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Raucketlauncher avatar 11:55 PM on 04.17.2008  (server time)

Well, as I stated earlier I would eventually get my first post up here. This one is mildly videogame related. I am a little upset at AI so far in "next gen" games that have been released. It seems as though "next gen" refers to the game being shiny and on a blu-ray disc or a DVD. I haven't seen any AI better than anything on a PS2 or a Gamecube in any next gen games I have played thus far. Army of Two, Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2, Dark Sector, Gears of War, Mass Effect..etc.. It seems that the AI is still the run of the mill "stand in the open and pour bullets at you so you have to work at least a little to kill me" type.

When I play a next gen game I am looking for improvement in every aspect of gaming. Sure, the game looks excellent and the controls are as smooth as butter covered in molasses. But the AI is still just as dumb as the AI in "The World Is Not Enough" for original Playstation. And when I say I want more challenging AI that doesn't mean that the AI should be a dick. There is a difference between challenging and Anubis from "Zone of the Enders: Second Runner".

Basically, my plea is for developers to not put in rag doll physics and gorgeous environments and call it good. I don't want my enemies to simply fall like blades of grass to me on the next to hardest difficulty. If I wanted that I would play "Goldeneye" or "Perfect Dark". When I can play through a game that was made 10 years after aforementioned games and have an easier time beating it there is a problem.


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