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"Who is this Rammstein fag?"

Good question! (douche) Stick around and I'll tell you.

It all started way back in 1979 with the Atari--just kidding. I hadn't even spawned until 1983 so I won't regale you with my entire gaming history. I've been gaming since, well, as long as I can remember. My memory isn't the best but I do remember rocking some Burger Time and Pitfall back on the Atari whatever-version-was-the-last-because-back-then-they-released-new-updates-via-new-consoles-instead-of-patches. I believe that's how it started and how I got hooked(on hamburgers and jumping over gaping holes).

As most young gamers, Nintendo was the be all, end all of console gaming(until the GameCube happened, zing!) so that is where I got my real start, with the NES. I played the shit outta my NES, SNES, etc. Then Sega Genesis/PlayStation1 happened and I was 2cool4school to get one(read: mommy wouldn't buy them for me) so I skipped a generation or two until the N64 and I've bought every console since that generation.

Around 1998, my friend introduced me to PC Gaming and Half-Life(this is when he went from just a regular-friend to BFF)! Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, Science & Industry, FireArms, so many a good times were had. Until 2005 when my PC became obsolete and couldn't run anything that wasn't running on a modified Quake1 engine.

So I bought a 360 and haven't gone back to PC gaming since. Not for lack of wanting, I just don't have the time/cash to invest in a whole new rig because I know I would want top-o-the-line parts.

I also bought a Wii and PS3(Slim) at launch!

As far as my name goes: When I first played Half-Life online, I needed a username and at the time I was kind of into Rammstein/Germany. Fast forward to 2010 and while I may not be into Rammstein as much, I've kept the name. Why? I am strongly opposed to the type of person who changes usernames on a whim. I made a decision, and I am going to stick with it! I'd rather be stuck with a less-than-desirable name than to be seen as fickle. That should clear things up for the "lol u liek rammstein so ur opinion means nothing" trolls.

Well, damn, there's no room left for the 'About Me' part! Oh, well, not that interesting anyways. I'm just a dude who likes games. A ton. It's my favorite hobby, so I've invested a few thousand dollars in hardware/software because of it.

I'm on Twitter. Hit me up, I spend a lot of time on it and I'll talk about mostly anything.

Twitter: Ramsteinrig

XBL: Ramstein

PSN: XBLRamstein
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[Stick with me on this, folks.]

While browsing the Steam store two weeks ago, it donned on me that there was no community group, official or otherwise, for the game Bastion. I decided to check the official forums to see what sentiments towards the idea of a community group were. As someone who rather enjoyed Bastion--Mr. Sterling's less-than-glowing review notwithstanding--I was looking forward to discussing the idea with like-minded people. What I found was something that left me scratching my head. It seems that Supergiant Games had committed a cardinal sin. The glaring ommission of hats.

As of last week, there were about a dozen or so threads in the Bastion forums. All of them questioning the game's worth. Comments like "$15 is too much!" or "Why is there no pre-order discount?!" were very common the topic of all of these threads. I decided to read these threads because I wanted to see if people were honestly bothered by the game not offering a $1 discount and that it was indeed 'too expensive' or if these statements were just the work of trolls.

I found that this was indeed a common opinion on the forums and that people were genuinely pissed over Supergiant Games' decision not to include TF2 Hats as a pre-order option or at all. Negative comment after negative comment about the developer and it's 'business practices' quickly made me rethink my desire to talk to these people, much less care what they thought of the game. All because the developer didn't have the virtual-equivalent of new barbie dresses, for their TF2 dolls.

I found my post count nearly doubling on the Bastion forums alone, trying not so much to argue with these people but to ask if they were seriously about to pass up one of the best games of the year over such frivolous issues and in trying to assure others that the game was indeed worth a look.

Not since my time with World of Warcraft(5 months sober, tyvm) have I seen such clamor for virtual, in-game items. The main difference here being Blizzard recognizes that there are people willing to throw their money away on such things and offers a multitude of cosmetic items for people to buy. Can't make it to the annual Blizzard convention, Blizzcon? Not a problem, for a price, you can watch it from home. Your $40 also gets you an in-game pet that you can parade around for others to point and laugh at. This could easily be misconstrued as an anti-virtual item rant, that is, if I wasn't guilty of purchasing said items myself(Hey! 50% of proceeds from my $10 virtual Pandaaren Monk pet purchase went to charity, OK!?).

This hat debate was such an issue that, as of last week, the only developer post on the official Bastion forums, was a response to the outcry for hats. It was a reasonable argument against putting hats into the game. The explanation being that it wouldn't make sense with the game's style and then there's the minor fact that, in Bastion, there are no hats. Did this ease tensions? Of course not. People simply asked for the kid's(main character of the game) hair be made into a hat.


It was at this point that I finally gave up, threw my arms up, shook my head and walked away. If people were willing to skip out on a good game because of virtual items, so be it. I quickly learned a lesson in arguing with trolls; Don't.

The game has since launched, today, August 16th, 2011, without nary a problem--that hasn't already been patched within the first few hours of the game's release. The Bastion forum now boasts over 3 pages of threads, the majority of which seem to be overwhelmingly positive. I'm sure the developers are breathing a sigh of relief that their game has been so well received on PC as well Xbox.

So, what have I learned throughout all this?

You might not agree with Hitler's politics and beliefs but you gotta give it to the guy; He certainly gave the people what they wanted.


[This is directed at the trolls on BOTH sides that claim the other's GUI is ugly!]

