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Ramalho avatar 12:17 AM on 03.27.2010  (server time)
Contest: 2000 European Wii Points Card UPDATED

I was buying A LOT of VC games tonight and I remembered I had this Wii Points Card that I bought in France and doesn't work here in Brazil. So the logical thing to do? Give it away to Dtoid.

It's a 2000 Points card and it will only work in Europe and since I only have one card this won't be a big contest. It's not gonna be a "comment number X will get it" since it's only 1 prize, it's simple though:

Tell me what you'll do with the points, just say something funny, don't write too much though. That's it, simple right?

Also, remember, EUROPE ONLY.

The contest ends tomorrow at noon (London timezone though, just to make it easy for you euro people D=).

P.S: I bought it in 2007 (July) in case anyone wanna know.


Extended until 7pm since I forgot noon in London is fucking 6am here, let me get back to bad, I haven't even read the comments yet.


The winner is GoldenGamerXero, congratulations, I already sent you a message.

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