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Q: What do you call yourself?
A: Bennett, mostly. I do go by the alias Red Beret, though, and any variation thereof.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: I don't have any.

Q: Does that stop you?
A: Of course not.

Q: So, why "Hit or Miss?"
A: Because the general response to a blog post could go either way, and I'm okay with that. I feel that it reflects the fact that this is a place for people to share their opinions... good or bad.

Q: I see. Tell us more about yourself.
A: Well, I consider myself a casual gamer. I mostly play through games for the story rather than the challenge, and I very rarely play games online, as I don't have great Internet service. I play on a wide enough genre spectrum to stay in the loop with most things, but generally I pass on anything I don't take an interest in... no point in diversifying my portfolio if I'm not gonna have fun with it, eh?

Currently, I'm in possession of a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360. The Wii has not been turned on in the past month, and I'm pretty sure it only exists as a paperweight or a conversation piece--I'm not sure which. Maybe both. Actually, it's kind of useless as a paperweight, because Nintendo decided to devise this little... stand thing, so you can't really pick it up in that convenient way most paperweights can be picked up. So I guess it's a conversation piece. People can ask me, "Oh, you have a Wii?" and I can say "Oh, right, that's what that is."

I suppose I can count my computer, too, but I don't, since I can't really play games on it (its loss).

When I'm not gaming, I do "normal" things like eat and sleep, and when I'm not doing any of those, I rock the AirSoft scene (6mm Mercenary FTW) and post my opinions in the public domain, where unfortunates such as yourselves may read them, haha!
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Well, I went out and bought Operation: Flashpoint, Dragon Rising the other day, and so far, I haven't quite made it past the halfway point in the second campaign mission. I was impressed by the realism that the game conveys... the way you have to heal yourself to avoid bleeding out, and the way getting shot in certain areas affects your ability to walk, shoot, see, et cetera. I also commend the detail in the graphics and the way they managed to make it somewhat simple to issue complex orders to your squad mates.

Then there came the issue of actually playing the game. Your AI squad is unreliable at best, by the time you get close enough to the enemy to actually see what you're shooting at, they've put three rounds through your skull and killed off your team mates... and that's only if there are one or two of them. You don't actually stand a chance if they manage to swarm you. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to invade an island occupied by enemy forces with only eight substandard Marines (the highest number of friendly soldiers I've encountered so far, including the player character) obviously missed out on some part of their training.

And the walking--oh the walking. To expand upon its realism, instead of fighting over a reasonably small map area, they actually made the different "levels" to scale. This sounds like a cool prospect until you actually have to go somewhere. Going outside and walking a mile in real life is less excrutiating. there are random enemy strongholds scattered throughout the area, sure, but you really don't want to engage them, since A) you won't see them until it's too late and B) they are better shots than you. Always.

I'll be taking this game back and getting something less suck-tastically realistic. If you can find three other players online at the same time, then this might be a genuinely enjoyable game... otherwise, good luck getting through the first couple of missions.

This sort of makes me reflect on the fact I don't generally play FPS games for the realism... in real life, combat sucks big time. There are no respawns, there is no "get hit and five seconds later you're fine," and the distances you have to travel without an engagement are certain to be daunting. I might recommend this game for the more hardcore FPS players... otherwise, stick to something like Ghost Recon or Call of Duty.

What can I say? I'm not a great artist, but this was something I felt inspired to draw, especially after playing through the CoD:MW2 campaign. Now, I don't know how late I am to the party, but here goes:

I'll admit, I have become somewhat disillusioned when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise. I enjoyed the first one, and I enjoyed both the original Call of Duty 2 and "Big Red One."

Personally, Call of Duty 3 was the first blow against the series. The first Modern Warfare game did its fair share of damage as well, but not as much damage as the sequel. Yes, Modern Warfare 2 ruined Call of Duty for me forever.

The thing that turned me off wasn't the "shocking" airport scene (I've played through four Grand Theft Auto titles and both Saints Row games, so gunning down virtual civilians is kinda been-there-done-that for me), but the incessent "RAMIREZ!" followed by tedious mission objectives, such as single-handedly assaulting a deli to grab the control module for a Predator UAV, then using it to clear a path to the burger joint across the street, only to realize once you get there that Sgt. Foley forgot to mention that there was a Stinger missile in the deli the enemy just re-occupied, and you're gonna have to go get it so that you can shoot down those pesky oncoming helicopters.

That being said, I don't know if I'm going to give Call of Duty: Black Ops a chance when it comes out in November. From what I understand, it will involve somebody with a Rambo-esque headband, possibly flying a helicopter, and men in labcoats. I took a look at the Freezeframe: Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer in stills and it seems to confirm the men in labcoats, as well as several blindingly bright explosions and what appears to be somebody with an arguably malignant brain tumor giving the ol' "Sieg Heil" with his gun.

Currently, I'm leaning toward "no" on this one, though I may change my mind once it's actually released.

Well, I'm new to Destructoid, so I figure I'll go ahead and introduce myself in my first blog post. I generally go by Bennett, though you're welcome to call me Red Beret, RB, Arbee (which, incidentally, was my first choice for username, though it's already in use, haha), or any variation thereof. My current console of choice is the Xbox 360, and due to my location and the lack of wireless Internet, I generally play single player games... any multiplayer gaming generally presents itself in local/splitscreen or a system link, when I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who brought their own 360 over.

I first got into gaming with computer games, mostly RTS games because, well, I could create my own maps and scenarios (I enjoy customization, be it characters, maps/levels, et cetera). I mostly stuck with Nintendo consoles through most of my childhood, and I've had the priveledge of playing on the original NES, SNES, the original Gameboy system and all the variants up to the GBA SD (that backlight was so glorious--I could now play games at night instead of going to sleep!), and the N64. I was introduced to the PS2 during adolescence, and it lasted me quite awhile. Now I've got the aforementioned 360, and I'm hoping that they'll continue to make games for it so I don't have to go out and buy a brand new console, haha.

The games I enjoy most are shooters, though I prefer the third person point-of-view over the first person point-of-view, especially when character customization is a big part of the playing experience. I especially enjoy sandbox shooters, as there tends to be less focus on the storyline and more focus on exploring and discovering all the neat tricks and things you can do. GTA: Vice City was actually the first sandbox shooter I ever played. Haha, good old Nostalgia... by Adrian Veidt.

As I mentioned before, I don't have any wireless capabilities where I live, so I don't have much experience with online play. Thus, if I ever give a review for a game, it will most likely be based off the single-player campaign or extras, like GRAW2's multiplayer maps or Rainbow 6: Vegas 2's Terrorist Hunt missions. Luckily, I don't often review games, so you guys probably won't have to worry about that.

My current collection of games, unfortunately limited due to lack of funds, is as follows:
Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (my father is actually addicted to this game, especially after he found the DLC)
The Saboteur
Soul Calibur IV (and last, but certainly not least)
Fable II

But that about sums "Gamer Me" up. When I'm not playing videogames, I generally chat, stalk whatever forums I happen to be interested in at the moment, or sit idly and ponder the big questions in the universe, such as "When is somebody going to offer wireless Internet service in my area?"

Haha, that's about it. Hope I haven't bored you to death with that, if you read it at all. And so I will go back to lurking, until I find something I think I can post in without, erm, upsetting anyone. That said, see you guys and gals around. Ciao!