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RainsOpacity avatar 7:36 PM on 05.17.2014  (server time)
RainsOpacity: An Introductory Blog

Lets get this out in the open. I'm new.

I'm not sure what the general Destructoid ruling is on introductory blogs. When I decided to join Dtoid as a member and not just a creepy lurker, I poked around and saw a few introductory blogs, so I figure my head shouldn't be remotely imploded if I take a moment to introduce myself. That's always a good sign. 

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, and for the most part, I enjoy gaming. Note how I said enjoy and not 'am good at'. I wouldn't lie to you this early on in my membership. I'm from the frigid wastelands of Canadaland, though as we edge further into May, I guess it's getting a little less frigid here, everyday.

I was introduced to Destructoid through my boyfriend's activity here (you might know him as Wrenchfarm), and always sort of watched the activity from the sidelines. Lately, though, I've realized that I really don't have too many people to talk about games with. Granted, I have lots of friends who are gamers, but a lot of them don't share the same cup of tea that I partake in, which is horror gaming. 

My decision to join Destructoid and to start a blog is one fueled by the hopes of getting to discuss horror games; picking apart my old favourites that I always come back to, and of course, celebrating the new stuff as it comes out. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not so great at the actual mechanics of gaming, but I will grind, shoot, hide and barely live my way through a horror game so long as the story is interesting and the characters have something to offer.

Some of my favourite games include Silent Hill 3, Alan Wake, Outlast, and Amnesia: Machine for Pigs. This list is ever growing, however, as I expand my gaming collection.

Beyond the realm of gaming, I'm just a boring girl. I went to University and promptly found myself in a job millions of miles away from what I studied. I run a horror blog on the side, fancy myself a writer and artist (though the claims of my artistic aptitude can be and have been wildly disputed), and take Bollywood dance classes. 

I'm not sure who all will be reading this, but you should definitely let me know what some of your favourite horror games are, and even better, leave some recommendations for games that can be played on PC, XBox 360, DS Lite, PSP, PS2 and the Wii. I realize my console collection is a little bit outdated, but that just affords me the chance to get the games at bargain bin prices when I'm lucky!

I'm super looking forward to getting to know people in the community and writing about my experiences and opinions on horror gaming!

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