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 avatar 11:31 PM on 09.08.2010  (server time)
LIMBO: Wow, did that just happen!?

The concept of Limbo is that of a young boy conquering his fears in what I call the "grey world". The title suggests that the player is exploring purgatory, but i'd like to think that the game takes place in a dream world. Each of the characters you encounter throughout the game could be manifestations of fears or challenges the boy might be facing in reality. Like the fear of spiders and other insects, or perhaps bully's, who appear as mysterious kids trying to kill you with blow guns and flaming tires.

The most shocking moment for me this year was playing as the young boy and being forced to to rip the leg off of a huge incapacitated spider, then roll it's papaya shaped trunk over a bed of spikes in order to make it safely across a death pit. This scene made me pause the game in amazement, for a couple of reasons: first, performing this act of violence while controlling a kid gave me a completely different feeling than it would if I was playing as a tough, Kratos-like character. And more importantly, it was one of the only times in the game in which the player has to inflict pain on another person, or thing in this case. And it was extremely personal. With it's remaining strength, the immobile spider fought back as I seperated its remaining leg from a set of wiry tendons. It's raw emotion like this that makes for a great gaming experience, and ultimately defines the medium. I'm hoping for more moments like this throughout the rest of 2010.

What were some of your favorite moments of 2010 so far?

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