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OSup, I'm Reaprar/PenisBeam and I'm about to make you have a triple orgasm with my words, and my rock.

Cblog Recaps - I do these sometimes, it's hard work, but fufilling, besides, I get to read what you all write, which could be good or bad, but either way I'm READING THINGS

Actually I'll put some actual information up here:
Sex: Female? Male? Maybe.
Age: ???
Yob: Omgnone, hoping to get some freelance web design work soon though, one day I'll have examples of my designs in this sidebar or something, kinda like Ceark with his drawings.
Blogs serieses: Bitch yall know I aint got no rhyme nor reason all up in dis hizzy, I be freestylin dis bitch while ah ghost ride on the d-low!!
Videos: I maik dem
Penis: Smashes planets.
Current Gen Consoles owned: Xbox360, wii
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O hay guis, it's reaprar bringin u this supar reliable sourceslol

VIA 'Phase1Phaser':

One striking writer, who does not wish their name be published, explains.

“Shit is rank. They say Final Fantasy VII is the pinnacle of story telling. But you could see Aeris dying from miles away. You could have put a random Everybody Loves Raymond script in there and it would have held up just as well.”

Another writer, also under the condition of anonymity states: “Bioshock, last year’s best game, is really just Atlas Shrugged teased out over a long period of time. The only skill there was dragging Atlas Shrugged out. I would have never thought it impossible.”


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