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2:01 PM on 08.26.2008

Football Manager Live - Pre Order Now!

Football manager live has just been confirmed for pre order, and is now taking in pre orders from the general public.

So head over to and check it out!   read

7:38 AM on 10.29.2007

Assassins Creed has gone gold.

That is all. :)   read

8:32 AM on 08.25.2007

UK gets no HDMI love. Pt Deux.

Last night I announced that The UK wont be getting a Premium Xbox360 with HDMI for quite some time., so I thought I'd take it into my own hands and talk to the sellers themselves about the projected time frame we will be expecting to recieve the first HDMI enabled premium 360's.

So off I popped into Game and spoke to the manager who happened to be behind the counter at the time. The manager himself was completely unaware of premium 360's receiving the HDMI love, and constantly asked me if it was the Elite I was on about. I suggested he researched the matter and upon doing so he said their was no projected release date yet.

Next I went to gamestation and asked the manager of their establishment, as I suggested yesterday it seems gamestation are informed it will be around March 2008 us Brits will be able to get our hands on the HDMI enabled premiums.

I then ventured into Woolworths & Virgin, and neither had a clue what I was on about, so I just gave up and returned home.

I have also contacted a couple online shops ( &, and Play had this to say :

"We are currently not expecting the Xbox 360 premium editions until at least Q2 2008, if you wish to find out further please contact Microsoft directly."

So it seems my ventures to find a HDMI enabled premium, are fruitless, and waiting until 2008 seems the only option :(   read

3:57 PM on 08.24.2007

UK gets no HDMI love.

This morning, I woke up expecting the introduction of not only the 360 elite, but also the 360 premiums with HDMI out.

Knowing some of the people who work for the big games companies in the UK (Gamestation & Game) I was on good authority that the HDMI premiums were arriving in the UK in the next couple of weeks, and as with everywhere else the transitional period had began.


Speaking to an assistant manager of a local gameStation store this morning, 360 Premiums in the UK will not be expected to have HDMI out until around March next year. This has gotten me riled as the rest of the world seems to be happily getting the hdmi love, while us brits (And probably the rest of Europe) have to wait it out, or spend an extra 50 - 100 pounds on an elite.

Great. Just Great.   read

4:33 AM on 08.24.2007

Wii the biggest selling console? Who wudda thunk it!?

(because the image doesnt seem to work)

As of last night, the Wii has now become the leading selling console, beating the 360 to the fabled 10million sold.

Who would've thought, a console which makes you wave your arms around like a maniac, and very soon sway from side to side can beat Microsofts console, which has been out for practically a full year longer to the goal.

The gif above basically sums up what happened.   read

10:03 AM on 06.18.2007

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 details finally released

The biggest and baddest Football Sim is back for another version, and as per usual is coming to all the consoles and PC.

Aptly named Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Working title) will include what Konami are calling "Teamvision" this effectively :

"Teamvision will totally change the way PES fans play the game, because the adaptive AI forces players to constantly rethink their tactics. So, for example, if you prefer to run the ball down the wing and knock in a cross to a tall centre forward like Peter Crouch, your opponent will quickly change their tactics to close down the wide players and mark your hitmen more heavily. Similarly, if your favoured method of defence is to protect the back four with a sweeper -- then the other team will quickly pick up on this and change their attackers to take advantage of your formation."

In short, the computer AI will conteract your tactics. Other improvements are touted to include more scope for skilled dribbling, tricks and neat inter-player passing moves. Setting up a free-kick isn't quick as restrictive either, whether you're defending or attacking. You can change the number of players in the wall if you're defending or, if you're on the attacking, plan runs more intricately and position specific target men for the kicker to aim for. The top improvment however is the graphics which should be truely next gen.


6:58 PM on 06.14.2007

Uk Games released today : Crappy film game edition

So, with Fantastic 4 hitting cinema screens recently, we see basically every platform having a version of the game that has been released in tandem.

Other than that we see worthy note of Mortal Kombat for the Nintendo Wii.

