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RazorFist avatar 1:54 AM on 04.02.2011  (server time)
Dragon Age 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's a poorly-kept secret that Dragon Age 2 has drawn more than its fair share of detractors since launching earlier this month. The community has been justifiably angry since at least fall of last year when the first combat gameplay was revealed and held more than a passing resemblance to medieval Power Rangers. (Don't you dare steal my idea, Haim Saban!) Destructoid released a review earlier this week leveling some very valid complaints at the game while simultaneously tempering this negative view with a general sense that Dragon Age 2 isn't a bad game... it's just not as good as Origins. And with review scores in the 7-8/10 range all around, it's tempting to fall into the trap of simply accepting this verdict as gospel.

I disagree. Dragon Age 2 is a legitimately bad game. Measured against Origins. Measured against itself. Measured against Root Beer Tapper. It's simply not a good or engaging video game in any context.

So, with an obligatory warning that this video is rife with nasty language and opinions (that's what reviews are for, after all) I present my video review of Dragon Age II:

I understand the views presented in the previous video aren't unbiased. Reviews, by their nature, are biased. Jim Sterling did a brilliantly-executed piece parodying just this irrational expectation concerning his negative review of Final Fantasy XIII. Opinions aren't politically correct, and - not to ascribe this attribute to the video - but neither is truth.

Until next time, Rageaholics,


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