get some food, chill. i'm not sure when, but somewhere along the next 24 hours, i got my ds games out of our vehicle. we're talking 4 games, approximately 120$ worth of good stuff.

where are they now? i have no idea. goddamnit, tetris fever has never hit so bad. maybe i should be looking for my games instead of blogging. but i decided i needed to share my pain.   read

12:03 AM on 06.02.2007


so this is me trying to deal with BBcode.   read

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