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Red Beret avatar 3:18 AM on 06.26.2010  (server time)
The Ghosts Get Out of Mexico

All right, well, I think I'll stick to safer topics from now on, haha. I apologize for sucking, Dtoid--I was attempting to test the waters and got eaten by the sharks.

One of the most memorable shooters I had the fortune to play was Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. I somewhat completely ignored the campaign (you see, I'm not very good at issuing orders to or keeping track of AI squadmates) in favor of the multiplayer portion of the game. The way GRAW 2's multiplayer mode was set up was completely new to me when I first encountered it. I wasn't used to being able to play cooperatively with another player against a large number of AI enemies. That really just didn't happen in my world, haha. From my first FPS (Goldeneye 007 for the N64) onward, multiplayer had always meant PvP.

The Ghosts are generally known for their work suppressing a rebel insurrection in Mexico... twice. According to GameInformer magazine, the new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is going to deviate from that path completely. The main enemy this time around will be the Russians, and instead of limiting the fighting to one region, the scale of the conflict will be global.

I find it interesting that, according to the article, the game will deliver "a wider view of the events by introducing segments played from the perspective of non-military characters, including the bodyguard of the Russian president andn a worker at an oil refinery hit by a terrorist attack."* This will be a welcome change from the usual comm screen briefing that we've gotten used to for the last two games. I think that it will also provide a unique and thrilling insight into the other side of the conflict, breaking away from the one-sided view that most FPS games provide.

The equipment the player gets to play with is also supposed to be awe-inspiring, state-of-the-art technology that would make a technophile's wet dream seem like the stone ages. From shoulder-mounted rocket launchers for the Commando class to stealth technology for the snipers, this arsenal definitely looks as though it's going to kick some serious ass. The best part? It's all supposed to be based off of technology that the US government is working on as we speak.

I certainly hope that they at least recycle the game's multiplayer modes, since that's what basicly made it for me. There's nothing better than dicking around and shooting terrorists... and it would be a nice change of pace if they weren't shouting in hispanic accents this time around. I'd also like to see the customization options again... though they really need to make it so you can change the camo color of the torso, as well, so you're not so visible when wearing certain camo schemes if they do.

Other improvements I'm hoping to see (especially in the multiplayer modes) concern gameplay. Movement was rather smooth, though performing actions could be a pain in the ass at times. Also, perhaps they'll make it so that you can throw grenades using a separate button, rather than forcing you to switch between your grenades and your rifle anytime you want to throw one. They also need to upgrade the whole grenade-throwing motion... most of the time my grenades either go over or fall short of the enemy I'm trying to reach. So far, there hasn't been an in-between.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait another six months to see how it all turns out--it was officially announced that instead of being released this fall, the game will instead be released next spring. The local GameStop has it listed as coming out March 1st of 2011. I don't know about you, but I don't think I can wait that long!

*GameInformer, Issue 206, June 2010 (I'd just like to note that this is a wonderful magazine, for those who take a great interest in gaming and gaming news)

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