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RalphsBFF's blog

10:40 PM on 11.03.2008

My Halloween costume was better than yours...

And I made the head myself.

11:41 PM on 09.04.2008

More PAX pics

My wonderful boyfriend, whom we all know and love as Dexter345, took me to PAX, where we got to meet up with a bunch of cool people from Dtoid like:

THE AWESOME ROBOT (who has an awesome bag to complement his awesomeness)!

We got to see LostCrichton in some short shorts.

And we listened to and laughed with some of the editors at the Destructoid panel, where we got to see a great presentation put together by Nick's wife, and we got to hear Chad sing!!!

And I got to play RockBand 2 with Dexter, my Magic Mountain buddy Suff0cat, and fellow chemist Tactix.

I also got to do a little sight seeing around Seattle!

And I got to spend the weekend with some super-duper people!
Keener: Now I know who you are, and you're awesome! Go West, youngman!!
Tactix: You oughta know!! that you're super fun!!
Suff0cat: Aren't you glad there're no rollercoasters at PAX?!?
FooLiz: Come back and visit us in California anytime!
Phist: Come back and visit us in LA again, and we'll drink the wine!
Chad: We might need to set up a playdate for Luna and Ralph! I hope you're tending your new dolphin pod like a good dolphin dad!
Aerox: I see you all the time, but as always, good times, good times!
Samit: The West Coast is the place to be for grad school! It was great fun hanging out with you!
Dale: I got a picture without you flipping the bird, but it's blurry. =(
Naia and Zero: I'll take the double date table with you guys anytime!
Collette: So sweet looking, and such a potty mouth! WIN!! It was great to see you again!
Niero: Thanks for making a community where even a hanger-on like me feels welcome!
Dexter345: Thanks for taking me to Seattle and making sure I had super fun! I did!

<3 <3 <3 all around!   read

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