10. I'm a first generation American.
My parents and family(on both sides) hail from Central America. Specifically, El Salvador. Fun fact: As of 2001, the official currency of El Salvador is the United States Dollar(USD).

9. I started gaming in 1985 with the Atari 2600
The first videogame I ever played was Burgertime. I loved that game. I played it for hours. That said, I have zero interest in playing the new Burger Time World Tour. Looking back, it really wasn't that good a game. The only reason the new XBLA/PSN game exists? Hard nostalgia.

8. Videogames kept me out of trouble as a kid.
Being born and raised in SouF CentroW, Los Angeles(now known as "South Los Angeles" because, if you change the name, people will forget the Boyz in tha Hood lifestyle that it's known for) made for an interesting childhood, to say the least. While some might say I missed out on some of my childhood, I would argue that it kept me off drugs, out of trouble and less-dead than some of the people I knew who encountered such problems.

7. I don't complete many games.
I tend to lose interest while playing many games. Of the thousands that I've played, the number of games I've actually beaten would probably come in under a hundred. I would theorize that I have ADD of some some kind but then, I'd rather just blame the game for being uninteresting. I also don't like to replay games(those that have some sort of replay value or a New Game+ mode). Once I beat a game, I'm done. The only exception being Bastion(because it's such an incredible game), Ocarina of Time: 3D(Master Quest), Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem(because it's one of the best games of all time) and last but certainly not least:

6. Half-Life is my favorite videogame of all time.
This game. As stated above, I don't finish many games. I've played Eternal Darkness four times. One for each Ancient: Ulyaoth, Chattur'gha, Mantorok and Xel'lotath(voiced by Jennifer Hale, btw). This 'fact' might be a gimme but I'll still list it for those that have never seen/heard of me. Yes, my avatar is Gordon Freeman standing victoriously over Mister Chef™ because he just shoved that crowbar where only Cortana has been.

5. I used to draw.
No, I was not very good at it but I bring it up because this blog here gave me such a boner to be creative and put pencil to paper again!

4. My nickname is a result of pressure under fire.
When my best friend introduced me to Half-Life, and thus PC gaming, he told me(as I was just about to play a multiplayer round of Half-Life: Deathmatch for the first time) 'Oh, you're gonna need a nickname.' What?! You couldn't have given me some time to think about this!? Crap. Uh, let's see, let's see.. *5 minutes later* 'It could be something you like?' At the time(I was about 15) I was a big Rammstein fan. Cracking under pressure, I didn't even try to come up with a witty variation and just used the band's name itself.

I've never been one to name-hop, so I've had to lie in the bed I made for the last 13 years. I don't mind. It only sucks when signing up for a new service. Also, when in a debate, people like to cite 'herp derp u liek rammstein so ur point is mute', despite my musical tastes evolving greatly since then. For example, I no longer prefer rap as my genre of choice, though I still love old-school hip-hop. I like Power Metal(Hammerfall, Falconer), Trance(Tiesto,Robert Miles, and pretty much all kinds of electronic music) and even a bit of Classical(Brahms, Bach, Mozart).

3. I'm an aspiring game designer.
I say 'aspiring' because I've not really made a serious effort. I used to 'map' back in the Half-Life days, but that boiled down to mostly tweaking and editing existing maps to my liking for fun with friends(moving and removing corridors, adding pathways, etc). I have a concept/design/gameplay/vision/idea ready to go. All I need now is the talent.

2. I hate Halo, Citizen Kane and The Beatles.
Not really. I hate fanboys. Before fanboys, I was merely just not 'into' Halo. Having played Half-Life in 1998(and GoldenEye64 a year before that) I had seen the peak of the sci-fi first person shooter genre. I had also been witness to the epitome of a multiplayer console FPS' experience, with GoldenEye64. When I picked up Halo, I played half-way through the game before I just got bored and didn't really care about the 'Chief, the story, the enemy or why everything of theirs was painted magenta and why they were attacking th-zZzZzZ-sorry, I can't even talk about it without falling asleep. Fanboys made me hate Halo. With their exaltation of it as the best thing to ever exist and how infallible it is. Nope.jpg

1. The reason I chose to make Destructoid my home?
You're reading it! Dtoid really emphasizes community. Something I feel is sorely lacking from other places that I shall not name. Back in 2006 I was reading anything and everything gaming related. I was gorging on all the gaming tidbits I could feast my eyes on. I visited many sites but ultimately settled on Dtoid because they were the only ones who seemed to 'mean it' when it came to putting Community first! Also, I really love this bit about "auditioning":


[I love reading this every time I'm about to comment!]

So there you have it! Hopefully this provided some insight on the mind behind the troll(I'm really a nice guy, honest)! Thanks to Tubatic for suggesting the '10 things' format and to EpicKx for making me do this in the first place! <3

10:47 PM on 03.03.2011

Do you like kittens? Do you like Adventures? Do you like WTF!? Then this is the game for you! I stumbled upon this game in the XBox Live Indie Game section and as soon as I saw a kitten with a Jetpack mounted on it with a bright and colorful background, I had to download it!

The game doesn't have a shiny intro or anything that would require greater production value, you are thrust right into it, with the controls displayed right on the screen. "Hold (A) to go up, release to go down" the only other text on the screen being "Press (Y) to purchase" which I couldn't click fast enough, once the games soundtrack kicked in. Similar to a game like I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1, where everything about the game is right there, up front; it's fun, it's simple, it's $1(80MSPoints).

Check out the trailer here (You'll thank me afterwards)

Download here: Techno Kitten Adventure on XBLIG(80 MSPoints)