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Red Beret's blog

7:17 PM on 09.12.2010

It's Been Awhile...

Hello, Dtoid, it's been awhile, haha. I've been spending the past month or so upgrading and re-outfitting my Airsoft armory, so I haven't had a lot of time or money to spend on video games. Today's economy seriously doesn't...   read

3:59 PM on 06.29.2010

House of the Resident Evil

Ever since my first visit to an arcade, I've been a pretty big fan of light gun rail shooters, including Confidential Mission, the Jurassic Park games at places like Frankie's Fun Park, and most of the House of the Dead title...   read

1:24 PM on 06.27.2010

Ye Olde Alpha Protocol

The majority of my gaming time is spent with console games, but since I don't actually want to pay sixty bucks for the news games I want to try, and especially with some of the RPG-style games that are in the works and have b...   read

3:18 AM on 06.26.2010

The Ghosts Get Out of Mexico

All right, well, I think I'll stick to safer topics from now on, haha. I apologize for sucking, Dtoid--I was attempting to test the waters and got eaten by the sharks. One of the most memorable shooters I had the fortune ...   read

10:45 AM on 06.24.2010

Five Things I Hope Crackdown 2 Fixes

In preparation for the release of Crackdown 2 early next month, I've been playing the original for the past couple of days. It's an interesting game--I certainly like the upgradeable character, the superhero theme, and the...   read

4:18 AM on 06.23.2010

Why haven't I played this before now?

Well, folks, I returned Operation: Flashpoint, got my money back (thank you, GameStop, for your 7-day policy for used games), and then spent it on a game which I should have bought as soon as it came out.. Seriously, why h...   read

3:35 PM on 06.21.2010

Operation: Flashpoint... A Tedious Study in Realistic Combat.

Well, I went out and bought Operation: Flashpoint, Dragon Rising the other day, and so far, I haven't quite made it past the halfway point in the second campaign mission. I was impressed by the realism that the game convey...   read

6:58 PM on 06.17.2010

Sgt. Foley will never live this down...

What can I say? I'm not a great artist, but this was something I felt inspired to draw, especially after playing through the CoD:MW2 campaign. Now, I don't know how late I am to the party, but here goes: I'll admit, I ha...   read

5:46 AM on 06.15.2010

An Introduction... Possibly.

Well, I'm new to Destructoid, so I figure I'll go ahead and introduce myself in my first blog post. I generally go by Bennett, though you're welcome to call me Red Beret, RB, Arbee (which, incidentally, was my first choice f...   read

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