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An amateur game developer, trying to bring AI into the gamers experience. Looking for create/join teams for gamejams!
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9:32 PM on 05.04.2014

Imagine you’re having a really bad dream and suddenly, finally, wake up. But even though you wake up in your room, you don’t wake up in your world. That’s exactly what 17 year old Iris will go through in the game Realm: Walk of Soul. This game is a 2D platformer that will, if everything goes well, come out on December 2014. 

Throughout the game you will find different “powers” for Iris that will help her solve puzzles and find her way back home. If you like obscure themes, then you’ll definitely love this game. It will take you into a journey filled with wonders and nightmares, all wrapped in original soundtrack and sound effects that will have you on the edge of your seat. The animations are carefully drawn to provide profound detail to each element and submerge you into the world of Realm.

This game has even caught the attention at Square Enix, and gained its entrance ticket to the Square Enix Collective crowdfunding, where it will be up all this month to gather support for an Indiegogo campaign. If you feel like helping out or knowing more about the game, you can check out the game site at and the Square Enix Collective site:

This game is being developed by Authentic Illusions, a group of postgraduate students from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. Their other projects have a strong focus on game AI development. Please support these guys and help the growth of the Latin American game industry! You can find more about these guys here.

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