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Reaprar avatar 12:47 AM on 03.24.2008  (server time)
Hey guys.. I uh.. I need to confess something.. [Yes, I'm a girl]

After reading SuperFlossy's blog earlier.. I decided us girl gamers need to stand up for ourselfs. Too long I've been pretending to be a guy, just because I didn't wanna be told to 'get back to the kitchen and play cooking mama' I'm a gamer damn it! just because I have a small, tight wet vagina doesn't mean that I can't beat smash bros on intense mode or I can't whore the spartan lazer in halo.. This is why I don't speak in FNFs, because every time I go online I get hurled abuse, I just wanna be treated like everyone else, do my boobs give off some kind homing beacon for assholes? I just wanna get out there and show you guys what I can do, because I'll easily kick your ass with peach and rip off your penis while I'm doing it. Girl Gamers arent toys. We're not gunna stand for it anymore. -Reaprar

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