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ReeceTheBeast avatar 5:48 PM on 09.06.2012  (server time)
Gaming Sickness

This is just a brief blog post about something Iíve been thinking about lately. Anyone who saw my previous post knows that I got myself a new and exciting job as a gaming News Writer (and while Iím on that, thanks for all the kind words!) At the same day I started this job, I also got a persistent virus. Typical, huh? More like typically awesome!

Iím not writing this to gain any sympathy at all (though if you have any to spare, Iíll suck it up like the parasite I am). Iím actually seeing a positive side in illness.

Sure, it sucks to feel how I have lately: weak, sniveling and coughing Ďtil it hurts. But it also means Iíve had a week off from my other job as telesales operator. I canít exactly talk through a headset all day when Iíve lost my voice, so Iíve stayed home for a week. I really needed a break from that, too... you think florists are happy, friendly, approachable people? You should hear the language and decibel-defying shouts of the women I sometimes have to deal with. You can imagine how thrilled Iíll be if I can ever write full-time.

Not only has this extra time allowed me to more efficiently gain practice and develop a routine for news writing, Iíve also finally got to play the games on my backlog shelf. And this new Xbox Live sale couldnít have come at a better time. I'm not masochistic, I just love games!

Derwin has no thumbs to play games. Our hearts go out to the hard-working ducks suffering from flu.

Maybe itís just me, but to any gamers like me who couldnít easily bunk off during school days, didnít you find sick days a little awesome? Iíd willingly put up with a little pain and groggyness if it meant more time spent on my GameCube. It sure takes me back, and reminds me that I'm still just as child-like as ever.

Itís made me feel grateful that I have a hobby that I can truly invest hours into as well as enjoy from the comfort of my own home, with little physical effort. If I wasnít a gamer and this was instead a blog for fishing or yoga enthusiasts, Iíd be complaining to you all about how I was bored out of my mind right now.

It got our very own and brave Elsa through a long recovery process after surgery, so go read her inspiring and much better blog post on a similar topic if you havenít already!

Poor Link's Grandma... if she had herself a Wii we'd surely see that heart-warming smile again!

Best of all though, I get to spend more time here with ma boiz and gurlz on da C-Blogs! While Iím still busy and wish I could read more of all the great stuff posted here and engage in even more discussions, I do have at least two more blog posts that should soon be ready to post over the next few days. Now that Iíll be balancing two jobs, gaming time and a girlfriend will surely make it difficult to post with such frequency for at least a short time in the near future, so I can feel grateful for that.

To you workers and students out there: next time you find yourself stuck in bed with a fever, remember how blessed you are!

[Oh, and the lack of images this post and the last may be lazy, but now I have an excuse - so sue me! Maybe I'll update later with something that feels relevant].
[Update: images added!]

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