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Raucketlauncher avatar 12:28 PM on 04.18.2008  (server time)
Yet another reason to game!

Well, make it official...videogames have entered into the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a preparation tool for an athelete who is favored to win his event.

This man:

This is Reese Hoffa, Olympic shot putter and avid gamer. He has admitted that he plays videogames while training as they keep him indoors and not injured. His hopes are high for Metal Gear 4 and he waits longingly for it to come out. His jump to PS3 will not occur until said game has been released.

The link to the blog I saw on him is here in full:

He goes on to say how he is glad he has a hobby that doesn't run the risk of him being hurt and he also plugs the Beijing 2008 game which is slotted to come out.

I have to slightly disagree with Mr. Hoffa in the respect that gaming does hurt. Just in your soul. I spell this soulhurting out with one word: Ikaruga. The game drives you to drink, literally. Here's proof:

And for those who want instant gratification:

Ikaruga sake set, ftw.


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