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Reaprar avatar 4:17 AM on 01.29.2008  (server time)
Moar leaked brawl images, 150+ images!! *SPOILURZ AND CHARACTER CONFIRMATIONS*

This is continued from ZekeThePlumber's post, if you haven't seen his already, go there just now. I'm updating as I get the info. These are all brand new, never seen before screens, no, they're not fake, they're all real, and from the game, being streamed to a private 2chan sever on some japanese program. Oh hay dar falco. MA NIGGA FALCO AINT NO CLONE NO MAOR Moar bombs Badass pose. This gaint enemy reminds me of a boss from megaman, probably not the same guy though. This is the mode he arrives in, sorta like transformers. SAMUS AND PIKACHU, BFF FOREVER <3 Looks like you don't get the suit right away, that's pretty cool. LOOKS LIKE SUM SHIT'S GUN GO DOWN HAY WUTS ALL THIS COMOSHUNS AROUND HURR? I'MM A BOOOOOSS SUCK MY DIIIIIIICK I'M A BOSSSS Ah, back in the peaceful countryside, far away from those ruffians. ...pikmin? Oh hay olimar. wha- n-no way.. CAAAAAPTAAAAAAIN.. FALCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN Yeah, I kill yo' pikmin, what chu gun do? WHAT CHU GUN DO? Haha, pikmin. That's a funny name. ELSEWHERE Diddy is such a badass. Ice climbers etc. (NOONECARESLOL) [img]] I /was/ gunna get to lucario, but someone ruined that for me, so here: ): Is this a cardboard box? What's this box doing here? (got a better system for uploading now, just numbering them 1 2 3 4- etc, in thier own folder) A cardboard box!?!? Oh hi peachypoo! ... eww. This isn't sexy at all, I swear. Brb, fappin. CARDBOARD BOX VS FLOATING WENCHES, GOGOGO Looks like mario and link don't save the day, HAHA. TEA BREAK! Man, I wish game and watch was in this game. OH HAY THERE GAME AND WATCH O: (possibly fake) Possibly falco's final smash: (/possiblyfake) This is the map screen about half way into the game: Looks like the explosions from those bombs show up on the map, maybe you have to go to those areas and defeat enemies to keep the place at bay? like in ZOE? I don't know, just speculation, I can't read japanese ): And is that ANGEL ISLAND? And this is how the roster stands at the moment: Ness's final smash seems pretty bitchin' Not quite sure what's going on here, however it's not a shoop, because if you invert it back the character names/percentage is inverted, looks like lugi can freeze time...? I uploaded a slightly higher version of the intro here:
Youtube kinda fucks it over a bit though, seems to be the highest quality video around. EDIT: Better quality stage six video, I'm not that great at converting things, so I mighta botched it a bit but it's still higher quality all the same: R.O.B CONFIRMED? Not entirely sure on the validity of this one. Looks like gannon.. is commanding bowser? Hmm.. that's odd. Another weird select screen, it looks like that image with the 35 characters is shaping up to be correct, another row under this? amounts to 35 exactly. The hell is this? is this from a game I haven't played? OH WHAT THE FUCK!?! (if this is fake I'm incredibly sorry, it looks very convincing.) Are those.. tiny Dedede stickers or something? I think I've broken the 100 image mark :) This must be near the end of the game. MISSILE WEEGEE CONFIRMED! PEWPEWPEW LAZUR TURRETZ I'm suprised this massive ship can dodge this much. I'M PRETTY SURE THERE'S MASSIVE SPOILERS FROM NOW ONWARDS, AS IN, GAME ENDING SPOILERS Looks like crazy hand to me. Confirmed, with sorrow. This appears to be the save screen we saw in earlier videos, and after all the info I've showed you.. It's only at 59% completion, and that's nearly 6 hours worth, I'm actually somewhat surpised if this turns out to be a 10 hour game through story mode alone. Here's the map screen, and if you note, angel island (?) isn't there. A face I'm quite sure snake will be pulling alot in this game. I know this scene is in the opening title, but if you notice, charizard is closer, I don't really have anything to say about it, other than, I WANT 200 IMAGES UP HERE D: Gannondorf.. no sword.. kinda.. in a captain falcon pose, SAY IT AINT SO? All characters swallowed, including ridley? ridley could be fake, it looks kinda doctored but this might confirm him as a playable character, doubt it though, however, there's meta ridley there and REGULAR ridley, so don't give up hope guys. EDIT: Nevermind, my bad: Meta Ridley: Normal ridley: God damn it. Lucario's final smash, I think it's just about out of juice here, can't find any new info. Youtube time! I think these are some mister zeke missed:
(seven minutes long!)
I'm kinda lazy, so I'll post more later. And here's the roster thus far, I'll still be posting images, but eventually I'm gunna stop,. maybe in an hou- Holy shit, it's like, 4pm, I've been doing this for hours, but yeah, in about an hour someone else can take over. Mewtwo is spotted to the left. Sonic finally confirmed for the SSE New stage? Port town? I think that's what it's called, lovin' the gaint R.O.B [img] This seems to be the end screen, is that roy on the left hand side with the red cape? 'TOON' LINK CONFIRMED? Not entirely sure on the validity on this one, could be fake, it looks really blurry compared to the other images. And this is - apparently the roster thus far, I'm fairly skeptical of these last three images, so don't count them as fact. Jigglypuff's final smash? Again, don't regard this one as fact, jigglypuff isn't even confirmed yet, however, I'm thinking 'toon link' is real, he doesn't look celshaded, and there's a starman behind those ropes, that'd take too long to shoop at that shitty quality. Shadow toon link FTW. This is probably just an alt costume though, just like regular link's, intresting note - this is an event much like the old "nintendo all-stars" event. There we go. HOLY FUCKING AWESOME. Looks like you're a winrar. Can anyone count the images? i wanna know how cloes to 200 I am. More of green hill zone, I think after this, I'll stop posting images except from major things, maybe post a new blog with a re-cap. Roster thus far. A bette rimage of lucario's outragous final smash, I mean really, is that really nessicery?

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