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Red TheHaze Veron
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Thank you, Elsa and Mongoose!

Elsa and Mongoose, my favorite people from the great white internet north, sent me a package of some random swag from PAX Prime 2010. I play a lot of MAG on the PS3 with them, which you should totally join us for almost every night. I have a thing for random nerd swag and even I didn't make it to PAX this year, this is the next best thing to being there. Thank you so much guys!


Blatant Shameless Plug Shortblog post: Halo Animu edition

So yeah, there's a Halo anime shorts to be made. It might seem just another attempt to milk a franchise but this could also be seen as way to introduce Halo to Japanese audiences or those annoying weeaboo fucks. If that is one of their nefarious goals, well they should take a gander about my proposal from 3 years ago. That's right, I called this shit back in 2006:



Back due to me getting back to blogging (Over at Japanator, mostly) Im here to not NOT Celebrate this Monday. So here it goes! Have a great monday, Destructoid. Soul Plane was indeed terrible.


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