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Jim Heine avatar 7:34 PM on 02.01.2009
10 thing you don't (care to) know about Redface

Hey lookit, a blawg post. This a very particular blog post. it's about me. Things you don't know me. I figured I would write this blog post because 1) it seems like the cool thing to do and 2) I figure as far as first blog posts go, you could do a lot worse. So what do you want to know about me?

First off, My real name is Noah Rodriguez. I live in Bridgeport, CT and am 17-years-old. As you can see, unlike others my age, I don't type like a dipshit.

My first video game system was a Sega Genesis. It was a gift for my third birthday, so I like to think that I'm as hardcore as they come.

My handle, Redface, is derived from my rosy cheeks. It can also be interperted as an off-handed reference to my Cuban heritage.

I do not care for Harry Potter. I do, however, own all of the books (sans Goblet of Fire. It's here somewhere.), a Harry Potter Trivia game, a Harry Potter Wizard Chess™ set, and all of the movies that are available on DVD.

I am absolutely in love with the Atlanta-based Metal band Mastodon. They are my favorite band, and I even have a poster signed by all the members of the band.

My aspirations are to become a stage actor once I finish getting my education. I love being an actor and being onstage and am currently involved in a production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

I have a guitar, which I was inspired to start learning to play because of my love affair with Rock Band 2. So far, I know a few chords, the minor penatonic scale, and Ode to Joy.

I think Equilibrium starring Christian Bale is the greatest movie ever. I am usually right about most things.

I have a startling obsession with Facebook.

I think you guys are pretty cool cats. I plan on commenting and blogging more, just cause I lurve you guys ;D

pic related. It's me.

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