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Ray Gbk Wilson's blog

Ray Gbk Wilson avatar 7:44 AM on 04.25.2013
Link's Blacklist - An Art Tribute about the LoZ Bosses and Monsters

Hi, Ray here with his first blog on Destructoid.

I thought i share the work of around 100 artists with you who participated in an art project i myself organized last summer and continue it till today.

Ganon, the Octoroks, Demise, Ghirahim, Stalfos etc etc etc. were drawn by selected fans worldwide, Ranging from 16 year old young artists who draw for fun up to over 40 year old professional artists who rarely have the time to draw for fun anymore since the art has become their life and income.

Very different people worked together on this big art project, but they all are big Legend of Zelda fans like myself.

If you want to see their art and also see a ton of infos about the many different Zelda monsters and bosses, take a look at Link's Blacklist.

This project is ongoing and is getting updated 2 times per year now with the ambitious goal to get every enemy and monster illustrated by dedicated artists.

A small glimpse of the whole thing:

Greets everyone, i hope you like what we do there on Game Art HQ. The Zelda Project is not the only one there.


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