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Raymod's blog

4:16 AM on 08.29.2008


My Blog today is regarding a very very useful web site known as Video Game Jam.
If you’re like me and you play Guitar and/or Bass and you also love Video Game music then this is the site for you because Video Game Jam is a site dedicated to supplying "geeks" the world over with guitar and bass guitar tablature (TAB) , I’m not too sure when it was I stumbled upon this site, all I know is it was a good few years back and I instantly fell in love with it even though it didn’t have the tab I was looking for (the game over theme from BATMAN on the NES), I believe the first tab I attempted from the site was Wicked Child from Castlevania on the NES and thanks to the site supplying Midi files for most of the tracks I picked it up quite quick.

Right it’s time for a bit of a history lesson on Video Game Jam but it’s probably best if I leave that to the creator of the site Dan “Deezer” W.

“I got the idea for Video Game Jam in late 1997 after I tabbed a few
Mario tunes for, another site I run. Since
there weren't many game tabs available around that time, I kicked
around the idea of a tab site for a while, then finally launched it
about a year and a half later. Video Game Jam has mostly been a
one-man operation, but early on I had some help from a guy who
gathered MIDIs for the big games like Chrono Trigger and the Final
Fantasy series.”

Hmmm ’97, I would have been 18 at the time.... I’m not too sure but it might have been around ’99, 2000 when I first visited the site, But that is irrelevant, what matters is that the site is still up and running.

I encourage everyone to visit this site and have a look, plus if possible submit some tabs and midi files that you might have worked out for yourself, pretty soon I will be submitting the tab for the BATMAN game over theme that started it all because to this day I still haven’t found it on the net.

Video Game Jam   read

7:36 AM on 09.22.2007

Any Relation To Mr Destructiod :D

I was watching Police Story last night when i seen some really hi-tech equipment that looks very similar to Mr Destructoid, I wonder if they are any relation to him. :D

7:00 AM on 08.28.2007

Question about the blog header.

What's the Exact Hight and width of the blog headers in Pixels?   read

10:23 PM on 08.26.2007


Just thought I'd write a post about the NAOMI arcade machine that's in my local independent games store, at this point in time we have Capcom VS SNK in it but are hoping to get Marvel VS Capcom 2 for it because we believe more people would play it due to it have Marvel characters in it, plus the fact I love the game too.
Here's the Cab

Putting the arcade machine in the shop was the idea of my friend who works and The Games Centre,
I'm not 100% sure how he managed to persuade management into letting him put it in the shop but he did.
the next big hurdle was getting the Naomi to the shop my friend decided it would be best to remove the monitor from the machine and taking that to the shop separately from the actual cab, that was where i came in, monitors are heavy bloody things and it doesn't help when the only thing you have to hold on to is squared off, thank Ken Masters (GOD) for a pair of pink gardening gloves :D.
We managed to get the cab to the shop thanks to my Friend's girlfriend's father (he's a great guy).

When we got it there putting it together was easy we had it all set to 20p a credit and everything thing was working fine till my friend went to hand me a tool (:D) and due to my butter fingers it fell underneath the coin slot as i was trying to get it back out i must have done something cos it was no longer giving credits, i unfortunately had to go home at that point cos i had work that night and required some sleep.
I'm not sure what the problem was but luckily the problem was solved and it's working fine.

That's it been in the shop for about a week now and i think most of the money in it is from us some customers have played it, i know for a fact the biggest customer is a guy from the pet shop across the street which is good for us because he keeps getting called back over to the pet shop and we get to continue with his game :D
If anyone's interested I'll keep posting about it if anything else happens :D
so anyway here's an image of me playing it :D

5:50 PM on 08.24.2007

OOFT!! I never heard about this before.

Jack Thompson's past has shocked me i was looking for a picture of the new Christ on Google and i decided to visit the Wikipedia page about him, i was a tad shocked by this bit,

In sending documents to opponents, Thompson would frequently attach a photocopy of his driver's license, with a photo of Batman pasted over his own, just to make sure they knew who they were dealing with. Thompson said, "I have sent my opponents pictures of Batman to remind them I'm playing the role of Batman. Just like Bruce Wayne helped the police in the movie, I have had to assist the sheriff of Broward County." He also wore a Batman wristwatch.

How did this guy pass a psych evaluation? He thinks he's Batman!!!

At least I think I'm someone decent like Ken from Street Fighter.

2:51 PM on 08.24.2007

God Told me to do it...

Well God said to me "You suck. Start a blog. ..." so I thought I might as well seeing as he's God, problem is what do I talk about,
do I talk about World Of Warcraft and How sick I am of grinding rep :D,
do I talk about my love for 2D beat-em ups and shmups,
or do I talk about my views on modern day games that seem to concentrate too much on the look of the game than actually make the game good.
I don't know, but i doubt very much anyone will read this :D
Actually i think what I'll do is apologize for wasting your time and write an actual blog later, think i might do something on arcade Gaming and how me and my Friends want to bring it back to the Junkie filled streets of Hamilton Scotland, i might also start a blog on how well received an arcade machine containing Capcom VS SNK has been in my local Games shop Games Centre.

OK thanks for wasting your time and do feel free to comment on my grammar and punctuation cos I'm shite at english :D

Bye Folks :D
Leo Says Bye Too :D

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