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ReeceTheBeast avatar 5:15 PM on 09.01.2012  (server time)
I'm Now Officially A Video Game Journalist! And It's Thanks to You, Destructoid.

You know Destructoid, I don't say often enough how much I love you. I should have back when I registered as a member after a long time of lurking, or on your 6th Anniversary. Now seems as good as time as any, as just a couple of days ago I received the greatest job I could hope for: a News Writer position on gaming site

Even back in my high school years this was my dream job. I'd convinced myself that's all it would ever be though: a dream. But since coming to Destructoid I decided to pursue journalism, even if it never became anything more than a hobby. Its coming here that made me realise how much I really love video games and their importance in my life, and how much I do enjoy writing and gaining your feedback.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I couldn't have done it without you. And by "you", I mean everyone involved in this site. The staff, who have served as my main inspirations and made me finally decide to get into the writing field. Dtoid's beloved Community Manager Andy, who featured my Collaboration article (which I still think I don't deserve!) and likely got my employer's interest. The creators of all the amazing video series on the site and the Podtoid crew, for entertaining me during hard times. And you, the community.

Seriously, this is the best community I've ever involved myself in. I've drifted from different sites over the years, and never before have I felt so compelled to stay somewhere for good until now. I can't count the number of comments with insightful and interesting responses throughout the articles, or that simply made me laugh out loud. And for every one of you who've fapped and commented on my blog posts, thank you! You've really kept my motivation high. I still have some way to go before I make this a full-time thing, but I now feel readier than ever.

This is, of course, far from goodbye. I'm here to stay and I will continue to post here, read your blogs and remain active around the site, in fact I intend to more than ever. I'll even stop neglecting you forum-goers and post there once in a while. This is simply a reminder that YOU are great.

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