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The first video game I've ever played was the first Sonic the Hedgehog it was on my sister's Sega Genesis. I was probably around five years old at the time I was playing it. Nearly Everything about video games appealed to me at that age. The colors, the sounds, the characters. I was never any good at Sonic, in fact... I don't think I was ever able to beat the second level. But I kept coming back for more. To shorten up a possibly long and boring story, my mother came home with a brand new Gameboy Pocket one day and told me it was mine. The game she bought with it was Kirby's Dreamland. I played the hell out of that game, and since then, my admiration for video games grew.

Even though Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby's Dreamland are both special to me, there are other games and series that I also treasure. Some of my favorite games include the Onimusha series, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Metal Gear Solid series. There are other games, but it would probably be too many to list here.

I have a terrible trend of starting to play those popular games way after everyone's stopped playing them. It is a trend I shall continue.

So I got a thing in the mail from Japan. I hope it's cool.
It was a pretty big box.
Ignore the hideousness of my room for the moment. I'm currently going through a move and all of my stuff is gone. So my room is bare.

It came in this gigantic box.


Oh my goodness this is the best thing.

Wow, my floor looks like gravel.

Okay, let me hurry up and open this bad boy already.

I'd like to post some scans of the book because it's filled with some really cool stuff, but like, I can't. Because I'm moving and all my stuff is gone. Maybe later if anyone's interested?

And look! The soundtrack!

I can't wait to wake up in style!

Last picture. I pwomise.

I really wanted to post a video of the alarm clock in action, but the quality was so terrible that I felt it'd be best not to bother.
The clock has a little knob for the three characters, Rin, Ken, and Raoh. Kenshiro yells "ATATATATATATA WATAH!!! Omae wa mo shinderu..." Rin just yells "KEEEEEENNNNNNNN" at you untill you wake up. And Raoh says some things that I do not understand.

So this was my first "unboxing" ever. I don't really know how most people do these types of things, so I hope it was okay. Sorry for the quality on some of the pics, I pretty much used the first camera that I could find to take these. I don't know if my crappy pictures make the box look small or not, but the box is actually kind of big.

This made my day.
Photo Photo Photo