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Ravec999 avatar 3:57 PM on 01.24.2009  (server time)
My First Silent Hill Experience

My friendís would not stop talking about Silent Hill 2. I wanted them to stop, but alas they would not. Finally I
mustered up the strength to go ahead and made my way over to his house. The main idea here is I did not
know what I was in for. From the moment I stepped out of the bathroom, to the first time I seen pyramid head
in the hotel, my jaw was dropped in awe, and my body tense. The psychological perversion and matter in
that game forever changed the way that I viewed survival horror. The symbolism used to me was the
deepest story effect I had ever seen. *SPOILERS*

When Eddie continuously killed people and things and denied it. Mariaís random death and rebirth. The game
was an emotional rollercoaster I was in no way prepared for. Plus when youíre in the bathroom and the stall
bumps. I screamed like a little girl.

*SPOILERS END* I never believed my friends when they called it one of the greatest games created of
time. I didnít want to believe them, and then it happened. Silent Hill 2 left me significantly scarred and wanting
more. Ever since I have been in love with the series and canít get enough. And thatís about it.

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