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[Review] Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

I have the ps3 version of this game and I'm dissapointed. This game is alot of things all at once but in the end it's just not something i'm happy I bought. The gameplay is methodic and repetitive which is simply caused by ...


Mutant League Football > Madden.

Yes I said it!!!! I don't know who remebers mutant league football, but I do. What a great game. I owned it for Sega Genesis and though it lacked something that Madden had (mainly Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman) it made up...


Is there such thing as an innovative FPS??

Was thinking about this with all FPS games PS3 has coming out in the next couple months . What can I expect different or innovative about Killzone 2 and Resistance 2?? Speaking of innovation I really like how Uncharted mix...


Atlus VS Square Enix

Well I was just kind of thinking about this. Square has put out some great games, mostly FF and Star Ocean and such but compared to the in depth catalog of RPG's and stragety games that Atlus has. I mean I find Diseaga ti...


So I just bought a PS3 :/

Well I bought it about 3 weeks ago, but really just starting to mess with it an get games. I didnt do much research on it before I bought it. I didnt know the PS3 had about 60 games out if even an I didnt know that all PS3's...


Need For Speed PRO STREET... sucks!

Yeah another frisbee. This game is terrible. They keep releasing these sequel games on a yearly basis and run good franchises into the dirt. If i'm not mistaken I remember NFS on Sega CD being a dope game. I was proud to h...


Smackdown VS Raw so... dissapointing

My first blog is going to be a rant, because i'm so pissed at how bad this game is. Seriously is THQ smoking the same crack as EA Sports are? This game is the most unfinished piece of trash i've ever seen I mean c'mon. The...


About Rayneone of us since 3:54 PM on 11.11.2007

Well not much to say here

My 1st game ever was on the NES it was Mario and the 2nd was duckhunt

I have owned NES,SNES,Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Xbox,Game Cube and now a PS3

Other then that I dunno what else to say sooooo ok

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