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Well not much to say here

My 1st game ever was on the NES it was Mario and the 2nd was duckhunt

I have owned NES,SNES,Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Xbox,Game Cube and now a PS3

Other then that I dunno what else to say sooooo ok
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I have the ps3 version of this game and I'm dissapointed. This game is alot of things all at once but in the end it's just not something i'm happy I bought. The gameplay is methodic and repetitive which is simply caused by a lack of options. When starting a new game you automatically face 6 other civilization's on a random map on a VERY SMALL globe. You don't have the option to adjust # of opponents or select a particular world map size or even set a win condition. Your also given your choice between around sixteen leaders ranging from China's Mao to Abe Lincholn. Each leader gives a different kind of bonus some even giving special units. Except the special units look the same are worse then normal units and seem pretty much worthless.
The most annoying thing about this game beyond all that is the combat. You start with a warrior with an axe and as time progresses you get newer units archers to airplanes and tanks. Sounds cool? Yeah it's great until Civil War riflemen kill off hordes of your tanks. Or when a lone archer beats off your six horse calavary unit. I've seen some pretty funny things in this game. A group of cannons kills my army of marines, then my tanks and finally finishes off my artillery. WTF? Yeah I've had my Japanese Zero Fighters shot down by tanks and seen my Val Bombers get killed by riflemen.

I'm sure this formula could have worked, well probably not. See the whole game is based on position of your city. The area around you determines what resource you can collect, they are gold, science, food, and production. Basically you need food to make population grow science to study certain things in history, production or having alot determines the speed that you build certain buildings or Wonders, and gold can help you buy units faster or buildings.

Thats not all I mentioned a small map size didn't I? Well your facing 6 other civilazations who can have as many cities as they please and there is no room to them. You will find them teaming against you I've fought off all six alone at times when I'm not even in the lead.
Added upon all that the diplomatic system is a joke they basically make you give them whatever technology they want if you don't it's war. No matter how long you've been at peace and no matter how many times you attack them and make a new peace nothing changes. There are no long term effects no depth involved simply attack and when you start losing offer your enemy a nice tech and the fight is forgotten.

The Graphics are cool, the leaders look authentic in the game you even have a Condolezza looking advisor which is cool. The game is smooth in that category. But falls off again in the sound dept. with stupid sim voices and forgetable music. I just turn it down and listen to my ipod.

It might sound like alot but after 1-3 games you will have it mastered each game being about two hours long. The game is a good rental I wouldn't buy it because after awhile it's boring with no unlockables no matter how you beat the game, besides pictures and facts about the leaders which is easier and quicker to see on wiki.

Yes I said it!!!! I don't know who remebers mutant league football, but I do. What a great game. I owned it for Sega Genesis and though it lacked something that Madden had (mainly Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman) it made up for it in fun. Imagine a game that played just like madden but the players looked like all of your favorite baddies. I'm talking four eyed monsters, skeleton warriors, you name it though since the old genesis doesn't support HD eyes might be hard to count. Imagine football being deadly killer hits added with a field that is as deadly as the players on it. Not to mention you had referees who could easily be bribed (though I forgot the currency used)

I guess after reading so much about the new Madden release and how they are still releasing ports of old SNES versions I don't see how the concept of MLF got misplaced, and why it has never been revived. Such an splendid game virtually swept under the rug by Madden.

Also I don't remeber even playing madden until PS1 before that the long menus and complex interfaces had nothing on MLF or Tecmo Super Bowl for that matter.

I guess when you look at the lack of sucess games like NFL Street and Blitz have game developers aren't ready to step out of the box, but in we are seeing alot of old franchises come back why not this one. A game that gives you the delightful pleasure of literally destroying competetion and being a very bad sport, in a good way


^as long as it isn't that

And they are putting Daniel Plainview to shame. But instead of leasing land and draining oil they are wowing alot of 3rd party game makers into making exclusive games for their console Xbox 360.

As consumers, or rather loyal game fans I think we should feel insulted. Now I know alot of people here have all three next gen consoles and they get my congratulations but I can't afford it so bugger off. Anyway take Tales of Vesperia, a game that is part of the Tales series which date back to SNES if im not mistaken, ps1 and also two titles on PS2, this game is boosting Xbox sales in Japan and thats great but what about me? I'm a fan of the series I've owned some of the games and I want to fucken play it but I don't got a damn 360 so Im screwed. Well I'll be damned if I even by a game by that company again.

I guess my arguement is that I'm not a console fan I'm a game fan and I don't expect consumer giants like Microsoft or Sony to feel my pain but for christsakes alot of the people that make games are gamers and they should try to get their product to as many people as possible period.

Hey I get it the name of the game is to make money and more power to ya, but why the hell is Diseaga 3 a PS3 exclusive if I owned and xbox I would be pissed. But hey your only important until you purchase a system then your just another number.

I think I've learned my lesson from all of this. My next generation console wont be a console it will be a shiny PC with a huge screen and some wireless controls.

And on a sidenote with all this exclusive bullshit going on I totally support game pirating fight the power

Another question I have lol. I know we got Civilazation but the game has been slammed so I dunno, I was wondering more along the lines of RoTK or something maybe a star wars RTS like Rebellion considering how Lucas Arts keeps peddling this crap, im not thrilled about the new force unleashed game at all but would love for it to be fun.

Once again I'm thinking why didnt I get an xbox 360 :/ any good news for me though?

Was thinking about this with all FPS games PS3 has coming out in the next couple months . What can I expect different or innovative about Killzone 2 and Resistance 2??

Speaking of innovation I really like how Uncharted mixed in the shooting with tomb raider game play, sure it's third person but it moves smooth enough, but for some reason the low ammo levels of guns and the annoying color of the gun sights kills my eyes and bugs me.

Really hoping that R2 has some cooler looking baddies more guns definately hopefully both it and killzone bring something remotely new to the FPS genre but im not counting on it

6:05 PM on 08.07.2008

Well I was just kind of thinking about this. Square has put out some great games, mostly FF and Star Ocean and such but compared to the in depth catalog of RPG's and stragety games that Atlus has.

I mean I find Diseaga titles and games like Phantom Brave along that last game on PS2 where you could choose to be good or evil (forgot the name) add that to countless games i've forgotten like all the cool games they have for GBA alone which I play alot on my pc and I just don't think Square competes.

I think after 1 play through of FF7 i didn't touch it again for years. Where as when I found this gem of game called Brigadine I still pop it in every once awhile almost 8 years after buying it.

Anyway Diseaga 3 out soon so ill get to see what Atlus can do on these new consoles