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6:15 PM on 10.22.2008

Time for an excessive late in the month "Monthly Musing! Woo, anywoo here we go

The Below video shows every feeling that I could ever have about game BANNING.

The reason I chose this topic is because it really is something to be fearful about. Ok, I understand that in the United states there is little to no care about bans, because well in all truth it doesn't pertain to us. Thank you Mister Constitution! Thought the U.S may not have a problem with it now, how long will it be before some sort of game banning amendment is set out? 15 years? Less? The elastic clause of the constitution allows for congress to make and enforce any laws that are necessary and proper to the changing times of America. With realism increasing along with violence, blood, and fun in games, who's to say the U.S is going to be left out? Anyway, enough about America, this Musing is more a vague subject on game banning as a whole, where it is now, and where it might be in some years.

First off, I would just like to say that this is on Banning, which has nothing to do with putting little black papers on the front of game cases depicting sexual themes or any of that. This is about the idea of completely saying "No, we will not allow this in our country in any matter."

A lot of times what game banning comes down too is the fact that the government feels responsible for the mentality of the people, in other words. The reason that this kid stole a car is because he learned it from GTA. I can't understand why the government feels pressured to eliminate games, instead of realizing the responsibility is in the hands of the parents. If a parent doesn't know well enough to say, "Hey maybe my kid isn't ready to handle this," that is no fault of the country, it is a fault of the parents to parent. Obviously, if you go and do something stupid because you saw it in your favorite video game, you are obviously not well equipped enough to handle the level of maturity needed.

The second factor that comes into play, is the role of the media and/or the lawyers governing game ban cases. If you were a "reckless" teen in need of something to kill your boredom, you usually don't say, "Hey bye mom, bye dad, going to kill people!" It just doesn't happen like that. The only reason why the number of "video game related" incidents occurring is as large as it is, is because the kids are seeing this incredible light that shields them from trouble. The media has been so hyperbolic about the situation that after you say the two magic words they don't care about what you did anymore. Those two words of course being: video games. If a kid goes out and steals a car, he goes to a juvie hall. If a kid does something of that scope and says that the video games told him to do it, it is an entirely different matter. The focus becomes on that game, not on the idiot kid anymore. Sure, he still gets some time, but for how long? This scapegoat is creating a horrible whiplash system that leads back to game banning.

Knowing that some people can believe anything the media or some random famous person tells them, it is scary to think that because of that, you find out that your favorite game has been banned for some weird reason. Take violence for example. Most games banned have no differentiation between violence in those that haven't. A lot of things surrounding game banning don't make incredible amounts of sense. I believe that stems from the public not having enough knowledge about video games.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding out that your favorite game has been banned. How would you feel? Better yet, how would you react? This fear is constantly growing due to the growing rate of game banning. The U.S. suddenly becomes aware of "communist propaganda" in Mario or, COD4 is "un-patriotic due to the games function of the player being able to play a terrorist". It makes no sense to you now, but look to Saudi Arabia, Pokemon, being banned for promoting Zionism. I'm sure some of you thinking. Wait... but Saudi Arabia isn't a "developing" functional nation. It doesn't matter. For example to say the internet is the most popular form of media is not a big leap. If someone on the internet suddenly sparks a huge controversy surrounding a game, and enough people join in, it will be a problem. Once one is banned, who knows what is next? Light the end of the paper, the whole thing goes up in flames. It may be hard to think about, but game banning is in actuality a very scary subject. With more and more kids being idiots, and more and more people believing it has roots in video games, who knows what will happen. My prediction is mainly that soon, it will be a long hard battle for the gaming community and I don't know if it is one we can win.

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