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RandydaDarkSoul's blog

5:04 AM on 12.31.2013

The Devilís in the Details: My Devil May Cry Revisit

In 2001 I was stuck in gaming rut. I only had two games at the time, and I had played both of them into the ground. They were, Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo, and Final Fantasy X. Of course there was nothing wrong with...   read

5:10 PM on 08.08.2013

Dark Souls: A Love Story

My first impression of Dark Souls was not a good one. I woke up early, at the crack of noon, and walked to my living room to find a good friend of mine sitting on my couch playing said game. The sight of him sitting on the c...   read

1:02 AM on 07.30.2013

Why Dead Space is the Greatest Survival Horror Game Ever

Our story takes place 500 years in the future. We have just exited Shock Space and are swiftly approaching a planet-cracker class starship, the USG Ishimura, in orbit around the planet Aegis VII. The Concordance Extraction Co...   read

10:14 PM on 07.24.2013

My Gaming Story: Born This Way

Honestly, I don't know when I started loving video games because I can't remember when I started playing them. My dad says I came out of the womb with an NES controller in my hands. Though that sadly isn't true, I know I star...   read

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