So anyway, enough about that, heres the list :

PC :

Colin McRae: DIRT
DEFCON (including Uplink)
Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition
Circus Empire
Patriots: A Nation Under Fire
Animal Town
Pup Idol
Scooby Doo Case File 3: Frights, Camera, Mystery
The Entente 2

ps2 :

Wacky Races: Motor Madness
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Legend Of The Dragon

ps3 :

Super Stardust HD
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer


Great Battles Of Rome (History Channel)
Legend of the Dragon
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge
DragonBall Z: Shin Budokai 2

Xbox 360 :

Colin McRae: DiRT
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Nintendo DS :

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Sega Presents: Touch Darts

Gameboy Advance :

M&M's Break 'em

Nintendo Wii :

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Mortal Kombat
Legend Of The Dragon   read

7:07 PM on 06.13.2007

Starcraft 2 : More units revealed

Its only good news that in Augusts PC Gamer we will be seeing a full rundown of new Protos units in Starcraft 2, this will include the soul hunter, the phase cannon, the tempest and the Twilight Archon.

There will also be a breif gameplay sequence with these new units.

It seems Blizzard are going to release information very slowly until release, so its just going to keep on whetting our appetites.

For those of you who really cannot be assed to wait until august. Heres the video from the pc gamer disk :

SC2 sneak peak   read

9:13 AM on 06.12.2007

Holy Sh*t! Speedball 2 coming to the 360.

The all time classic "Speedball 2" is coming to the 360 arcade. The game originally created by the bitmap brothers for the Amiga and went to sell over 2 million copies.

The CEO of Empire interactive had this to say :

"We are pleased to be bringing this all time classic to Xbox Live Arcade, With its brutal and addictive gameplay, plus the ability to play multiplayer over Live, we are sure this will be the definitive version of Speedball."

For those who don't know of the series its a very beefed up version of hand ball, with men in big mech armour suits bashing into each other with the target of throwing the ball into a goal.

Expect it to be arriving around August this year on both the PC and Xbox live arcade.   read

8:38 AM on 06.12.2007


A fully functional robot has been created for male pleasure. The robot (pictured above) has at least 9 usable holes, meaning that yourself and your friends could have have a go in turn.

Her stomach also has a fully functional LCD telivison so if you're feeling a bit droopy you can watch porn to your hearts content.

Quite why someone thought this was a good idea im not sure, but if any of you are interested it should be going into production later this year.   read

1:27 PM on 06.10.2007

Whats this I hear? a Wii & Gamecube homebrew competition.

So, maybe im obsessed.

But I recently stumbled across This little competition set up by

The competition is question is to make either gamecube or Wii homebrew, send it to them and try and win 500 pounds! Not bad eh?

The competition has allready started however you still have until Agust 7th to hand in your entries if you feel like winning it.

So if you feel like it give it a go :)   read

7:42 AM on 06.10.2007

Football Manager Live Beta - Yet another way to win a key.

So, Maybe im obsessed...

But the news of Football Manager Live becoming Beta so soon is only good news to me.

Whats even better is I was one of the first to win a Beta key in a competition on friday. Big whoop I hear you say, well its not only myself that has a chance to win one. SI are releasing beta keys in numerous competitions, the most recent being by the news of the world.

Heres the article :

The world’s greatest football management sim is back – and this time you’ll be playing against people from around the world in real time.

Sports Interactive and SEGA will release Football Manager Live in March 2008 and it’s set to be the biggest-ever launch in the award-winning franchise.

We’ve been addicted to the game for the last six weeks and now 100 lucky GadgiTs’ readers will get the chance to play the beta version of the game a full ten months before anyone else.

It’s different from the regular version of Football Manager in that instead of picking a real-world team - like Manchester United – you create your own football club, call it whatever you want, name the stadium, give them a nickname, choose the strip and start building your team.

You’re given a limited wage budget to build your squad and will have to balance superstar players with younger prospects and relative unknowns.

In each server – or “gameworld” – up to 1000 players can compete, and players can be purchased for a period of one month before you have to renegotiate their contract.

All the players are real and their attributes are in line with their real-life abilities and although there are no scouts or coaches, players do improve over time.

You compete against other teams in your gameworld and score points by playing in tournaments and the points system is levelled to ensure players who spend all day online playing the game don’t have an unfair advantage over those who play less. So the more games you play each day, the less points you’ll win or lose in each match.

Once you’ve picked your team and selected your tactics – you’re ready to kick off and play the game.

[b]To stand a chance of being among the first to play this ground-breaking football title, just e-mail us at [email protected] and make sure you put "Football Manager Live Beta" as the subject header.

The first 100 entries picked at random will win a unique invite each and will be notified within 28 days. Competition closes midnight Monday, so get in quick!
For more info on Football Manager Live, please log on to

So there you have it, send an email and have a chance at winning one. Maybe I'll see you in the beta when it starts in a week or so. :)   read

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